Amanchu! Advance

>Amanchu! Advance

Can't fucking wait, I'm so glad they are making a second season.

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Everyday until you like it


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Will there actually be diving this time, or do we get 12 more episodes of anxiety and autism?

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I'm happy for S2, but not so much about worst arc being animated.

I should rewatch but I'm going to cry again.

They better not give the shitty trap much screentime.

We'll get more diving as well as the other stuff that made S1 fun with less anxiety, but unfortunately we're going to get some weird ass shit with dream worlds and peter pan that works in a fanastic setting like Aria but felt really weird and out of place in a more grounded series like Amanchu.

this show in a nutshell

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Damn, this doesn't sound like the comfy SoL of the first season at all.

It's still pretty comfy, it's just a small arc that came outta fucking nowhere

I wonder if we'll get to the romance stuff as well, which caused /u/ to finally drop the manga when Futaba pulled the "we're both girls so my love can't possibly be romantic" thing when confronted about whether she was in love with Pikari. I want to see the fury reborn. I also want to know what the author was smoking when they came up with the Peter Pan shit.

Post the blonde bitch

It is, that arc just felt weird. Prior to that this series was more about making the real world fantastical, then all of a sudden we get an arc where the fantastical world is made real.

>which caused /u/ to finally drop the manga
god damn was that ever the good shit

>It's real
How the fuck did I just find out about this?

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Man, first season sucked so bad, you find better dramas on mexican TV, I hope second season actually gives what it promises.

why is this shit allowed? it sold like crap

this kinda thing should be banned


bait or retard? we just don't know

First season focused solely on the black haired girl drama, and it was obnoxious as hell, they ruined the whole comfiness of the manga.

>mexican dramas

Con something decay that bad?

>everyone posts Pikari but no Teko

Still hyped as fuck.

Was there anything distinctive about Teko's character? I enjoyed even the abusive onee-chan more.

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