Out of Context Screenshots

Show me the weirdest you got Sup Forums

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god I wish that was me

who has the one that says
>I'm getting fucked and eating my own pussy at the same time!
or something along those lines

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>Basically any dialogue from Legend of the Galactic Heroes

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closest I got.

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>Now that's what I call a reference!

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Even in context some things in Jojo are still weird.

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Jojo is a never-stopping train of WAT, regardless of how familiar you're with it.

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this is nichijou isn't it? then it doesn't even have context to begin with, or doesn't need it anyway

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Really? It's airing this season.

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Fucking love that manga.
I want an anime for it

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I don't watch anime

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Car brand colours

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thanks user

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what did nintendo mean by this

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No one will probably get it though.

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What the fuck

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Zeta thread?

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is there a double meaning here that you need the context for? because I can only think of this sexually

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Nothings coming up on reverse image searches and Lean Youngsters doesn't come up with anything either. What is this?

uuhh, well on that same day, Tsubasa moved into a new town, and the people you see in that image are his new friends. I think it's just an innocent comment about the mom being a people person and her ability to make a lot of friends... probably

Honestly? Tomino thread.

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I don't see how it can be sexual.

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>his mom brings home alot of people
the joke

your head

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Obviously, otherwise I wouldn't have made the comment.

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Slayers episode1?

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The dino is playing Killer instinct?

Can't be an unruly village if there is no village.

come on, I have no idea of what anime it is, but its pretty obvious that it is about a sport game where they are competing against a soviet union team

It was explained before you made that comment, though.

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