I just finished Little Witch Academia season one...

I just finished Little Witch Academia season one. I never bothered to touch it until this past Friday while I was sick with food poisoning. Now please Sup Forums, explain to me why none of you thought it was necessary to inform me of the existence of literal perfection (pic related)

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Because she barely has any screentime.

Is the one on Netflix censored or anything?


Your fault for missing out user. We had trigger staff hanging out with us in the threads when it was airing. You'll actually get more of Lotte in the OVA's. She was actually relevant then.

Do you know anything about the series? What in the fuck would they have to censor?

the only anime on Netflix that's censored is Tiger & Bunny and that's only because of corporate logos and sponsors they couldn't get the rights to show.

Because we don't spoonfeed. Now watch S2 and the OVAs.

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don't remember her. was she a background character?

>season one
Have I missed something big

No. Netflix just calls the two cours "seasons" and splits them.

Oh right. That's retarded

If you were a little witch, you could study that show to learn magic.It's dripping with esoteric symbolism reinforcing the plot.

The chalkboard in the opening scene has encoded Feng Shui, A magic square of Saturn, AKA the Magic Tortoise of Tao, A brief tutorial on numerological reduction (with numbers that play into the names), and much more.

Shiny Ark = Helios's Arrow, Shiny Bark (Boat of the Egyptian Sun gods that sails across the sky).
Shiny Chariot = Vedic solar gods reference.

Not being able to fly = Apollo / Helios (the sun / illumination) without his chariot.

The 2nd ED is Alchemy. Alchemical color themes + Age of Aquarius symbolism is used to enhance the scenes where appropriate, (esp. in color themes of scenes and characters).

Mercury (Hermes) the alchemical god, morning star, is in occulted in key roles. Mercury is the alchemical horned sun circle at the cross roads. The Cock (rooster) is the symbol of Mercury and is the first enemy fought, The fated meeting at the crossroads is in the first scene...

is also occulted knowledge referenced in the show. Esoteric wisdom about Marie Currie (say that name fast = Mercury; her husband's head was crushed by a circle [wagon wheel] at the crossroads, it's occulted symbolic allegory).

Fragments of Heraclitus (The Obscure, weeping philosopher, arguably the founder of modern occult and Aristocracy) is referenced heavily. The flaming watery soul, chess being the game of kings and children, etc. wisdoms lost on plebs is blatantly packed into scenes with relevance (trying to sell these priceless symbolic wisdoms to the profane).

Apple / fruit of knowledge (pentagram inside), the seed & flour of life & etc. sacred geometry adorn backgrounds, and reinforce the plot aptly. Scepter and crook of nobility / royalty are correctly used.

I could go on and on. This show is not just about an Academy for Little Witches, it actually IS an Academy for Little Witches.

P.S. Cell phones really do cause aggro.

The mushroom freak was better

She's such an innocent little slut


uhh, those are some nice flowers I guess, but didn't you mean to upload a picture with a character in it?

You know what I mean, she looks innocent but she's not


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Dunno about you but the freedom and oirish blooded tomboy is pretty much perfection.

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What did you eat user?

ok I just thought this was a cutesy show about magic, and you are one intelligent motherfucker. Picked the fuck up.

Ok but why did the dragon die when it ate Shiny Arc when it's thing is devouring magic

But I love innocent sluts

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yeah thats kind of retarded but i have to admit this general notion of time-separated batches automatically being labeled as separate seasons does appease my autism against a "season" being broken up by long hiatuses

Why is Lotte so cute.

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Reminder that akko is a fucking retard

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what do you expect from a kid

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so what great evil should reawaken now that magic is revived?

The Italians, and with magic now being fully revived in the show and practically known by everyone, rogue sorcerers like Croix but even cuhrayzeer.

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I think it was some pizza that did me in, but I was inhaling all sorts of shit the week before it hit me.

Step away from wife you kringle-fucker.

>shit two-tone hair
>probably a dyke

Lotte looks like a boy without a dick under her clothes.

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>new italian magic academy
>faculty and student uniforms frequently stained with spaghetti
mamma mia

That's called a girl

Akko is a bit of a loose cannon to be honest. The story is very cookie cutter anime but they do make it interesting and the characters are overall likeable even if some of their traits are exaggerated.

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>they do make it interesting and the characters are overall likeable even if some of their traits are exaggerated.
Thats what makes lwa good, not some shit overarching plot, just qt witches.

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That ruins it to be honest.

Y-You take that back!

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>theres a mlp/lwa thread on /mlp/
Combing my old autism with my new autism seems like a fun time
Proud Connie unrelated

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Please go on, youve picked my interest.

>and practically known by everyone,
Did you forget the part where not everyone can use magic? Or are you talking about Italian sorcerers who were already sorcerers?

What’s better the movies or the anime, I only watched the anime and liked it a lot but I want to know if the rest is worth my time

Also 100% agree Lotte is best girl

>the only important character without an episode directly focused on her
even the writers don’t like her

>a boy without a dick under her clothes.
So literal perfection?

Watching this series with Sup Forums while it was airing was blast.

Also Sucy best girl Dianafags please leave.

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I just love all of LWA, man.

That said, watch the damn OVAs.

What's her character type?

I want this crossover so bad.

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Magic nuke powered by Hate overcome by the magic of Believing Hearts

Wrong LWA

She looks so much better without glasses

She’ll wear contacts someday....someday..

still bothered as shit about that completely uneven eye on the left

Get in Franxx, Frank!

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Artist? Is there one of akko?

Which LWA was i talking about?

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Do you think she'll still be a depressive wreck since this kid wants to be her student even after all that drama?

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The world needs more cute dorks like these two.

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I like that Diana left them out there.

She’ll definitely be happier from here on, and may fall into her old depressed state from time to time, but this little witch will pop up to remind her that her past is forgiven and that she is still loved

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I think the word you're looking for is trollup.

I am neither Akko or Alcor.
I am Alko

Through I do wanna see how she reacts to those pickled plums

Creates a mini blackhole

The handholding in the Finale

Deservedly so.

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Liddle witch????

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She's one of the worst girls in the show. OVAs are better. For a similar (and better) tv series try Mahou Shoujo Tai Arusu.

lotte looks like a boy

That's because she's a 63'd Brief.

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>I am neither Akko or Alcor.
>I am Alko

>Through I do wanna see how she reacts to those pickled plums
Who? Ursula?

considering uhshura is a frenchie, she's accustomed to gross foods and wouldn't shy away from umeboshi


Now i want art of Lotte with bangs covering her eyes FUCK

Akko-Chan is best girl thoughts?

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I drew her for you, thoughts?

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the communist propaganda

Wasn't there game suppose to be out?
Diana Nendofag BTFO

I improved it for you

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fuck you beat me to it

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I first knew about the OVAs release through MLPG


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Friendly reminder to report any witch activity to your local magical girl. If you see something, say something

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>>blood of the Eriu
>>mesmerizing two tone hair
>>probably a dyke
Literal perfection

Its over

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drawthreads over there





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>still no game

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bamco...please...why must you enjoy our suffering...

Trying to decide if i want just the deck or the art book as well for the BHT KS
Not enough Believing Hearts™ to satisfy them

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She's swede, not finnish.