Mitsuboshi Colors

>More Kotoha bullying

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this thread needs more Sacchan

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why did this get my dick so hard?

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>tfw you're out of corndogs

In 2 weeks, you'll never see her again.

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She's blindingly cute.

Synchronized butt patting.

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What did they mean by this?

did she just get cummies?

Maybe thier butts hurst

From what?

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Too much butt patting.

No, she didn't get the cummy

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She's average.

Why bother when blue is so much more sexy

Can Nonoka be redeemed after this?

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Holy shit just how fit these girls are?

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>Yui is for __________
>Sacchan is for _____________
>Kotoha is for ____________

fill in the blanks

taking back your own property isn't being a thief

hardcore bullying

>taking to the amusement park and going to the craziest rides many times in a row
>sitting on lap and couch her in video games while eating yummy candies

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I want to carry kotoha in video games. She doesn't need to be good when I can for her!

>make 10,000 poop jokes
>actually encounter poop

The enemy has revealed itself.

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I'd certainly couch Kotoha, if you know what I mean.

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Why does Yui run like this?

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she can be my wife

This bitch is gonna end up with a restraining order when she grows up.

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I can't believe Saito is not dead already.

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she deserves it

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He's gonna have knee problems at that rate.

>this is my game face

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Restrained to Saito's rape dungeon

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I first saw her at the Colors headquarters on the park in Ueno. She was wearing a blue dress. She appeared like an angel. Out of this filthy mess, she is alone. They... cannot... touch... her.

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I like how she got mad like a jealous woman

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Vote for Kotoha.

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12/10 adaptation
red still a shit tho

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What the fuck was her problem?

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Satchan is clearly the cutest

If only Kotoha was as good at video games as she is at cart wheels.

Do you think the author of this series is a lolicon?

Video games are for drooling retards, Kotoha is only good at impressive things.

Forgot pic

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>you will never feel Saa--chans delicate legs against your own

Kotoha's autism is better.

It'll be boring if she's good at everything and we got that delicious gap-moe.

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Was that turtle scene in the manga? I honestly can't find the panel.


This anime was good.
Too bad the only people who like it are filthy lolicons.

>kotoha literally says "game clear"
>TL subs say "i've beat this game"
for what purpose
what she actually says makes total sense in english

Why are nips so infatuated with westerners reactions to anime?

They hate us

It's like watching an animal at a zoo.

Post THAT Yui webm.


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>they made Yui's part even more incompetent and dorky

I need her to bully me with her feet.

Porn of the colors when?

Already exist. Probably on sadpanda. But only a degenerate would want to see porn of such cute underage girls. You aren't a degenerate are you?

This. Who need doujins when the girls are already so sexy by themselves?

Note how Kotoha's video has more views than the other two combined

its time to stop rewatching it, user.

>stop rewatching Kotoha

What the fuck was that lewd shot of Yui this episode? What the hell? I thought this was wholesome?

>What the hell? I thought this was wholesome?

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What are you talking about bub

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Poop jokes are the peak of comedy. If you disagree then you're a fucking plebeian.

The opening this episode at night with Saito caught me offguard a bit.

I had an in-joke with my bro that you could order unko rolls at a Japanese restauraunt. One of my friends thought I was serious and said he was going to ask for them before I told him it was a joke. It also evolved into the unko rolls being "freshly excreted" from a Japanese girl. (Thanks for reading my blog).

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I love those shiny bits, I can only imagine a warm, slightly sweaty completely hairless loli bottom

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You prefer something more subtle?

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Chu-chu-chuu chu-chu-cabarila.
Chu-chu-chuu cabarila cabarila.

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It's so catchy.

Are the colors gay? If no, then who'll be the most likely one to experiment?

Red can be easily pressured into anything
Yellow will be the first to try willingly

>Red can be easily pressured into anything
Don't do this.

>flat chest
>anti-lolicon alarm


Why is sexiness so much hotter when it's dangerous?

user, she's in middle school.

Thank god.

the Hague
the Hague
the Hague

What seems to be the problem?

how come yui is the leader anyway
she's incompetent and bullyable

Because she has grasped their weaknesses.

Sacchan doesn't have any weaknesses, though. She's a ticking bomb ready to go off at any time.

She's courageous and strong-willed, fittingly the Red.

Because she's the cutest.

Red is always the leader.
She became the leader because the two were Blue and Yellow.

More like a ticking egg timer ready to be noisy at any time.
With ringing that isn't cute, just average.

Because she understands that a while a leader should show the highest morals and have the highest standards, it's important to punish inappropriate behavior. Which is why she can go into bully mode and keep the other two in check when they get out of hand.

She'll be my daughter-wife then.

Dude, doing 1 handed cartweheel is quite easy. Call me when they manage to do it with none

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