Can we stop pretending to hate NGNL now?

Can we stop pretending to hate NGNL now?

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Fuck off, I've always liked it

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Is the movie really that good or am I being set up for another disappointment by Sup Forums again.

No. It's better than the anime but it's not really great or anything.

This guy is lying.

How is a pandering movie without the fun characters better?

We only hate the movie

This show was pretty bad, as far as I can recall. Too many pantsu and no substance. Ecchi for youngsters.

I always said it was pretty rad
and was called faggot for that

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It's not flawless but still quite good.
You should watch it if you didn't dislike the original show. It's the same universe with a darker tone.

i remember it being pure fun and games, the movie is a little more dark and dramatic
but i liked both, it's not flawless by any mean, but i really had a good time with both

>I hate fun things!

The MC was a sue but not in a fun way like Isekai Smartphone, and the princess bullying was just too much.

Never hated. Also, my country's official translations are on volume 9! Jelly?!

Kinda hate how it will probably get a cancerous fanbase after the movie

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We are machines, tools bereft of heart

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Get ready, cause now there will be an influx of faggots claiming the main story is shit and only the movie is good.

kek, I remember when I was like you

movie was good even with its bad writing elements (e.g. the elf scene about names).

>the elf scene about names
What was wrong with that?

I want to fuck a dwarf.

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Nothing is impossible for you.

No it's not. It takes away the things that made the anime noteworthy in the first place, namely over the top games, dumb fun atmosphere, and over-saturated color palette, and replaces them with an unmemorable story that tries to be dark but fails lamentably to be mature. It's a good entry in the franchise, but boy does it not hold up when you compare it to actually good movies.

No wonder considering the author is also a BR
Just like you and me

I didn't watch it until a year or so after it aired and made a thread asking if it was too mainstream for Sup Forums to still like. The general consensus was that it wasn't.


I want to read LN but books are for nerds

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Backstory dumbass lol

Draw a loli call it a dwarf

Unpopular opinion:
I thought the show was better than the Movie.
The animation of Zero was great, but the story was so weirdly paced and the romance was a little cringy and hart to believe.

The movie and anime felt pretty evenly matched to me. They were different genres, but well done

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Dont worry, LN are not real books

From how it developed I expected Riku to have an inner monologue at the end that went something along the lines of "Sorry that I had to use your trust and naiveness to further my goals". His side was somewhat sudden and hardly believable.

Feels more like that would be stretching it more than it should. Riku displayed his emotions more than just via speech after Shuvi's death. He shows be gestures how that affected him, and shows by his prayers how much he regrets what happened and how he hoped for better. Having him speak so explicitly like that would have been weirder after everything and during his desperate pleas.

>no fun allowed

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I stopped pretending to hate it a long time ago. I like everybody else pretend I hated it because of how popular it got.


Wasn't it pretty fucking big when it aired (outside of Sup Forums).

is schwi on crack?

>pretending to hate things because they are popular instead of legit hating them for being shit

>good movies

pick one

I don't remember, but I think there were a bunch of people divided and not interested due to synopsis, fanservice etc.

>books are for nerds
LN are not books

"We" don't hate it. A lot of people, me included, just don't care for it in the slightest and didn't find it interesting/good. Many on Sup Forums are fans.

schwi has always been on crack. That's why she got disconnected from the cluster.

I'm reading volume 6 and so far the LN doesn't feel better than the anime. More perverted gags I guess.

It's great. Don't listen to the few vocal contrarians. Sup Forums liked it

How can it be bad if it had plenty of the best flugel

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>How can it be bad if it had plenty of an homicidal maniac

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It was one of the biggest shows of its season, especially when it blew up after the RPS and shiritori games. Though that was a packed season with other big shows like Sam Flam's second half, LLS2, Mahouka, Ping Pong, GuchiUsa, and meme shows like Chaika, Jojo Part 3, Sidonia, Battoru, and Mekakushitty Actors.

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