Where should I start in the Bersek manga?

I finished the ‘97 anime and I wanted to start reading the manga. Should I just start from the beginning and read it all over or skip to when the eclipse happened?

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The beginning

No. You start from the very beginning

The start. The start is always the answer, doesn't matter what series it is.

The beginning , a lot of content from the manga was cut off from the 97 anime.

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The beginning. It's significantly different than the anime.

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You miss far to much good shit if you skip the golden age in the manga.
Also the manga is much more brutal then the manga.

I understand.

the beginning, as always. do animefags actually do this?

>do animefags actually do this?

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Remember to close it once Guts and crew get on a ship. Guts and crew go off to a new land and live happily ever after. Griffith rules over Falconia and never bothers with them again. The End.

From the beginning and find high quality scans and shit. The art in Berserk is worth the extra time.

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But not as brutal as the manga

Fromt he fucking beginning. Are there actually people that start anime and manga from not the beginning?

>find high quality scans

This is a good point.
Either download/buy the Official Digital Scans from madokami or read them on some place that hosts them, like MangaSee.
Most places have the crappy fan translations, avoid them.

>The art in Berserk is worth the extra time.

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I started with the '97 anime too but then read the manga from the beginning (have read it a bunch of times now). Read it from the beginning because the '97 anime skipped a bunch of important story content.


not really. it's overrated as fuck

This man speaks the truth.

Start from the beginning. There are quite a few differences between the manga and the anime.

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>not saying it don't matter, none of this matters