Oroka na tenshi

Loliangel falls in love with a demonboy. Unable to confess her love etc etc.

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>inb4 no replies
Will dump anyway

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Go on...

Is this even getting translated? Was reading it a few weeks ago and had barely 8 chapters.

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Translations are at chapter 9, but some user said he would translate volume three all at once and then dump it, it has been about two weeks since then though.

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picked up

It's really shitty tho.

Thanks user!

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Is this getting cancelled?

The porn the guy did before this is the only thing worth reading

No. Next chapter is out next month.

The comedy in this is top notch.

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>dies for loli

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Amane is cute! CUTE!

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Does this manga show tits?

Not really, it's a cute manga, not to love ru

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Stop making me pick up stuff that's on the verge of getting axed.
Also, how com Japan isn't eating this specific cute girl up?

Japan apparently likes it, I mean it's a monthly manga that has 19 chapters now, so it's been going on longer than most manga.

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Who does she main in zekken 7?

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Based user

If the thread dies:
Chapter 1-9 (translated): mangakakalot,com/manga/oroka_na_tenshi_wa_akuma_to_odoru
Chapter 1-17 raws: oldrawmanga,tk/2017/06/oroka-na-tenshi-wa-akuma-to-odoru.html?m=1
Chapter 18-19 raws (newer raws will be here): lhscans,com/manga-oroka-na-tenshi-wa-akuma-to-odoru-raw.html

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Rip thread

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I want translations to continue but my friend who does translations says there's most likely going to be drama everywhere if another picks it up.

Im here based OP


New translated chapter when?

She's a pure angel.

Yeah, a pure slut. Bitch in heat.

>blushes from offhanded compliments
Most innocent case of bitch in heat I've ever seen.

>but some user said he would translate volume three all at once and then dump it
Doing god's work if he actually delivers. The translations are slow as fuck right now.

She isn't a loli and this isn't you're fucking manga user also volume 4 when?

Pretty sure OP is the author of this manga

Can't blame her, the demon is hot, no homo.

Can you really be sure about that? What if the author wants to cater to a broader audience?

Some user is already picking this up.

OP how about doing a story time thread instead of making just a thread every time. That might actually make some buzz.

On the verge is not the same of getting axed, and it still have enough sales to keep going so you should worry more about when this is going to finally get translated instead.

Oh, sweet!
Now to look forward to translation threads!

Don't die just yet!

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>Akkun translated as Akky
Yeah I will stick to reading raw.

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