Asuka is the best girl ever and kill yourself if you disagree

Asuka is the best girl ever and kill yourself if you disagree

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But Misato was the better girl in her own show?

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how are your mommy issues going user?

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creepy looking ugly bitch

Thread theme

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> 3 year old rei has to get strangled by a grown ass woman
>Teenage asuka gets an education from a numale gook

I know germans are trash, but come on.

baka please

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I want her to mash up that peanut butter cup to a liquid in her mouth and then let me slurp it out between her lips when I kiss her.

There's a lot of choking going on in this show. Does Anno has some sort of strangulation fetish?

Only for her childish figure

absolute pleb shit

Did you think your post made sense when you were typing it reifag? Please try again

the only good thing in EoE was her redemption also the song during third impact, can't believe people prefer that plebfest to the series ending

She can be a catgirl too if that's more to your liking

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I'm old enough for that not to be an issue. and they are fine, thanks for asking

She was the best prior to the existence of zero two.

But Zero Two is just a worse CC and Lum fusion.

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>tfw me and OP are the only ones alive because everyone else killed themselves.

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Nice meme, Asuka and 02 isn't close to being best girls of anime. Maybe top 20, but not top 10.

What about the lurkers tho?


Also, Rei is a toilet.


But honestly still really like Asuka but there is competition out there.

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I've been watching an episode of Evangelion alongside each episode of Daring in the Franxx and so far Franxx is a better show and Zero Two is a much better girl.

I'll disagree with that.
Although Zero Two is thus far someone who could be on par with Asuka, the rest of the show surrounding it sucks.

Eva has better mechs, better enemies, a better plot, more tension, better music, better supporting characters, ect.

Franxx pretty much only has 02 going for it, everything else is either shit or ultra generic.

Evangelion would still be good even if Asuka didn't exist.

Honestly just stop. This is literal insanity. Stop posting the same discussion about "Blank is best Evangelion girl". ITS BEEN OVER TWENTY YEARS OF THIS ARGUMENT.

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Its basically spam at this point.


Mfw people compare shit tier rei to the godly Asuka.

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It's been 20 years and I still haven't come any closer to understanding Reifags.

Misato is younger than me though?

Rei is better.