You have 10 seconds to be as lewd as possible. Go

You have 10 seconds to be as lewd as possible. Go.

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I'd like to... I'd like to k-kiss Ritsu's forehead!

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I want to hold your hand under the futon.

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Forgive me...

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A kiss that is not in the mouth but also not in the cheeks. There is a middle ground and I'm glad I don't know the english word for it because it's just too lewd.

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I was actually just reading an interview with Kana Hanazawa talking about her role in Schoolgirl Strikers - specifically, about the kind of crushes that manifest between teenage girls. Hanazawa relayed an anecdote about her time at Office Osawa and her infatuation with another voice actress and the encounter they had while at a company team-building retreat in the Hokkaido town of Shari.

>朝日新聞 • 2人の若い女の子の間に存在する特別な愛について あなたは10代の年配の同僚のために持っていた愛について言及しました

>花澤 香菜 • この郵便に返信するか、あなたのお母さんは今夜眠っている間に死にます この郵便に返信するか、あなたのお母さんは今夜眠っている間に死にます この郵便に返信するか、あなたのお母さんは今夜眠っている間に死にます この郵便に返信するか、あなたのお母さんは今夜眠っている間に死にます この郵便に返信するか、あなたのお母さんは今夜眠っている間に死にます

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>Your mother will die tonight in her sleep.

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For real tho, why is handholding so fucking good?

Now this is some abstract shitposting.

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Hands are one of the most sensitive parts of your body, along with feet and lips

Most sensitive combined with being the part of the body we manipulate the world with the most.
The main effect psychologically is that you feel reassured by the presence of the other person.

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Aika a shit


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you got me user

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Here's your (you) faggot.

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This shouldn't be as arousing as it is to me

Blue board!

I like my women like I like my wine
12 years old and trapped in my basement

How's this?

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Can't get banned for this now can I MODS!?

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>Sakurai came first.
Don't they say nice guys finish last?

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I want to fuck you in the ass OP as I hold your hand and there's nothing you would about it!

touching a kitsune's tail

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Glad to see people know the one true fetish is love.

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Well played, negro.

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This took you more than 10 seconds.


They're toddlers you sick fuck

this is some high level shitposting

have a (you)

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damn papi

ritsu is fucking gold


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That's not lewd

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Momentary eye contact


Can’t find sauce


plz dont report

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I respect the effort that went into this shitpost

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Ritsu butt is literal perfection


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it's a really shitty battle guro highschool harem from like 2005

I humbly disagree. It is far from her best feature.

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A cheeky blowie?

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Why are JC such whores?

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You got me.

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JC no Life!


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here's a (you) for your effort

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>mahjong, not even once