Darling in the Franxx

So the hype have died completly. Would more well thought plot twists save the show? Because right now everything just goes the most obvious way.

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Now that Ichigo and Hiro know that Goro has feelings, he can be easly killed for drama impact. Hiro will feel more inclined to protect his looser band, Dino plans about discarding all the dead weight will be messed up, and Ichigo will be even more stubborn in keeping this stupid triangle thing going on

>Because right now everything just goes the most obvious way
anyone who says they thought goro was going to admit the hairclip was his and not just say he found it is a god damn liar

Anime tought us to think that all the guys in love are austic beta orbiters
but I'm not gonna lie and pretend that I didn't scraped my teeth waiting for "yeah I've picked it up"

I was really worried about that. Thank you Goro for getting your shit together.

That is the best description of the majority of MC anime guys summed up.


Reminder that the ultimate plot twist will be ichigo and hiro ending up together


I think we can all agree that we need more SOL fanservice episodes where nothing happens.

Post Mikus!

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Aw shiet, now I need Kokoro in cow outfit

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oh no

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I hope everybody in the squad and plantation but 002 and Hiro get wiped out by some advanced klaxosaur. Afterwar you have a comletely new arc of them on their own, but they eventually find the doctor nigger and a new challenge begins.

They have to fight the nines at some point

>removing best things from the show

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>milk is white
>Kokoro's swimsuit is also white

When Goro didn’t wimp out he became my favorite.

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I won’t believe anyone that tells me they knew Goro was a loner and problematic in the Garden either.


i was more surprised on how he told ichigo that he thought he loved her without stuttering or batting an eye, he’s a top lad

that's a good one too, nice


We're 9 episodes in people jfc. People compare this shit to Eva all the time, and Eva didn't get "Started" until like episode 14. Give it time

Why is MilkMommy the cutest?

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I'll just post stupid stuff from other threads

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I like the show but I'm honestly glad the hype died down. So many people overanalyzing that every little thing was getting annoying

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>So many people overanalyzing that every little thing was getting annoying
Still better than the shitposting we had last week

>So many people overanalyzing that every little thing was getting annoying
It's one of the most fun aspects of those threads. Making dumb theories and and sharing them with others is the best part,

The silly theories were fun and a lot better than the waifu wars

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They're all going to get tanged. Except it won't be an orange liquid, they'll go in to blue klaxo blood and live underground feeding directly off the magma where the klaxos come from.

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It was getting stupid. People taking any gesture as if it would have some deep meaning or other shit. Acting as if these characters were real characters and not cartoon characters

>Acting as if these characters were real characters and not cartoon characters

>That week between episode 5 and 6
good times

I fucking love this pic

fukken saved

Will Hiro and 02 surpass IBO as the best love story ever told between Atra and Mikazuki? Will a baby happen?

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Remember when the stream thumbnail leaked before episode 6? The thread exploded.

If any character will die, it will be either Goro or Fatman. Goro because he is the only character who is not plot immune whose death we would actually care about. Fatman because he has absolutely no role in the story. If both of them die we even have obvious new pairings.

Holy shit yes, i was already hyped as fuck for the episode and that pic almost killed me

I think if goro was going to die this would've been the episode for it, fatman and dyke are the ones in the crosshairs in my opinion

Mika wasn't a beta fag with a small dick like Hiro so no, there won't be a baby

They would be the most safe choice. I want to hope that the show wont just kill the characters that have no development. I dont think that would have much impact.

Am I the only one that hopes for all of them to survive and have a great development?

>I dont think that would have much impact.
I've just seen too many "nobody's going to die what kind of a show do you think this is" posts to believe that, I think it would actually stir up a lot of people

>no hype
>also means less shitposting and more civil discussion about what we liked/disliked so far
What's the issue


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I love kokoro.

Best pair!

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>Tfw no Kokoro is fantasizing about touching your face and making you blush, about hands holding and babymaking

Hello Sup Forums, I know this is not my blog but I actually don’t have anyone to talk to and I really just need to vent. It all started a few months ago, the first time they told us about the activities we were about to partake I was very excited; we were actually going to help the colony with a very important matter, we became vital for the survival of our bio dome, and the most amazing thing of it all? I got assigned to the most beautiful girl in our squadron. Busty, long hair, blue eyes, kind, solid 10.

Everything was going well, we did our job, we connected, and we were a team. Lately some major changes had happened; we lost one of our teammates but gain another one, and I thought she was resenting the change, in the last few weeks she grew distant, quieter around me and dry on her speech. I spotted her talking to another of the guys in my squadron, she smiled in a way I’ve never seen her smile before. A few days ago we took a short vacation to a beach. We found some ruins, a city I think, we were moving in group so I paid no mind until one of the girls pointed out she was missing. For the next hour I look for her, just to watch her return with that same guy, again the smile. I don’t know what to do, I don’t like it when they are together, but he is also my friend.

Pick related, is my pistil.

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Nothing. It's an anime about characters and all the characters outside of 02 are boring as shit. I still can't believe how lazily written the fat kid is. Hiro is completely bland and made specifically for self-inserting so you can act like 02 is your girlfriend and loves you unconditionally despite you having the personality of a wet blanket. Ichigo and Goro are characters pulled straight out of a seasonal drama romance.

It's so fucking mediocre it hurts. It makes me laugh that this is apparently the writer's 'passion project'. I can only imagine he did this all for 02 and didn't give a fuck about any other character except for Hiro (so he could self-insert) and 02, quickly writing the rest of the cast as boring as fucking possible to get them out of the way.

I want some good old fashioned moon flower mind-fuckery, that'd be better than getting tanged.

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Miku is my pistil

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I hope Goro finds happiness. He, Kokoro, and Milkman are the only decent characters in this shitbucket.

Ichigo loves Hiro so much

That webm looks like shit. The feet of the franxx glide after landing and the scales are just thrown on without regard to its actual movement.
When will Murata start key animating for anime?

What if they are really twins?

yes pls

Even better

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Did Futoshi seriously order a chicken bucket for Papamas?

>Hype dies
>Crossboarders and shitposters slink off because they can't "have fun" ruining threads anymore
Only the true Believers remain.

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He's fat and he likes to eat. That's his entire character.

>he ordered kfc
>nips celebrate christmas with kfc

Nuggets >>> all

I think it's cookies, but it's still equally stupid.
I'm having trouble deciding whether his gift or Mitsuru's is dumber. That better be a nice af pen.


>he thinks Mitsuru's gift is dumb

Its not just a pen, its a pen gifted from PAPA
Thats why its worth more than the average pen

What's their theme song?

It'll be Miku & Zerome, no one will see it coming and nothing in the series would be hurt by them dying at all.
They can play up the drama.
Can even use it as a catalyst for all of those relationships to come together and have fatsy and snatchthirst get hurt in the battle.

CEOs get pens that cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, milkman is just preparing for the role of leader

>So the hype have died completly
buttblasted kyoanusfags are trying desperately to convince Sup Forums that it doesn't like franxx, despite it having daily threads that reach the bump limit

Is Mitsuru the Rossiu of Darling?

We've reached the point of the season where shitposters are starting to get bored and only people who actually enjoy the show post in threads, aside from livewatch episodes where they'll say they hated the episode or say it's dead because 600 people didn't post at once.

We can expect this period to last until about episode 13/14, where the second cour will drum up new hype and we'll get more shitposting until around episode 18-20.

He's the improved Rossiu.

Did someone said FOOD?

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>a pen

that's not a bad thought, he could be

The PenIs mightier than the sword.

There would have to be an actual plot for him being Rossiu 2.0 to have any impact.

We don't even know anything about the planet they are on or why any of their mechs work.

For reals, these threads are so comfy. Milkposting is toned down a lot and there's only an occasional shitposter here and there. Not to mention the based drawfriend.

Im all for Mitsuru impregnating Kokoro but im the only one who thinks this is a bit too soon? Usually, when the characters start thinking of having a baby it is reserved for the last couple of episodes. I guess the second cour can be about Mitsuru wanting a baby too

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>Milkposting is toned down a lot
You say that like it's a good thing.

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wew 2deep4me lads, i'm out

>Oh I lost my hairclip
>Here's one
>Wow my hairclip!
>U-uh actually I was going to give it to you first 8 years ago
>Sure, partner!
So smooth. Based Goro.

I think natural vs unnatural birth will probably become a plot point eventually, so waiting that long would be too late for them to do anything with it

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Not even I suck Mitsuru's dick this hard and I would literally suck his dick.

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Would be funny if Mitsuru dies of 02 Aids and Kokoro dies in the childbirth. Who would take care of the baby? By then 02 must be dead already

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learn English 2 years before posting

Why is Mitsuru so much more interesting than Hiro?

because you are an edgelord

Because the most interesting part of Hiro is 02.