Does Sup Forums still hate Trigger?

Does Sup Forums still hate Trigger?

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LWA is a competent anime and a very good example of a series that everyone can enjoy.
I don't care about Trigger that much honestly.

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LWA started good but turned to shit in the second cour. I'd fuck Lotte REAL hard tho

First cour was still wonky, but the execution of the actual story in the second cour was a huge letdown. Still very enjoyable, even if it's frustrating at times.

Does Trigger still hate Sup Forums?

i can't believe he said this

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I'm glad they're staying the fuck away right now. It'd be embarrassing for them to see the Franxx threads.

Enjoyed everything they did so far, really, besides maybe Kiznaiver.

That's the thing with Trigger, they have the tendency to write into situations where eventually characters just start pulling the solutions to all the problems out their ass. But everything else is usually great enough to make it a wild ride of fun.

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No, i just did not enjoy LWA.

At least this guy was fun while it lasted.

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Who is he?

Personally I liked LWA and am currently enjoying DiF.

I think most of Sup Forums prefers Inferno Cop and KLK though.

What happened?

Studio trigger guy that visited and posted on Sup Forums while LWA was airing last year. He posted shots of his posts on twitter initially, then got a tripcode, banned briefly then posted some more. Did a bit of an AMA couple days later.

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Fuck I waited watching this show
first SNW and now this

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Yeah. I know that. I was wondering why he didn't come back?

One of the few good guys left in the industry.

I’m going to need an archive link of this

He was pretty great during KLK, like pic related.

No idea. He probably still browses and shitposts with us, just as an user.

Usual desuarchive doesn't have it. I'll try compiling the screenshots of the posts and get back.

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Found it posted elsewhere compiled.

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>people that weren't here when LWA aired
>unaware of the Q&A with the studio
>unaware we fucking had Yoh Yoshinari here

What is happening to Sup Forums

Yoh Yoshinari was here? When did that happen?

Second this,I want to know.

sure why not

yes I hate them and will continue to do so untill they drop the gaijin pandering

He even drew shit for us.

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>gaijin pandering
This is bait right?

>show ends, the threads become a cesspit
>stop going to them
>Yoh Yoshinari visits long afterwards
That's awesome he came, but fuck.

I can relate, I missed Yoshi by a couple of hours because I wasn't checking those shitty ass threads. But Tattun promised more Q&As and who knows, we might get Imaishi in the future.

Those threads were fun.

He said Hiromi wants to have a Q&A session here too.

Why does it seem like part of Trigger is fond of Sup Forums anyway? (At least those that can / can not speak English?)

I never hated them

They might've decided to take that Q&A to reddit. They had an AMA a while back from a guy who worked on Panty and stocking, Gurren lagaan, kill la Kill and Franxx, can't remember who exactly. I haven't seen Tatun or anyone around here since franxx started airing.

Because we give a shit about them? We sent them that card thanking them for even making an anime like LWA and they put it in an artbook they released at summer comeket.


Hell, they put us in the finale of the show.

KLK was the best thing they did.

Also IC I guess.

Don't think they'll do anything to top IC and NS as far as I'm concerned. Sure, there's IC2 somewhere at the horizon, but I somehow doubt it'll be as great as the first. After these, I'd put LWA and KLK I guess, though not at that much of a distance as I enjoyed both, really.

when's promare

Next year.