Shingeki no Kyojin

Will Porco save her?

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still not dead yet

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She's dead, Jim.

Third for BRA

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She'll be dead soon, though. Eren will figure out a way to eat the hammer bitch and then he will just use the hammer to break Annie's crystal. Catching them all could be the endgame now.

Then he would've eaten Reiner when Reiner was literally begging for it. Hmmmm

But that would mean that he has to eat the mong and he didn't even bother eating Reiner.

This should be a thread for Annie and Pieck

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Best shingekis.

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He knew Reiner was getting stuck there after he transformed, so he just left him for last.

Why are they so perfect?

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She'll wake up at the end of the story, when the world is destroyed by Eren unleashing the wall titans.

What's his endgame?

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>You are now aware that since they're both Warrior Shifters in Marley's program, they've probably interacted at some point
Granted Zeke and her were likely sent to Paradise much later, but they had to at some point.

Annie is the more perfect of the two, but I like Pieck very much. We are extremely lucky to have them in one story.

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To swallow Shitlet's cum

I mean, that's obvious. All the warriors knew each other since they were like 5.

Is there any way to get the pedo permabanned?

>....god dammit Eren Jaeger, I swear...

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Annie woke up during the 4 year time skip and help eren infiltrate marley. They met with Zeke at the shore and got Eren into a position where he could watch the warriors.

Why would be Annie helping them?

What are chances of Armin betraying Paradis?

>Armin betraying the people that saved his life and allowed him to see the ocean
Pretty high I guess.

>Not a single old man around
>Annie dies of sexual frustration
Great finale, would buy.

because of EAfag delusions

100%. Bert will take over his mind once he sees Reiner.

that actually sounds maybe plausible

>Bert will take over his mind
Why do Bertfags and Ymirfags act as if taking over someone's mind is something that happens?

But Eren can control them.

>Armong betraying Paradis
You're as delusional as his fujoshits

Assblasted that BR>RE to the point of reaching, Erenfag?

The only way for pieck to survive is to become Eren's second wife. Hisu will probably allow it.

Because not all of us believe that.

Isn't she about to die anyway? She'll only become part of Eren.

Because annie plays for the winning team.

Hisu doesn't care who his first wife was so I doubt she cares about his second one.

These EA theories must really have you triggered, you're on the side of every single conversation with this shit, literally every time.

I'll do you one better, Eren and SL will feud, Zeke annie and floche will be on erens side, against the rest of SL.

Is there any character that can defeat Eren Yeager? And I'm not talking about Shingeki no Kyojin Eren Yeager. Hell, I'm not even talking about Shingeki no Kyojin Eren Yeager in contact with an Eldian of royal blood, so that he activates his Shiso no Kyojin coordinate powers. I'm NOT talking about Shingeki no Kyojin Eren Yeager after ingesting the Yoroi no Kyojin serum and having practiced his hardening abilities with Hange and the Survey Corps. I'm talking about Shingeki no Kyojin Eren Yaeger with mastery of hardening and creation powers after consuming the Yoroi no Kyojin and the Sentsui no Kyojin, while in contact with Sieg in his Kemono no Kyojin form, activing his coordinate powers through the Shiso no Kyojin ability.

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Even Jeanfags are less delusional.

But is Sasha a mom yet?

Reiner vs Eren next chapter?

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Did you see that body? Not a chance.

She's had time to recover though.

Nah man. She has a bite your bottom lip and suck air through your teeth body. She hasn't popped out any devil spawn yet.

Makes you think though. Canonically, which of them are no longer virgins and who did they fuck?

>Arim betrays Paradis
>Eren has to take him down
>E: "I'll kill you..."
>A: "I'm not losing. I'm not running away."

This is the real Attack on Titan.

Has any of them ever done anything else other than fighting? They spent a whole year killing stray titans and then 3 more fighting boats. They're like killing machines.

I don't think government would let anybody of them to have kids. Too much is at stake, no distractions allowed.

That's kind of my point though. There must be something deeper than just defending Paradis keeping some of them sane. Maybe a couple of them got drunk and fucked one night, or one of them frequents a brothel. Hell maybe one of them is actually bisexual and has slept around.

Can't stop 'em fucking. The kids I understand, but a quicky behind the barn isn't something you can just stop.

They have a huge island to repopulate now, though.

>Canonically, which of them are no longer virgins and who did they fuck?
Everyone is still a virgin because Isayama is too much of a pussy to piss off the fujos.

Maybe they shouldn't have a co-ed military.

Yeah but fuck him. I mean really. If they were real, Jean would probably have been the first to bang someone.

With how many people are needed for the military either they’re fucking or they’re dying out

She's saving herself for marriage; right after Connie gets his revenge.

does jeanbo still want to bang cuckasa? i mean she's totally a man now, i don't think he's interested in her anymore

You guys do understand the difference between the Poor Fucking Infantry and the elite soldiers, do you?
Look at the sports in our world. Coaches of the woman athletes even control their sexual life because of huge importance of the hormonal balance.

>tfw 5 babies meme becomes canon
i hope isayama btfo you

Yet olympic athletes have huge fuckfests in the middle of the Olympics

who is this man again? Hoboren?
shingeki fanarts are really shitty

Just try and stop me banging Sasha when you're not looking Zackly. Just fucking try and stop me.

Yes. Because sometimes it's good for the balance. Or maybe they've finished their competition already and now they have nothing to do but relax.

I wonder if S H I T M A C H I N E became an accepted method in the Paradise's system of penalties.

Imagine the stank of the prisons..

Manlet and Hanji probably

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If that's a hangover then it's way OOC. Because manlet doesn't drink. Unless of course you're saying one half of your ship needs to be fucked up to want to fuck the other half.

Manlet drinks he just doesn't get drunk

Twice a night

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>Manlet drinks
Since when? Q&A?

Annie and Jean look weird on this.

So when you have a girlfriend you don't drink?

i told you women could never understand this

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Are you soft in the head?

Shit I forgot all about that

>being this autistic for a fanart

Rico and Ian.

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>Kill them all, Eren

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Ricofag pls. Whos aren't people.

>Unless of course you're saying one half of your ship needs to be fucked up to want to fuck the other half.

Brainlet please go.

Except when they are

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I've always liked LH but after the latest Q&A I'm convinced that it'll never happen, Isayama just loves those fujobucks way too much.

Why else would he have to make up a story about manlet carrying Erwin's corpse from Shinganshina by himself and giving him a proper funeral without ever mentioning Hanji or why the fuck does he have to excuse Eren asking Falco if he is in love with a girl with some bullshit about Grisha or Kruger taking over his brain at the moment?

Which is never.

>Two adults can't have sex if they drink
Soy boy

Speedreader AND a brainlet. Fuck me, get a load of you.

Drinking with your girlfriend doesn't mean you don't want to fuck with her, what is wrong with you

If I were in charge of Paradis I’d let the manlet bang whoever he goddamn wants to because I’d want every Ackerman possible and he’s getting up there. The only people who should be kept from it are the girls.

If that's what you took away from my comment, then I think you need to really reevaluate how to approach relationships. Because wow.

>still interested after her haircut and watching her moon over Eren for years
It’s terminal. Poor bastard.

user is trying to say that Hange or Manlet is so ugly that Manlet or Hange has to get drunk to have sex with his/her vis-a-vis.

That's Annie right? How the hell do you even find crackship art like this?


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I think it's meant to be Hanji, but I can't even tell anymore. 90% of artists don't stay on model.

>ichigo posting
Cuckona a shit. 02 and Annie a best

Nope, it's Hanji

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>that eyes
>that nose
Hanji doesn't look dead inside but who NOSE

>02 and Annie a best
It's like your taste is intentionally shit.

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If endgame user were as autistic as I am he’d have fixed Hanji’s hair in that by now

>ichigo ends up with goro
>cuck ends up with cuck
Like pottery desu

That's pretty much my point

Satan+2 go home you have better things to do

>Implying DAAHLING DAAHLING DAAHLING isn't actually just going to suck his soul out through his dick
That girls no good for him