If you fap to Houseki no Kuni gems, does it make you gay?

They look like females. But they use male pronouns.

This is an information that I need to know before proceeding.

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It's voiced by a girl.

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>They look like females.
Not gay.

the characters are designed to look like females and are voiced by females. i don't see anything wrong with it.

why not just use a show with hotter characters?

They are sentient rocks, fapping to them has no bearing on your sexuality

Not that fapping in general has any bearing on your sexuality

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no because they're girls

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this show looks like a creepy video game cutscene. the fact that people think it looks amazing boggles my mind.

It makes you gay because it's an atrocious show, so you'd be gay to fap to its characters anyway.

Just about as much as being sexually attracted to a rock is.

Sexually deviant? Yes. Homosexual? Not really.

If they don't have a dick it's not gay.

Great thread, OP

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As long as you fap to the right gem then your manliness is secure.

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Does cumming on minerals make you gay?

They're asexual creatures that highly resemble women.

More accurately, they're a collection of pixels that are images of fictional asexual creatures that resemble women. The point I'm trying to make here is that you're a fag regardless.

The show isn't praised just because of the 3D, it has plenty of stuff that's good about 2D as well, like great character design, background art, shot composition, action choreography, colour design, art detail, etc. Unlike most 3DCG shows, it doesn't just throw out everything good about anime in general.

It makes you one step closer to masturbating to tiles

Obligatory reminder to praise our benevolent ruler Euclase.

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They have no biological sex.
As far as I am aware, jerking off to sex-unrelated things doesn’t make you gay, it just makes you a merd.

You a gem neeeeeeeerrrd.

Can I cum on the white side, put blue food coloring up my dick, and then cum on the other? Asking for a friend

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I swear this thread pops up at least every other day on average, if you need to ask it's gay

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that's because you're fucking retarded

they are genderless (female)



No, it just looks like trash.

Their designs are just great. They all have really long legs. I would love to lick Phos legs.

Why is her hair made of toothpaste?


Living rocks are pretty weird and how the hair actually works is kind of ignored

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Why is Lapis so great even though she only appeared like once in a dream?
Will we ever see her alive again? I want my spinoff of cute gems doing cute things and everyone being alive.

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That's the wonderful thing about the gembutts, you're gay if they turn you on regardless of your gender.

Lapis is essentially interesting because of her kind of ambiguous nature due to being a known manipulator
It's part of what makes Phos interesting right now, although we know that Phos has good intentions behind it

nah it looks fine

who cares

they're not male or female so no your not gay

It's okay user we're all gay here

Kumiko is so cute

Just do it

I may or may not want to penetrate a diamond

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Phos is a cute girl(gem(boy(girl)))

Shut up Bort

i kek a little, nice one

Look at this cute Euclase.
Look at it!

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Too many clothes!

Am I?

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i'd go gay for padparadscha

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As gay as fapping to the sculpture of a girl without tits or vagina.

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Their's nothing to go into though.

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What's a gender?

I see at least one opening

They're rocks. They have no sex.

Oh dear

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A made up word with no valid meaning.

>biology being made up with no valid meaning

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僕 is a strictly masculine pronoun in real life but not in fiction

I would definitely buy it and put my penis inside

So, they created waifus out of minerals?

Phos is the cutest! I love Phos!

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If you need a reinterpretation of your minerals to waifu them then you can get out of this thread

Fapping to gay porn doesn't make you gay?

Only if you get a boner

>look like females
>rather broad shoulders, no breasts

It's not really fapping without a boner, is it?

When in doubt check booru and sad panda first.

This series has actually given me depression, i just want Phos to be happy ;_;

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you're delusional if you think the characters don't look female.

The real question is: If they had nipples, could you show them on daytime TV?

>they just have vaginas instead of the artist getting creative

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Keep posting gems

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I fell in love with Lapis, I wonder if they can bring her back

It depends. You want to treat them male or female, depends on your preferences.
I'd actually would see gems like Diamond as a girl for waifu faggotry. While Phos as a boy that i want to adopt as a son and spoil him everyday!

Poor cragworm gets more shit than he deserves. Being phos' sidekick must not be very fun.

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Did you know that in the original work that was published in japanese the gems don't have male pronouns?
It's just a funny oc content by the localization team.


That's right, you trap loving faggot.

Craiglist is doomed...

Does that mean I can fuck shotas and it wouldn't be gay?

>fap to cosplayers (gembutt)
>remove all doubt

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Eww, i bet theyre not even made of rocks.

I'd tap Diamond so hard that whoever pulled me out would be crowned king of England.

>If they don't have a dick it's not gay.

No but it makes you a geologist.

The anime depicted them as clearly female. I guess for the manga it would be more questionable, but they don't look very fapable in the manga anyway.

I want to fuck a snail!

Jesus Christ Marie!

>spends centuries to revive her for just a couple hours
>lunarians can just bring her back without any apparent problems right away
I'm not sure if Rutile will be happy or devastated

>I wonder if they can bring her back

I very highly doubt it. The lunarian's reply to that question essentially ruled out bringing back any of the gems that were turned into dust because
>either Phos' plan works, in which case they can go on into Nirvana and will never finish the job
>Phos' plan doesn't work and the Lunarians go back to plan "Make the moon sparkle"
It just takes too long to piece them back together.

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The original Japanese manga uses male pronouns almost exclusively. As far as I've heard, it was the author themselves who requested the English translation use gender neutral pronouns.

Why are anons so insecure about their sexuality anyway? They're just drawings.

>Flat chest
>No penis
I can´t fap to this.

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I don't get your reference but these days the only thing that turns me on are cute rocks

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Baka, flat chest with no penis is the best part of gembutts.

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Sensei´s penis is harder than diamond??

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Yay i can now have my depression in plastic form.

here's your answer.

Im actually crying a little

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What would happen if you buy one of these and gift it to Phos?