One Piece

How badly will they get BTFO this time?

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Hopefully they'll die

Oh snap

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Katakuri holding Ichiji by his face BTFO

Will she do it lads?

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Smoothie is the only one who could be a threat, but she also has to adhere to her doctrine of "Can't job if you don't fight".

They're Jobji's family. They've the "jobbing" written in their genes.

How else is she going to relieve all this pent up stress he's caused her

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As a punishment, yes.

The only one that can really destroy then all is Snacks, and he is probably busy protecting the fleet

Ichiji will definitely get pummeled by Oven

Threating him as a slave without ever rewarding him, let alone with the pussy, not even exposing a nipple for him?
Yeah. That's how she's always been. The status quo will return to the ship.

i've been trashing the germa since the tea party but for once in almost like year, i'm gonna say it: for the moment being, the situation is totally doable for them

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Its not a reward. She will ride him till it hurts.

They're really doing it on the ship after this arc aren't they?

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The face that will haunt Sanji's nightmares

You know, this is oddly enough what I was expecting for the end of the arc. Not this comical but more or less the same scene.

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At least for Sanji it’s a face

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Look how Daifuku and his fleet aren't even on the map. They got BTFO by based Carrot.

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Nah, Usopp is the only one who gets Luffy hard and he's not there.

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Stairs > Yuen

Shippers are big faggots and not Oda’s target demographic. If you want romance go read a girl manga you girl

Yuen can fly, stairs have no power over him

If luffy won against katakuri, even nami could win agains the entire fleet

That was before the timeskip, sadly for you user. Obviously this panel shows he wants Nami to ride him right after this arc. Pretty kinky I suppose.

Stairs have actually taken lives

>implying Yuen isn’t Big Mom’s head of Asssasination

>before TS Luffy was a cuck
>This changed
>Lunafag thinks this is a good reply
KEK. Lunafag is as smart as Luffy.

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Shut up you fucking women.

Yuen always gets ignored, it's why he wrecks Sanji because of it. he's probably mad that he didn't get to be Sweet Commander. Just another son.

Where does Sanji's abilities even have left to go after the timeskip? He's the only Strawhat with no Devil Fruit or weapon which leaves him with just lame Rokushiki copying.

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I'm just playing around with newfag. Its nothing serious. Its better then shitposting about Sanji vs Zoro shit that no one cares about.

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In one arc she did more impressive stuff then most of the crew including Jobji, how can a character be so based?!

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He always gets ignored because he’s a master of stealth, a champion assassin

Will we see Sanji's power up before this arc ends?

>Here Sanji, it is a raid suit we developed for you. It hardens your bones so you can kick harder.

Does Sanji use Haki on his bones and his legs and kick with hotter flame?

>why is [character] so based?
Back to Sup Forums shitposter

>master of stealth
>appears right in front of the person he's targeting

That’s just how good he is

carrot has been the worst character so far desu. her presence, gags and everything she does feels so forced

t. Homo

Germa wipe out

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learning CP0 techniques

t. furfag

>What you described is probably the easiest powerup that could finally put him back up on par with Zoro just like he used to be back a LOOOOOOONG time ago in the span of one chapter
>Oda probably still won't do it because haha fuck Sanji am I right

Stairs have killed way more people than Yuen and they are a part of everyday life hiding in plain sight. A true assassin, way better than Yuen.

I will self insert as whoever fucks that thicc girl.

If Oda can pull Zoro's Ashura mode out his ass with no explanation in over a decade he better give Sanji a Devil mode

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No need to be so salty sanjifag-kun

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Yuen’s bodycount is so high the Grim Reaper is considering outsourcing to him

Asura will probably be explained at Wano

If this were posted about any other character in this series or any other series I would shitpost it
But I want a W for Sanji so fucking bad that I would even accept this
Anything, Oda.

I want him to have black flames. Like haki imbued flames. So, Oda can show when Sanji his using CoA on his legs. That's also a cool power-up.


nothing wrong with wanting to fuck fictional cute girls no matter the amount of hair they have or the shape of their snout

Calmn down fagget. Maybe the cake stuff will really be what its hyped up to be.

You have no proof. Meanwhile
>Stairs 1
>Yuen 0

When will we get more Nekomamushi? Can't believe Oda sent him to search for the fuckin most useless jobber in the OP's world.


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Not but for them defeating a Yonko with his speciality isn't enough of a feat.

I would seriously prefer this to her being a lesbian. She needs a man!


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liking a character purely because it can get you hard is the most retarded thing ever

I don’t like characters because of that I just fap to them

It could very well be a defeat if she passed out. If you mean that this will be BM's defeat for the rest of OP then that is not gonna happen.

This is one of the better options for a powerup. I'd even accept goddamn Okama Kenpo at this point.

>posting proof of a famous assassin who always gets his prey

Should I take a picture of some dry water while I’m at it?

Okama + black flames. But a cool Okama. Just some eyeliners, makeup etc like Corazon.

That could be his "devil" mode.

I hate you for wanting this

Sanji would be the black ranger stupid. “Black Leg” “Sparking Red” “Poison Pink”

>It could very well be a defeat if she passed out.
Yeah like any defeat the strawhats have inflicted ever. So, literally defeating a Yonko.

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>Chapter 900
>"The Ninth"

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If he uses Okama kempo then this threads would become even more filled with Sanjihaters

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Not if Oda makes it look cool.

God damn it

Why the greentext?

Maybe you should have held of doing this, we dont know anything about Yuen and he will most likely job this chapter.

>implying it wouldn't be the best thing happening to his character since little garden

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Yuen doesn't job, he is a Chad.

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>Claims character is a famous assassin with no proof

Kizaru didn't actually eat his devil fruit. Instead, he crushed it up and smoked it, giving him the devil fruit powers and permanent high

Why are they trying so hard to make Germa likeable? They are shit near the BMP

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>They are shit near the BMP
Delete this.

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I seriously hope Germa being allied with SH won't become a trend, I wanted to guys to get gunned down at the wedding

Believable. Unlikely, but believable.

They will literally join his fleet and be there for the final war against the WG.

I can't see Sanji actually using it though. Sanji is too prideful and also hates his family. He wouldn't use something that they use, even if it would make him stronger.

I can only see him wearing one if Reiju gives it to him

t. Faggot

Because everyone, sooner or later, will have their own time to shine user

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Maybe, but I still can't see Sanji accepting it. How would it even work? Sanji isn't going to just wear in 24/7. Would he just equip it when he goes into battle? See what I mean? It's kind of a stupid power up unless Sanji is planning to keep it on all the time.

user, did you completely forgot how they equip them? They're in a canister, it takes 2 seconds.

He’d have the transformation mechanism on him and transform just like the other ones

I feel like all the people that say this also think that Shonen is a genre when it actually means Boys manga.

remember when sanji was cool?

I miss those days

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Ah right. well in that case I can see it being plausible. MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGER SANJI.

Sanji is prideful sure but not prideful enough that he'd reject an opportunity to get stronger and be able to protect his crew better at the expense of his worthless pride. If that makes sense.

He needs it to fight his way out cacao island, and it will probably come fro reiju and i hope thay instead of having germa simbol, it has the strawhat jolly roger. So its a gift from reiju and the germa but its Sanji's own thing