Where were you when Dragon Ball movie and post dbs was announced?

Where were you when Dragon Ball movie and post dbs was announced?

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>The power pole returns

I’m actually excited for onxe

I can't wait to see Goku lose again.

The Nyoibo finally returns?

Could just be promotional

>no u6 gartgabe waifus
I-It's not fair it was supposed to be their time they are very popular and hugely successful T-Toei said so

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>The Dragon Ball Super movie this time around will be the next story that takes place after the anime that's currently on TV.The content will shed a little light on previously unexplored topics having to do with Frieza and the Saiyans, and I think it will be a very enjoyable story that serves up a long-awaited formidable opponent!

>With 2013's Battle of Gods, the previous installment Resurrection 'F', and now this time too, I've been the one writing the stories. I've also been drawing quite a few things for them, like design illustrations.I'm actually as busy as ever, and if I wasn't serializing anything, I'd have time to think about the anime with which I used to not have enough time to be involved.(laugh) So on that note, I very much hope you look forward to it!

>By the way, I think the highly popular Dragon Ball Super manga, drawn by Toyotaro,is going to see some developments different from the TV anime or movies, so please look forward to that. Be sure to check it out, too!


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So Frieza main villian post Super confirmed. Not surprising there.

>long-awaited opponent
Beerus rematch.


Emperor Frieza arc confirmed.

Frieza as the next villain confirmed as fuck.


>a long-awaited formidable opponent!


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Buu reveals he was pretending to be retarded the whole time and challenges Goku blanco and Gohan calvo with his true form Buu rojo

>Director:Tatsuya Nagamine
>Animation Director: Naohiro Shintani
>Art Director: Kazuo Ogura

>No Yamamuro to be seen

C-can Dragon Ball finally look good again?

Dragon Ball Film 2018 Staff: Director:Tatsuya Nagamine Animation Director: Naohiro Shintani Art Director: Kazuo Ogura

>No Yamamuro


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Movie wise Toei has yet to fuck up, right?



Bio Broly.

fukkatsu no f was pretty bad but other than that, not really.

Broly second coming

The fuck ever happened to that goddamn thing.

literally nowhere

Fit Buu

It's connected between Korin's tower and the Lookout iirc it's been there for a long time.

fuck you that movie was awesome.

He puts it into the top of Korrin's tower to go up to Kami's lookout for the first time before he knew how to fly. That was actually the original purpose of the pole.


OP here, basically next arc for the upcoming series confirmed

Is there anything you want to be brought back as the focal point of the show or any characters you want to get more of a limelight Sup Forums? More Tienshenhan for me.

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Wasn't the movie supposed be about Yamoshi, the first super sand?

>implying it won't be Celldorado



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Movie was announced, Toriyama in a interview shortly after said announcement mentioned that "Yamoshi was the first super saiyan god ever".

People assumed the movie would be about him. He probably read what fans were theorizing and changed the plot for the raughs

This art looks like shit

No it doesn't

Holy fuck, finally! I'm actually kinda excited. Need to see the new guys work first too before celebrating too much but it'll be hard to be worse than current Yamamuro.

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When Dende moved the temple to look for #17, the power pole was retracted.

Maybe it will somehow feature that.

>movie is post DBS
>Manga confirmed to continue past the anime ending
>Long awaited antagonist
>Yamanuro is gone
Today was a good day.

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Story was retarded. Animation was great. All it matters is the anime now now

Never confirmed. People just took it for granted because the interview surfaced in a similar time to the movie announcement.

>The content will shed a little light on previously unexplored topics having to do with Frieza and the Saiyans,

Probably gonna feature Yamoshi /First Super Saiyan God, but still it's going to be something else entirely compared to have a full movie without main cast

>stronger than every human character currently known


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One kienzan by Krillin and he's done for, he's got no majin boo magic abilities or regeneration


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DBS webm user? is that you? Know that I respect the retarded amount of time you put into make these edits.

>Need to see the new guys work first too
Animation Director:

It could still be since it's about the Saiyans and Frieza.

Kienzan's usefulness depends on the plot. Cell once tanked a direct hit right on his neck like it was nothing, Uub would likely do the same.

woah shit, that actually looks good and not like spic fanart
this is the first time Goku has actually /looked/ like Goku to me in fuckin years
might be the lack of yamamuro

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nah I just saved it from an earlier thread

>Frieza uses the Super Dragon Balls to ask for some shit
>movie continues this

El Hermano

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That was anime filler. Krilin never used it against Cell, but it's not like it would make a difference since he could just regenerate even if it did slice him.

So is Dragon Ball going to look good again? Seeing Yamamuro's art in Fighterz makes it obvious how shit it really is.

>a long-awaited formidable opponent!
Literally who is he talking about?
No it's not fucking Frieza, a year isn't "long-awaited", no one expected him back after RoF.

Fighterz looks great though. Some of the facial expressions look truer to the manga than the anime did. Can you point an specific example?

It is Frieza.

He means that the great art in FighterZ makes him realize how shit the art in the anime is.

What if Frieza wishes away all traces of the GoD's influence on universe 7 including God Ki

The actual artwork and stickers in Fighterz look fucking awful

Only if it leads to Goku unlocking SSJ4

sure thing fag

I really wish we could have somewhat decent Dragon Ball threads.

Threads with no title (like this one) are usually better.

for 2 years they had been much more than decent but the last couple months have been hectic due to a few things, like announcement of DBS hiatus

nice headcannon but revisionist history, the majority of quality dns threads were generals until the mods of destruction changed the rules

Please for the love of El Grande Padre make the sequel of DBS on anime as well


DB threads have been consistently terrible since this arc started a year ago.

theyre only bad when the janny doesnt respond to reports

Because of posts like and so on, it's impossible to get anything out of these threads asides the same memes since ToP started. Hell, even before during the Frieza saga

When will Cell return? Will Toyotaro deliver?

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Alright you laughing asshole, I'm pretty excited.

hes a redditspacer but what brings down the quality is the crossboarding of Sup Forums and Sup Forums, relevant meme shit like mexico broadcasting DBS and grande padre are funny in good context

Cell should return

He has the Frieza's and Saiyan Cells

He should be able to go Golden/ Saiyan god, right?

That'd be cool but they don't need to wish the events of super away to do that

it wasn't easy to find, believe me.

>Hyper Oats

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>theyre only bad when the janny doesnt respond to reports
Which is like most of the time, sadly.

Kinda reminds me of Tate's style.

>art direction is NOT "just spic my shit up" this time

This pleases me.

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>people said Dragon Ball was ending

Nope. It's gonna be back and better than ever.

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I don't think that's how it works.

We'll all be dead and Dragonball will live on as Dragonball Automata

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Are you fuking kidding me? I thought you meant the actual character models or the cutscenes art.

SUPER is ending and there's gonna be a sizeable gap before any other DB comes back to screens.

are you denying that Yamamuro is dogshit, or the fact that this looks better than anything in the modern Dragonball franchise?

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>he doesnt know the eng dub will fill that gap

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