Granblue anime

So is there hope for S2? DJ episodes were good. That one filler episode with treasure hunting was good.

They need to ditch the main plot and make 3/4 of it about anime original stuff or events.

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They should make a whole season about these little semen demons.

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Yes they should. Nobody really cares about main story anyways. Naru anime could be great.

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god they are ball drainers

Is it bad that I like Gran?

Yes. Very.

But he's cute.

Alicia may be the best mom in the history of everything.

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Inferior to DJ in every way. Even anime agreed.

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That's okay, I still like him.

what the fuck was that last episode? what a shitty way to conclude a show.

>big tits
>big ass
>big thighs
>Soft healthy apoperence
>long elf ears
They found the formula for ED

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Loli draphs are even better.

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Harvins> sluts with horns
Stay pleb

the cutest

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Reminder then Naru is stronger than Eternals.

She should get her own series.

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Harvins have the biggest slut.

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It's funny how heels barely put her at standing paizuri height for 16y old boy.

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Do you have that webm of Gran saying her abilities were beautiful?


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A new project was announced but we don't know what it is.
Hopefully they stay with gran x lyria and not the whale djeeta.

user, don't you know? Prominently featuring a race of sexy shortstacks who are insanely popular with the fans is "risky"! They need to "play it safe" by focusing on the boring male MC and his boring main plot companions that nobody cares about and stably avoid doing anything that might catch people's interest and possibly make them some money.

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>Hopefully they stay with gran x lyria
It's really hard to say. People did like DJ's episode, but they'd also have to scrap all the stuff they bothered doing in season one. Either they stick with Gran moving forward or they just do random episodes with DJ doing various scenarios from the game and so on. Either way, people will hate both paths.

Path #3:

>scrap all the stuff they bothered doing in season one

I didn't mind the anime, but it just felt 'par for the course' if that makes any sense.

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Too cute. Will I have to watch this!?

That would've been path two.

>posting the inferior version

That's a false dichotomy.

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My dick isn't false, it always aims true.

what's the superior one?

>Hopefully they stay with gran x lyria

Jesus fuck no.


They could keep making crappy cheap A-1 stuff with Gran while also making other series about girls that would actually sell. Cygames has tons of $. Making multiple anime is no problem.

standing paizuri

Naru is too good.

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Pretty much. There's so many characters and so much side bits to the series, you really could do one with the main story, then have all the fun/silly bits extended to the side series.

>tfw she ended up looking decent in HoneySelect.
at least I can be with her in VR

The one thing the anime got right was Lyria's cuteness.

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DJ episodes were fine.

Does DJ have a personality, or is she just the same as Gran, just cuter and has tits?

They really should just sideline the main story and instead adapt some of the better story events into anime as they are more self contained and tend to center around more interesting characters.

The anime original ending might have sucked but the fanservice cameos were neat.
Mostly the latter.

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Its a dcent lighthearted adventure show

>Mostly the latter.
Is it bad if I want both of them at the same time as main characters?

No, that would be awesome.

Also has some cool scenes

I mean, you could even split them up from time to time with different teams while doing different adventures, then joining back for a big battle or some such. That'd be a bit fun to see.

I know nothing about this game/anime but I'll say the porn is quite good.

Those buffed Gran attacks weren't really good. Tiamat and then Levi just went blind unable to hit the guy running straight at them.

The porn is how the game got 90% of its playerbase.

They could do events as OVAs bundled with BDs. They'd make some serious money if they did What Makes the Sky Blue 1 and 2, for example.

The real money is in a 4koma adaptation.

>not having multiple adaptations

You'd kind of have to, there's just too much crap in this world. to show in one setting like Gran/DJ's parties.

Another proof they need to ignore main story and just go full fanservice.

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>What Makes the Sky Blue

Literally one of the worst events. This homo crap is unbearable.

Part 2 isn't that bad but the problem lies in the main cast. Djeeta isn't capable of making Lyria good, for example

>not liking sodomy: the event
You're too far up your own ass if you can't fap to the girls and enjoy the better male characters

Entire main story is a generic as shit shonen adventure. It got slightly good for a while during the Freesia and Orchis parts and that's it.

Cog is such a cutie

>better male characters

Fags like Sandal are not among them.

Part 2 is what made Sandal a good character, and Belial is one of the most entertaining characters so far, male or female

>the better male characters

I don't remember Vaseraga or Baotorda appearing in that shit.

imagine lads

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At 1.9m, that is virtually my everyday life.

They sure put a lot of filters in BD.

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Old men running those companies need to finally die off.

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What's holding her sword in place?

Did the anime even have Doarf's and potatoes in it? The trailer only had a generic human female so I skipped it.

Because Kancolle was such a great anime with how there was no teitoku. Or anything interesting at all really.

It had the best potato.

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For few minutes.

Except he was there and in the worst way possible. Going full FAG and just making new girl MC would be 20x better.

Strength of her thigh muscles. Imagine.

The Kancolle anime should have just been the Bomber Grape comics.

Well, good thing I skipped it then.

Really? It has her?

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thank you for the porn, isekiashitters

It's not isekai retard.

>Thinks its isekai
>Can't even spell it right

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You like lolis don't you user?

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What does that have to do with the picture you posted?

how do they possibly get away with making every single character so fuckable.

why'd you post an old lady though

>don't find lolis attractive
>get massive boner for midgets with fully mature body proportions
And then they just took it to a whole new level with this girl.

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In all kinds.

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They exist to make you spend $ on them.

I need a few more gold bars and sunstones so I'm okay with the idea of another anime.

T-thats dangerous.

Is this game actually good besides the hot girls? Do you get to play as someone besides a generic human?

Define good.