Meanwhile, in Bizarro Sup Forums

Meanwhile, in Bizarro Sup Forums...

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Meanwhile, in Bizarro Sup Forums...

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wow not a single thread is being filtered!

Part 7 of Jojo is shit

I respect your tastes, friends. You have a very good waifu too. I would never think of insulting something you like. I also think before i post.

I'm going to post this every day until you like it.

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I like anime.

HxH is a great series

Why are lolis sexualized so much. It's wrong. It literally does nothing for me and I can't understand why anybody would fap to them. We're supposed to lust after fully mature 20 year old women.

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generals should come back

neo Sup Forums is amazing. It's nice that nobody is constantly asking for sauce or posting recommendation threads. The mods are quick to remove these threads when they see them.

nice image user glad I used the built in image search engine to find the sauce, also I sure am glad I lurked for 2 years before posting and watched at least 100 anime's before trying to voice any un-knowledgeable opinions I also think studio bones is good

I love SAO and I can't wait for S3.


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Hey guys, I just finished a series and judged it by its merits alone and not based on its mainstream popularity or lack thereof!
Boy, do I enjoy not being a contrarian hipster!

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I lurked before posting and protected the board culture against abominable normalfags.

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I can't imagine manhandling megumin

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The thought of how it must have feel like to have sex with tiny underaged girls has never crossed my mind.