Shokugeki no Soma

Who is the true best girl everyone agrees and love?

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Nikumi, duh.



What's the point of a character made for doujins when every girl is as hot if not hotter than her.

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The only correct answer

Consider killing yourselves.

Hisako. Such a nice girl she would offer herself (in lieu of Erina) to Souma should he ever need to vent his lust

>Consider killing yourselves.

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Nikumi is the only girl who I actually hate. Everyone else is at least OK.

The only beautiful maiden from the series.

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This girl.

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Unrelated note, a new scan for the second cour of season 3 of Erina and Soma's winter outfit design leaked

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They reused their original anime character design.

Forgot pic

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its literally just their school unifirm with coats. what the fuck was leaked?


>what the fuck was leaked?
The scan in general. Hopefully we get more scans or maybe another pv soon.

Ikumi. Sexy, Tan, curvy, a great cook, and funny lovable tsundere. Perfect.

Alice is a powerful 2nd.

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Here's another scan. No idea what it says but I think we're getting another CD?

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This though all the girls are great!

Tfw no one's actually mentioned best girl Rindou yet...


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Erina, Alice and Hisako

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This, but she can improve her look
>hair down
Much better.


Royal-dono if you're lurking do you mind translating?

i would mating press alice ad infinitum

Obviously Hisako

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