Kills a bunch of rapist in the first issue

Kills a bunch of rapist in the first issue.
Saves a literal monster rapist in the later issues.
Even threatens to kill the camera guys if they do not take him to get fixed.

This is what bothers me the most out of this whole shit show.

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Can someone explain to me what does "Killing Bites" mean.

Bites that kill


>I can't stay mad at him.
>If I were a guy, I'd probably want to rape me too.

She's going to rape him later, obviously. The guys in the van wouldn't have survived, so they're of no use to her.

Can anyone tell me does the main man (weak cunt) get stronger as a character later in the manga.
Don't need him to become half animal but just have him grow a back bone.

>Don't need him to become half animal
Too late.

Yes. Having your ribcage nearly ripped open does that to you.

Dam what one right now I'm thinking jelly fish.

Yes, to a huge degree. It doesn't happen until after the anime's presumed end point, but he takes on an entirely proactive role.

Thanks I'm gonna pick up the manga tyen.

He does. The experiences from the Destroywhateverthefuckit'sbeingcallednow made him realize what a pathetic fuck he was and pushed him towards manning the fuck up,even adopting Hitomi's catchphrase. Hitomi then nearly kills him under orders, yet he somehow survives, is forced to live underground as he's a dead man to the world, and becomes the coach of his own brute team as part of a revenge plot/attempt to get Hitomi back.

He dies, gets better after timeskip, comes back with a new team of a beagle, tasmanian devil, and a goat and shows that he can transform.

Inaba? More like InaBest.

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>Hitomi permanently aroused after she learns of him taking her life philosophy to heart.

Be honest, you'd also get a beagle for your brute team.

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It's because that she wants to kill him again
And that it's shitty writting

No one knows, though wolverine is a popular guess both here and on 5ch.

>And that it's shitty writting
Is that what killing bites is?

Some people think either a bird or a reptile given that he was growing something that could either be scales or the beginning of feathers when he was transforming.

That is what Killing Bites is!

>Scales and fethers.
He's a raptor now I bet.

scales OR feathers, we can't tell for sure since it was just a tiny glimpse of something that didn't look like fur growing out of his skin.