One Punch Man is one of the best manga I've ever read

One Punch Man is one of the best manga I've ever read.

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>I only read 5 manga

Because you've only read shit

i don't even know how to read


t. Bill Burr

I believe you

the current state of Sup Forums

Read more manga

Saitama is a top tier character

hells yeah

Not even ONE's version, you're the worst OP.

low standards I guess.

Based OP.

Don't listen to these faggot OP, OPM is top quality fit for the intellectually superior readers.

Nice bait

Remember when Sup Forums used to be all over OPM? Then they started shitting on it once the anime came out.

It's good, but needs more progress.

It's one of the best anime series I've ever seen

One Punch Man is one of the manga I've ever read.

One Manga Man is one of the best punch I've ever seen

On Joke Man is one of the best joke I've ever seen.

Try the Mob Psycho manga, I prefer it.

omega shit taste

Not going to lie, its one of my top 10 simply because of Fubuki

Superior taste my dude.

Is this the duality of man?

you know you want it

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Just plain shitposting.

Hello newfag

It's a solid 7/11


>Nice bait
Low quality bait

this is totally reasonable, despite neo-Sup Forums's response. Murata is by far the best artist, if that is what you value most in manga

Look at this shit:
Western retards rate OPM in the top 30 best manga EVER. Seriously.

Let's realistically assess what OPM has going for it. It's nominally a comedy manga, but it was never very funny and almost abandoned any attempt to be a gag manga once it started taking its action elements seriously. The fight scenes do not and cannot have tension because the main character is unbeatable. There are basically no well developed characters, close bonds between characters, or even any real basis to be emotionally affected by what happens. It's like a kid smashing action figures against each other under one rushed premise after another.

OPM is not good in any respect. Like other terrible battle shounen that have taken off, it succeeded by throwing a ton of neat character designs at readers and making them wonder what each characters' power is. It spread to morons inexperienced with anime because le bald overpowered man has potential for memes and reaction images.

Anybody familiar with shounen would agree that OPM is nothing special. It doesn't deserve a tenth of its popularity, and its success proves that mediocrity is good enough as long as a show doesn't take itself seriously.

There are people on this board, right now, that think two mangas, both with the same story, with the only difference being one has infinitely better art, the one with the worse art is the superior version.

There needs to be an IQ threshold posters on this site need to surpass to be able to use the post button.

I like your idea user, we sure will miss you though.

It probably is the best at the moment.
I just love the amount of content, the chapters are fucking huge. There was even a 100+ page chapter for the elder centipede fight a few months ago.

Next chapter has a lot of pages

Most of the fights don't involve saitama at all, and those that do have featured deeper emotional or character elements behind the fight from Boros onward

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>big chapters where nothing happens
>It probably is the best at the moment.

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I liked it more earlier but the recent filler has been super boring. Theres very few jokes and plot doesn't progress at all. The garou parts are particularly bad.

Garou is literally the plot you shitposting cretin.

It is a good parody, but maybe it is time to read more than just a few.

>all these fags that take OP too serious
When did this place beomce Sup Forums

>has no autistic love interest
>has no autistic harem
>has no autistic schoolboy shit

>has lots of funny moments and its own brand of humor
>has fights
>has gore vs monsters
>diverse and interesting characters
>Character development for so many characters without it feeling out of place or half the characters left behind, which is something many mangaka cannot do
>manga is quite mature despite its themes as a shounen

How can other current manga's even compete?

One Punch Man is one of the mangas.

OP used weasel language like "its ONE of the best." rather than taking a real stance and saying it is the best at what its trying to accomplish.

That’s some tasty pasta

It's precisely because there are so many Sup Forums faggots here these days that OP is likely to be serious and therefore taken seriously.