Yowamushi pedal

>now he sings
Looks like talking each episode more than the first two seasons combined wasn't enough to destroy his character.

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can't destroy something that wasnt there in the first place

Sohoku can't win with two scrubs on their team.

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>destroy his character
He didn't have a character in the first two seasons.

Wait, is anime ahead manga scanlation now?
I guess time to watch the anime again then.

but the lack of character was his character!

I'm glad I stopped watching after season 1. Literally the perfect ending.


Yeah, I'm regretting have continued watching.
And it seems that they will need 1 more season to conclude this interhigh. I wanna die.

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OverDrive is king.

As long as pic related is in it I don't care what they do.

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This desu.
His rivalry with Naruko is something I never knew I wanted.

This nigga knows how S5 ends.

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More like Hakone is too strong. Ever since they unveiled their team, I have no idea how Souhoku can win against 4 god tier climbers. Manami didn't even break a sweat against Teshima and the after mentioned looked like he was dying.

How the fuck did they manage to make the worst team ever for Sohoku this year holy shit.

This guy seems autistic as fuck.

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He has a lot of competition.

I haven't been keeping up with the manga and I'm a few episodes behind this season. Isn't Shinkai 2 an okama or some shit?

Really wish they would have traded seaweed for stamina man and knockoff naruko for anyone else.

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This. Stamina man would have been great.


Or even just Kaburagi for Stamina baka would have been great, but I guess 3 2nd years and 3 3rd years was too unbalanced for the author.
At least the possibility of a third year with the usual trio on their 3rd year, a Kaburagi who doesn't suck anymore, and Sugimoto + his otouto might be good.

This is known.

I hope he jobs spectacularly like his brother.

I hope Midousuji wins the interhigh but I guess he's the permajobber now.

I just want to see him winning at least once. Imagine how smug he'd get holy shit, it'd be amazing.

I wouldn't mind a Midousuji win, but I just can't see Hakone losing this time.
Too bad Midousuji has a shit team. They're all scrubs except Niku.

Nice, my favorite character finally getting some action

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