Post your Sup Forums OTP

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>No Nnoitra
Just imagine the hatesex

Excellent taste

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It makes no sense. Nnoitra is way better
as said. I remember when I was a pairing fag I'd always put them together in a cute way

Nnoitra is for kissing Tesla

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I'm still a big pairingfag/fanficfag but I don't know if I'll ever love an Sup Forums couple the way I love these two together.

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TFW refuse to ever read hentai that isn't vanilla sex between Eureka and Renton

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This pairing mainly works as the only thing that gab is good for is getting dominated by better characters - yet none of them do.


+ Sousuke and Chidori

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>The main battle theme is a love duet between the two leads.

The true Chad of Gainax

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>Oldman and his underage waifu

call me vanilla but..

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