Serious question

Serious question...

If Goku and Vegeta became Vegito and fucked some bitch and got her pregnant. What would be the outcome?

Im asking for a friend.

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El Hermano

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Someone hasn't checked out DragonBall Multiverse

Gotenks without a time limit i guess

If that bitch would be Kefla, the kid would probably have the most broken genetics in the entire multiverse.

What would happen if he fucked Kefla and knocked her up while he had Majin Buu inside his body like this?

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Piccolo would become the kids father

What would happen if kefla then unfused while pregnant?


It would be Vegito's child. What part of them becoming a single entity do you fags not understand. Vegito isn't wearing Goku or Vegeta's clothes, he's wearing Vegito's. Vegito is not Vegeta or Goku, he is Vegito

If some bitches fuse and get pregnant then what will happen when they separate again?


What would happen if 2 Vegitos did the fusion dance?

Android 21.

Dear god Vegeta x Kefla art when

He'd have embarasingly unlikeable cunt of a daughter.

Gogeta is gotenks father, not vegito

Vegito is the father of whatever the potara fusion of Goten and Trunks would be.


His nuts don't fuse, he has one from Goku and one from Vegeta. It's a 50/50 chance which one comes through. Same with the ovaries when woman fuse.


this show was some insane fetish fuel

They're sterile.

This. He's just a normal person that happened to have once been two people.

Vegito having Bra as a child anyways was really stupid. Unless Vegito has only Vegeta's sperm or something.

How pissed was vegeta when he discovered female saiyans existed but he was already tied down to a filthy human and half breed children?

At least bulma is cool. Chi chi is lame.

Saiyan-Earthling hybrids have more potential anyways

>all these newfags who don't know this is already a thing
An incredibly strong half-saiyan that would put Gohan's potential to shame.

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They're also lazy and boring and never stay at their full potential if they even reach it.

She's literally just a female Vegeta. That's her whole personality.


Why is this bastard so smug?