An average story with lots of (unnecessary) gore and sexual situations between children...

An average story with lots of (unnecessary) gore and sexual situations between children. Another great example of being blinded by decent animation and good soundtracks.

2017 was fucking dire when this is widely considered AOTY.

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i am invisibly mad

The Author knew how to sold this mashup to losers with no taste ...but this is the current state of the digital era to gain witnesses and money...

>hurr durr gore and sex with kids is bad!

go away retard

I really wish it wasn't so skeevy. Just about everything about it seems top notch, but I feel dirty every time I read it.

a small price to pay for these metal as fuck white whistles

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it would have been a million times better without the penis crap

All scenes were absolutely necessary.

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The "sexual" situations are completely circumstantial and believable. Children on the cusp of puberty exploring alone together in a dangerous alien world would surely result in things like that happening. You're just used to media omitting it.

listen fag, sexualization is not inherently bad, but when you jump from what is supposed to be an emotional scene like saving or killing someone to blushing after seeing someone naked within a few frames I can't feel any emotional impact

read above, there's time and place, in some situations there should be other stuff on his mind than how hot the nude body of the MC is

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stop arguing and post Mittys

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>(unnecessary) gore and sexual situations

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yes hello is this the Made in Abyss thread?

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What is she saying Sup Forums?

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kids and discovering sex (between them) is normal user.
you are fucked up in the head and it displease you somehow.
i bet that you think that watching Goku's little dick or trying to see what's below Bulma's skirt is degenerate too.

Is it the normalfag visiting day or something?

Explain how, I understand the gore, but the stuff like pic related () adds nothing to the story.


Well if you were a kid, I imagine being hanged naked would be quite the punishment

>refugees welcome!

>Everybody knows
>Nanachi is a boy

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>I got lost papa's Daft Punk album

I'm not saying that Tukushi definitely doesn't have questionable tastes, but why don't people consider that the stuff that makes people uncomfortable is there deliberately to put you on edge and give the manga a more visceral feeling?

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You didn't explain how it adds to the story faggot

Is this the Abyss thread?

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It's edgy garbage for retards but this thread is pointless since they lack self awareness

Peado's first manga.

You can count the sexual situations on one hand and they are always comedic, part of the world building or tell us something about the characters.
The hanging naked is supposed to be odd and show how strict the orphanage is.
Riko casually being naked in front of Reg and Maruluk shows us that she just sees Reg as a robot and it's a joke cause she thinks Maruluk is a girl.
The scene where Nanashi strips her and the bathing scene both show how mature and used Nanashi is to the cold reality. Reg is easily distracted and get flustered when he sees Riko naked, humanizing him and showing how innocent he is. Riko doesn't mind bathing with Reg but when she sees him getting a boner she gets embaressed too showing some development in her not just seeing him as a robot.

You just completly ignore Reg as a character and the whole point of that scene.
Nanashi knows what she is doing but Reg is a dumb kid that doesn't know what to do. Their entire conversation before he goes out to collect the stuff reflects that as well.
Also Riko almost dying and Reg walking in seeing Nanashi take off her pants is several minutes apart.

Yeah man stupid fan service bullshit amirite and now he has to was her piss stained pants fucking epic dude freaking pedos am I right brother

it's showing one of the customs in that land
if i recall correctly 3 more characters talk about that kind of punishment later on the story
there you go moraltard

Oya, Oya
You seem rather stressed, how about a nice relaxing elevator ride?

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it adds nothing to the story. it's weird pervy fetish shit that doesn't belong in the early parts of the story. I still love this series because it's the only anime/manga I've found so far that captures that surreal, otherworldly, inazone stalker vibe. might not be slavshit, but it's the lovecraft element that matters.

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Is the director Ozen's sister?

Chapter 47 when?

Love how you can see all the torture devices in the background.
Pretty sketchy for an orphanage if you ask me.

Why did I read the manga? I don't want to wait months for a new chapter. Why

Exactly my thoughts when I first saw Ozen

When you make a decision

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>You can count the sexual situations on one hand and they are always comedic

>hahaha, those kids are naked
>she wants to see his dick, that's hilarious
the lengths you guys go to justify this pedofaggotry

t. Kemonofag
enjoy your dead franchise

So what would this manga/anime be then if it did not include these unnecessary elements? Would it be better? Would it have the same impact?

Feel free to not watch it.

I agree with you but there are still questionable scenes
Why did Habo check in Reg's pants?
Why did Mothgirl want to do the same?
Why did they have to test his pee?
Why did they have to show Riko almost getting raped in the village?
What's the purpose of all this bellybutton torture fetish with Reg

Explain why a loli pooping in a village was actually important to the plot

why does everyone seem to have puffy nipples?

The scene in OP was the one important scene they fucked up. It ended up being entirely unnecessary.

1 and 3: They're treating him like an object, not a boy.
2: Boy's gf wants THE DICK
4: To bring back the MAAAAAA
5: I think it's funny honestly, but probably that one's a fetish

it belongs in the early parts though, I dunno why all normies were so shocked by the amputation scene when it was clear from the beginning that they live in a fucked up world where children are hanged naked and orphanages have execution chambers

The mangaka is into that shit

>mfw as I looked at artbook scans

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Just let a man have his child piss fetish in peace

The hanging naked is also used to show Nat likes Riko, which was almost completely left out of the show.




Let's jam!

Why'd you do this to me?

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>lots of (unnecessary) gore and sexual situations
This seems like a good place to ask. What do you people mean when you say it's "unnecessary", usually referring to nudity or sexual themes? I see it so often as a criticism but it seems like a meaningless statement. Most things in life and especially entertainment are unnecessary, but surely unnecessary things can also be appealing? And how do you define what amount of sexual imagery is necessary? Is it ever necessary? Even pornography can be censored and still enjoyed by many.

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2018 is fucking dire if faggot OPs have to resort to bait this cheap because they aren't confident enough to make a half decent thread. Go blow a grizzly bear, shitdick.

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I think a lot of shows like to make a big song and dance about how dangerous the adventure is going to be but there really isn't any genuine danger when it comes down to it. The main character just plot armors through it. That part was a very clear and visceral demonstration that this is not that kind of story.

>Explain why a loli pooping in a village was actually important to the plot
Isn't that just to separate her from the other?

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Normalfags love to come to MiA threads and complain about gore and child lewding. That's one of the reasons why the threads turned into pure trash after the anime.

They'd have to watch at least 10 episodes for that. I doubt it, it's just shitposters baiting in the most obvious way

Episode 1 has the child stringing up scene.

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>Another great example of being blinded by decent animation and good soundtracks.
Good try fag, i went straight to the manga and still liked it

The manga is creepy in a bad way.

Are you a woman or just a huge wimpy faggot?

That was two seconds, doubt too many gave a shit.

is it time to bingewatch this.

Watching animeonlys react to Season 2 is gonna be fucking hilarity.

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You'd be surprised at how often it comes up in threads like this

>eww no gore or loli
Just where so you think you're posting?

Just wait until Tsukushi laughs at the fat dude crying over Prushka

*rumbles of scientific triumph*

i see a naked kid in the beach and that's all i see
you see pedo bait
guess who's fucked in the head champ.

Read the manga. This series is adventure done right.

I hope Season 2 does well so we get to see Ancapistan be adapted.

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I think the gore is fine, but the author clearly has something for tying children up that makes me concerned. Also seems to have a pee fetish, which is just as bad.
Why put effort into everything else if you're just going to shove your fetishes into it and make it worse?

>Tying children up
>Loli pee fetish
What's wrong with you?
>Why put effort into everything else if you're just going to shove your fetishes into it and make it worse?
He's writing about what he likes. That's why the manga is good, you dumb normalfag.

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So if I dislike loli, gore and fan service, could i still enjoy this for the story?

6 months after and these threads still get a lot of replies. This is like the hundredth thread on the same subject since the anime got announced.
I don't understand why MiA attracts so many shit-posters. It's not like it has done anything unique. The kids suffering, gore, nudity has all been done a lot of times before.

It's supposed to be a faggot filter but it apparently doesn't work as intended if you and most of this thread is any indication.

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Mods banned that /r9k/ crossboarder publicly i hope they ban Sup Forums crossboarders too

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Stuff like that really makes me think it's just a pedo pandering show. I'm gonna be mad if that's all it is Sup Forums
You've been warned


Fiction is always best when the writer truly frees his imagination and throws it into a medium without worrying about unnecessary limitations

I don't care what makes you mad and neither should anyone else. If you have nothing to contribute, feel free to leave.

Ohhh, i am scared.
What are you gonna do? Create the exact same thread as OP and bitch about it?

Looks like MiA is bringing Sup Forums back to its roots.


Yes. Be scared
You actually seem triggered, are you alright?

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I don't know about him but I'm feeling pretty great. How about you?

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Whats the story behind the ponyo thing being melted? I always see a webm of it posted

She use to be the red one on the left but mad scientist stuff happened

Sounds sad. This seems interesting so far

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You could watch it and decide if it's interesting or not by yourself.

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>Sexualizing children
I can understand why this would turn you off of the series and I can respect your opinion

>Unnecessary gore
Watch a slice of life anime if you're surprised that an anime about two kids going into a murderhole has gore in it (one is a robot but that's besides the point)

Also, the selling point of the anime is the art style and worldbuilding, not the story. Speedreaders/anime-onlyfags/speedwatchers miss out on a lot of that.

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Would you go down the abyss