We can't study 54

I can't believe some random maid won the Yuiga-bowl!

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Explain yourself, Whoreyuki.

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wait, what?

Viz also has a character poll out

Voting Fumino

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My autism acted up when I didn't get the current poll standing.

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>he isn't voting for Moeyuki
Faggots all of you

Fyi more postcards are being submitted and this one is from An uruka fan.


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>couldn't decide between sensei and Fumino
>voted both

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>Voting for a shit-colored girl.

Literally shit taste.

Time to vote for my favorite girl, Rizu. Hopefully she'll get a decent chapter soon.

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I voted for fumino!

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Fumino just keeps getting better and better for me, I really like her chemistry with Nariyuki. I was a Sup Forumsfag at first, but she's been kind of boring for a while.
Now I'm torn between rooting for /lit/, Senpai, or Sensei to win the MCbowl.

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Y-san has shit taste.

Viz WNL 1-54: userscloud.com/go/v8uo0lks64l2

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Fucking disgusting.

Fumino may not be the best,for me, but god she is the most entertaining to see alongside Sensei.

>Shonen jump podcast

The actual fuck.


We haven't had haiku in a while now. Post haiku!

Fumino is beauty
But fumino has
No tits.

it has to be 5-7-5 syllables user.

Finally it's time to vote.
May the best girl win.

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Best girl!

This is the good ending though.

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Fumino is flat.
No chest, no chapters, no chance.
She should be bullied.

Sensei's feelings chained
Her heart has been locked away
perhaps he's the key?

I tried

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Fumino is cute
She is the best of all time
But she has no tits

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another harem
where the MC has no balls
I'm tired of this shit

uruka's chances
are getting close to zero
she is a loser


You pass.

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Go-Toubun is good,
But Bokuben is better...
Fuck those quintuplets!

>Go-Toubun is good,
>But Bokuben is better...
>Fuck those quintuplets!

It passes.

Don't let the nino shitposter gets you

Oh wait.

Roses are red
Violet are blue
Fumino is cute
a perfect afterall

Here comes those 5Toubun shitposters again

Why does everyone want this guy's dick? Is he the only man on Earth?

>Why does everyone in a harem manga want the MC's dick

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because he has the cutest dick

Why don’t you fuck off to your general thread and spam your Niño shit there

i want to rape and kill all the girls

I'm not the ninofag dipshit. that's go back so sticking your thumb up your ass.

I feel the despair
Worst girl is going to win
You know who I mean

You need to go back, Niñofag

We Never Learn

it's only 4 syllables

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Wow, Bokuben threads
But Niñofags shitposting
Comfy threads no more

/sp /

It's only one guy, user. Just report and ignore.

i demand sensei candy ass posted in every bokuben thread, it must be our tradition

Then post her.

Here you go

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It’s spelled Nino. She’s a Japanese not a spic

her face too please

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>actually sleeping in a pile of trash

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Of course the one shitposting is the Ninofag.

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i want to lick them keep licking them

Why don’t you just go back faggot

You're not him, but stop too.

So this is how it starts

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Remember this everyone. The first shot was by Sup Forums.

Your favorite girl just got Isekai'd. Where does she go and what is the title of her new series

Ashumi is cute
Perfect, peppy, Pixie Maid
But she'll never win


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GoToubun no Fuminoyome

I wish my man naruyuki wins the popularity poll.

Almost everytime in harem comedies, the male mc is a bland piece of shit that doesn't even get to the top 5 of popularity polls.


I Was Just Accepted Into My Dream College, But Now I'm Stuck In Another World As A Literal Pixie Maid And Have To Manage a Restaurant And Lead The Fight Against The Demon King?! Volume 1: My Kouhai and His Friends Are Here, Too?!

"The 5-part Flat"

Fuutarou Uesugi is an antisocial dickhead . One day after school his dad tells him he found him a job as a tutor for a new transfer student: Furuhashi Fumino a young literate girl with a quirky secret: she has 5 different personalities that switch out randomly! How will Fuutarou fare in this brand new summer studying love comedy?!

Directed by M. Night Shamalan.

Wait a sec, where's the Poll Viz link post?

Mods deleted it.

Didn't someone post some postcard to vote Mizuki before?

I think that was something else

Long, silky black hair.
A belladonna unmatched.
And bitch got no tits.


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A quick glance at the thumbnail made this look like one of those gacha mobage ranked cards.

SSR ass

You sure?

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UruNino will be there as a worst girl

>that cute drawing with the Seisai apron
She shot firat after all.
Straight into my heart.

Like Sir Mix-a-lot
I like big butts I can't lie
Sensei is best girl.

A brother can't deny.

Are you going to vote for me, user-kun?

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I already did
It was tough but my heart knows
Fumino is best.

The autism has begun

>She is the best of all time
>But she has no tits
Does not compute.

;help me Sup Forums i've fallen for the pixie maid
i know this is wrong and i know that nothing but despair awaits because she can't win
but i can't stop loving her

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i even promised myself i'd root for the tomboy...

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How can other girls even compete?

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ASShumi. Man Tsustui is truly a man of culture

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>when will you marry him?
>hmm? when's that gonna happen, darling?
The best way to handle the question. At first I thought I'd hate her as a new addition but she's been consistently great.

I normally like haremshit but this has been absolutely brutal. It's much worse than Nisekoi despite everyone making comparisons.