How come there are no "event" anime anymore?

How come there are no "event" anime anymore?

Back when shows like Gurren Lagann, Code Geass, Haruhi, Welcome to the NHK, Gundam Seed and etc used to air, this entire board would be talking about them and making threads about them.

Now Sup Forums is nothing but terrible bait threads and shitty generals

What went wrong?

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Who knows, seems like they decided that reliable money from Otakus who love moe shit was a better investment than good story telling.

Be the change you want to see.
Next time there's a show that has potential, make a thread about it.
And be shat upon by the rest of us for daring to make a positive contribution to the board.

I thought Made in Abyss was that.

You also failed to mention that Sword Art Online is that, the "event" animes aren't always a good thing. oh wait, you did mention Gundam Seed

Sup Forums culture has taken too much pointless negativity and newfags from the outside world. FranXX threads are proof even normalfags can ruin "event" anime

The last one we had was Kill la Kill and Flamenco in 2013. Geass will be the next one later this year without a doubt.

Made in Abyss was indeed the closest thing to that, but it still never really reached the levels of anime from the 00s.

Index S3

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Light novel adaptations are easier to make.
You won't find another anime that people can speculate on unless it's not an adaptation.
Good luck.

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It's a mixture of Sup Forums changing and there not really being a big name anime with universal appeal in a while. Franxx had the potential to clog up the board with threads, but it seems to be slowing down lately (which is probably a good thing).

Just your nostalgia.

You don't seriously think SAO and Seed are comparable, do you? Seed was a dumb gundam show for modern teenagers. It was dumb but it was really good at what it did, teenage angst and memorable characters/scenario writing.

SAO is unfettered wish fulfillment garbage for manchildren

The average newfag thinks that you're not allowed to enjoy popular things.

First of all, Gundam SEED was not an event show. Don't be ridiculous. Second, those shows became event shows over time, it's not something that gets planned out. Did we think Madoka was going to take over the fucking board before they came out? Or KLK? Or Valvrave? Heck, there was an obvious "event" anime in Mayoiga for about 3 weeks before that died. This shit isn't an exact science

Yeah this. There just hasn't been a big universal appeal anime in a while. Kabeneri was pretty close though.

I also thought Franxx would be it but after episode 6 it's like people just jumped ship

You have to admit, Mayoiga was fun while it aired.

> Gundam SEED was not an event show
wtf is this retard talking about

SEED and SEED Destiny made an absolutely disgusting amount of money both in japan and outside of it. And both also had a huge impact on the mech genre.

are you retarded or just pretending?

Because when TTGL, CG, Haruhi etc aired there weren't as much anime to follow as today. You had a bunch of fansubs groups that would sub the most popular ones (such as CG) so you were pretty much forced to watch them because there wasn't anything else, or the other anime took ages to get subbed in comparison.
Nowadays with Crunchy and Funi subbing almost every seasonal show its more difficult to get the majority board to watch one single anime, as you have more series to chose.

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>SEED and SEED Destiny made an absolutely disgusting amount of money both in japan and outside of it. And both also had a huge impact on the mech genre.
I'm not denying that, I'm saying they weren't event shows here. Your OP post was about the board

Kill la Kill felt forced as fuck, mostly a bunch of Sup Forumsfags spamming the catalog because they thought they were getting Gurren Lagann 2.0

Hmm that isn't really true though.

Quick comparison:

>2006 anime

>2016 anime

There's certainly been an increase, but a lot of that is due to 2 cour shows, something which was much, much rarer back in the day.

I think what's more likely is that anime has gotten more insulated and there haven't been as many shows with wide appeals like those in the OP

>Kill la Kill felt forced as fuck
And yet we had stickied threads

Dragon Ball came back

I think we can agree that most event anime have certain traits in common.
>Anime original
>Deviations from their genre conventions
>Polarising but not enough that people who don't like it will drop it completely
>Interesting world or characters that lends itself to discussion and speculation
>Appealing to various demographics

Of course you can't predict if a show will have these things before it airs.

>2006 anime
there's no way there was that many fansubbed anime in 2006.

keyword, fansubbed. Even Kaiji took ages to get fansubbed

What I meant isn't the sheer amount of anime, but the amount of anime that actually got subbed on time. When we had to depend on fansubs it wasn't like today where you can get almost every anime with subs one hour after it airs in japan, you might had to wait days, weeks or even months for the less popular ones. So of course most of the board would be watching and discussing Code Geass or TTGL when you had like 5 different groups making subs for them, its not like you had much choice when it came to following seasonal anime.

people won't unite and discuss when currently every anime is shit. I mean, with the exception of Seed, which is complete garbage, all of the other anime you mentioned are of very high quality. Especially compared to the barrage of turds we got right now, so what do you expect? People to get excited over trash just for the sake of it?

I believe

bitch R3 is literally on it's way

Even if we take the theory about fansubs being the bottleneck is, all those "event" shows got fansubbed by several groups at a very fast rate for a reason. Every single one of those shows was popular both online and offline, and both in japan and outside of it. If it was really a fansubbing bottleneck you would definitely see a disparity between what was popular online and what was popular IRL. The disparity would have been extremely apparent because the anime market was in a huge boom in the early and mid 00s.

It doesn't hold up any way you look at it.

Containment threads became the norm. There is no "this entire board" doing things anymore, just people in general threads doing things. It's been this way for a while now, at the latest since moot left.

Only because the catalog got full of KLK everytime a new episode aired so the sticky was pretty much for containment episodes. You could call it an "event", but for me it was a forced one.

KLK was absolutely forced. Like 80% of the threads were shitty bait threads.

Part of it is just you being more jaded and tired of the same tropes over the years. I didn't even like the new Card Captor Sakura even though i loved the old one as a kid.

I'm giving the LoGH remake(?) next season a chance even if the art style looks like it's pandering to fujoshis. Isekai Izekaya and Piano no Mori looks good too. There's several others that might be good but just aren't to my taste.

And what makes you thing that something like that couldn't happen nowadays? imagine if we were still depending on fansubs, its very likely that something like Made in Abyss would had got dozens of fansubbers churning out subs in time, hence you would get 90% of the board talking about it. But nowadays you aren't "forced" to watch MiA, you can chose from any of the 40 or so anime that get subbed in time each season and just stick to it, which results in different anons watching different shows.

Anime feels very, very disposable nowadays. It's funny because the meme from back then about every anime looking the same has finally become true in the 2010s.

I mean you could literally just copy a massive portion of these character and paste them into random modern anime and nobody would be able to tell the difference. The homogenization of art styles and character design came about as a result of light novels and their cookie cooker self-inserts

There's just too much anime airing these days for everyone to be watching the same shows.

You're not getting what I'm saying. Even if that were true about fansubs being the bottleneck, you'd be bound to see a difference in what was talked about with the IRL fandom and the online one. Back in the 2000s a shit ton of anime was getting localized physically. Yet despite that the very same anime that was popular online were also popular offline, and this is during a time when the online and offline fandoms were massively disconnected.

>I didn't even like the new Card Captor Sakura even though i loved the old one as a kid.
It's not just you though. I watched the old CCS for the first time last month and I can assure you that the new one is not nearly as good.

also feels weird that barely anything goes beyond 26 episodes or even 13 episodes nowadays. I get that we mostly have anime that is advertising LNs, but even the successful ones will still struggle to get a 2nd season anyways. I guess people just lose interest right away since it's much easier to get the source material with the internet and amazon?

That is also very true. It's hard to give a fuck about a show when it ends and the next cour airs anywhere between 6 months to 1-3 years from now.

Back then 22-26 eps was the norm and 30+ ep shows were very common.

Oreimo S2 ending/Kuroneko losing was a pretty big event

Also Madoka episode 10

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Well, I can't say anything about that because my country never got much physical stuff licensed (aside from shounen like Dragon Ball) and what was popular here was what was popular among fansubbers.
But what makes you think that what was localized physically wasn't because it was popular on the internet in the first place? and usually stuff that gets popular because its actually good, entertaining and appeals to a lot of people, so I don't see why would it be difference between what people watch online and what people watch offline.

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>But what makes you think that what was localized physically wasn't because it was popular on the internet in the first place

Because the physical anime industry was around before the internet, and the internet was nowehre *near* as widespread as it is now. The only place you could get anime back then was through torrents and IRC. Back then smartphones didn't even exist. You had to have a computer, you had to know how to use torrents/irc, you had to have a decently fast connection (aka not dial up), and you had to have the right software to watch fansubs. The online fandom wasn't even remotely the same as the physical one. The online fandom was extremely self-selecting and niche.

Nowadays literally any grandma can get on her phone and start watching anime within seconds.

Anyone who's been on this board for at least a decade should be able to mostly agree on this.

There is some room for improvements

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>you had to have a decently fast connection (aka not dial up)
i was downloading anime at 2 to 3 hours per episode, while it sucked, i think it helped you appreciate each episode better and i would have backup CDs of every single thing I downloaded.

I went as far as downloading kyou kara maou complete and enjoying it, completely oblivious that it was fujobait. The gay marriage went over my head considering that even Naruto did a gay kiss gag.

But I thought we were talking about internet fandom, specifically Sup Forums, where everyone depended on fansubs

Because if you make more than one thread per anime they will tell you to go back to your general

all those threads lost in the rain because there wasn't an archive like we have now.

imagine how valuable that would have been 100 years later for some weird social science class studying Sup Forums

>Eden of the East
Oh man, why'd you remind me

There was a site that collected all the major threads during the Mawaru Penguindrum craziness and they're just up and gone now

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But Kyou Kara Maou was legit gay. Gayer than most of the shows Sup Forums calls fujoshit now.

I guess if it has fighting, most straight guys can overlook the gay stuff.

>How come there are no "event" anime anymore?

but we have it

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Anime from pic related?

Gravitation and Get Backers were my definition of gay. For some reason, I thought the gay in Kyou Kara Maou was just a gag, and it was in some sense. I mostly watched it because the MC having a badass transformation was cool. but yeah.. it was really gay now that I think about it

oh god Get Backers

My 12 year old mind knew something was "off" about it but it didn't click until years later

>this entire board would be talking about them and making threads about them.
That's FranXX.

What do you call that nice happy feeling from reading Bakarina and Burikko? I need more of it. Like being a cute little genius and everyone showers them with love and admiration, and it feels like im getting it too

only the first part though, everything after Burikko actually gets dicked is boring.

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Lack of budget

What's gay about Get Backers? I know there was a trap in it but that was it, right?

I'm glad "event anime" are gone. Shit like TTGL and CG are some of the most MALfag Sup Forumsedditor normalfag anime of all time. The fact Sup Forums hates them now proves that we've evolved for the better. People complaining about "nu-Sup Forums" are the true redditors for clinging to their shitty old anime. We've had some pretty decent shows these last few seasons, so hopefully the bad aftertaste of shit like TTGL gets washed out of this board.

what the hell does "event anime" mean

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Cool metathread but,


it means i will fuck your ass until cum leaks out like a faucet : )

The last real "event" anime was either Valvrave or Samurai Flamenco, after that Kill La Kill invited half of Sup Forums over and they never left.

Gundam Seed wasn't an event anime here because this place didn't exist when it aired. GSD was and it was fucking crazy. The sticky for the final ep was madness.


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I think it's pretty simple:

Most anime nowadays is adapted from manga. This means that when an anime airs, we all already know how it ends. We know the plot twists and mysteries. There's no suspense.

This is why the most-talked about shows on Sup Forums are generally original stories. Because we actually have shit to discuss about what we think will happen. Plot twists take us by surprise and lead to more discussion.

my two cents

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>Kill la Kill

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>eromanga sensei

>>im not going to tell you to leave because it's a good show and i dont judge others on what shows they like

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>I thought Made in Abyss was that.
It wasn't. Just goes to prove that you idiots weren't hear back then.

>Kabeneri was pretty close though.
Nah, people shat on that from the first episode

triggernigger trying to flatter me? yawn nigger yawn. all imaishit is the same "LOL SO RANDUM" normalfag ironic weeb bullshit. that shit makes me yawn and want to fall asleep

>Most anime nowadays is adapted from manga.
so was a lot of stuff then like FMA, Hikaru no Go, and even Card Captor Sakura.

maybe being an anime-only fag isn't so bad after all..

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Simple. Sup Forums became far too self-aware that you had shows that generated pre-hype before they even aired because oldfags wanted something that captured the spirit of the good old days rather than things spreading out their course naturally that's how you had shit like Guilty Crown, Valvrave and Star Driver where Sup Forums intentinally tried to make big deals out of them but they never lasted meanwhile shows like Madoka and Stein's Gate generated a lot of buzz and interest because people were generally surprised by them and weren't prepared to make events out of them.

are you retarded

Kabaneri had hands down one of the best first (and second) episodes. It was one of the exceptions to the three episode rules because it's actually shit after that with that stupid zombie hunter prince coming out along with the laser-shooting zombie popping out. holy shit that was retarded. I dropped it then, but the initial hook and setting was fantastic even if it was trying to cash in on AoT fans.

The promo art is super gay. I don't remember much about the series itself though.

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>Kabaneri had hands down one of the best first (and second) episodes

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Remember when everyone wore bondage gear while outside

You are wrong on all accounts. Kabaneri had problems from the very first episode but people kept being swayed by the MUH 80'S AESTHETIC. And ironically enough the plot really didn't go anywhere until Biba showed up. That's why its so ironic how people have virtually disowned the show despite all the hype it generated.

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Too many Sup Forumsnons harder to hive mind.

It's called Dragon Ball Super.

I feel like most of 2000's anime had art like that. Fishnets, chokers and black leather, or just full-on goth dresses with ribbons everywhere.

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I remember goths being somewhat trendy during those times, maybe it was the same in Japan