Why aren't reverse traps as popular as traps?

Why aren't reverse traps as popular as traps?

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Is double gay

Cause Sup Forums is full of fags

memes i think

Because Sup Forums sucks

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I want to put my penis in makoto's boipucci

This world fucking sucks.

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the best thing about them the scenes of the all the male characters questioning their sexuality and when the reverse trap reveals themselves the initial reaction of "I'm not gay!"

ironic shitters thinking saying "chicks with dix are god ahhuhaueuaehu"

The appeal is too nuanced for the unwashed masses. Though when they do hit they tend to be some of the most memorable and enduring characters around.

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>draw a cute girl
> call it a boy
>it's actually a girl.
Gez, I wonder why.

Cause there isn't a lot of them?

also aren't they just called tomboys?

Tomboys =/= reverse traps
Though there are some overlaps

You're at least a little bi for liking either of them, so guys who would typically go for chicks go for the d since they can't get into it normally. Low end gay stuff basically.
No, a tomgirl is in great part a personality trait, though we do have archetypal ideas of how to represent that.

Because if you use the same logic to justify liking traps as being straight, then liking reverse traps is gay.


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Because men of refined tastes are few and far between.

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because most of the time they're not creative. They're either super princely or just feminine looking with short hair and a small chest. A lot of them also have girly hobbies or want to be girlier, like your pic related.

Can I post Kino here?

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Not like traps are much better in that department with the majority of them just acting like the girliest girls possible except with a dick. Which, you know, I acknowledge is a bit of a tu quoque but the OP was asking for a direct comparison of their popularities so it's still relevant.

Taste is a commodity.


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reverse traps are always reverse traps for the most stupid reasons. think im a boy even though i have no penis. male traps are simple and understandable. they like wearing dresses. they are cute. done. reverse traps go through huge leaps in logic to justify why they are a trap. its never a trap for the sake of being a trap. its convoluted bullshit like i had to hide my identity, or only a man can inherit, this is all a ruse to save the world. hi im charles i pretend to be a man even though i have huge titties cause france wants me to spy on this dude.

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Why is she so perfect?

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and yet you post the cutest reverse trap of all

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I'm not attracted to men. That's gay.

I hate when a reverse trap character arc is her wanting to be girlier.
Fuck that shit.

thats the thing theres not a single reverse trap being a trap by choice. they were all forced into it for anime reasons.


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There's nothing gay about this.

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I don't know.

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read the next chapter

its literally nothing

Not really "literally nothing", it just confirms that even though Tarou knows, he won't pursue it because he doesn't want to lose Eve.

Because most people have bad taste.

there should be more traps wanting to be manlier desu
and actually show them slowly succeeding at it

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Nozaki-kun has the best gender related interactions in basically anything ever.

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Tetsuo was actually serious about it in Yuureitou.

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this was an enjoyable read

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Amen to this.

How about trans boys?

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Shadow naoto a qtpa2t

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That's less being a reverse trap and more trans stuff though. Reverse traps still see themselves as girls, but Tetsuo wanted to be seen as a man.

Too masculine to be straight and too feminine to be gay, so only bisexuals like them.

I like them desu. i'm a bit gay though so maybe that's why.

As long as they don't have boy hips, I'm A-OK.

will this ever get translated?

god shes adorable


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Doesn't she pretend to be a boy because she doesn't want to be raped whenever she goes?

No who told you that

user did. And he's a trustworthy guy.

It's because pants and shirts are unisex, but dresses aren't. Most clothes nowadays are plain enough to be worn by anyone without being inherently masculine, which makes reverse traps less notable from a distance.

Literally THE BEST reverse trap and quintessential tomboy.

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It makes sense though.

peak performance

Why doesn't she use a bra that actually fits?

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I want to drain my balls inside Kino, take responsibility, marry her, and raise a beautiful family together.

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Ibusuki is maximum cute.

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they're not really as saucy and exotic.
They're kind of mundane, and really just elevated tomboys

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Attempting to violate Kino seems like a quick way to die.

If you get to cum inside, it would be totally worth it.

Yeah, but it would become a nuisance to her if everywhere she went highwaymen attempted to rob and rape her.
Keeping her hair cut short is out of convenience.

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Raping a young girl for a few seconds of pleasure is worth losing your life over?

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I don't think Kino hides the fact that she's a girl if asked, but the way she dresses and usually acts, everyone think's she's a boy and she doesn't bother to correct them.

They're gayer. I want my girls to be girls and my boys to be boys and sometimes look like girls but still be boys.

Cumming inside of Kino certainly is.

>few seconds
Come on, no need to be rude.
And if it was Kino, I think it would be worth it. Not like I could achieve anything greater even if she didn't kill me.

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Only reason I can think of is her trying to imitate Man Kino

So we know that dudes who like reverse traps are huge homolords, but is it gay for girls to like reverse traps or not?

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That makes no sense.
I bet you think liking traps isn't gay, you queer.

Show any heterosexual male this pic and ask him who would he rather fuck.

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now remove the clothing

Sure, as long as I can tell him which one has the penis.

Why would anyone want a guy without a penis?

To be able to impregnate him.

>Still no Trap x Reverse trap Anime or manga

But I can't self insert into that

I know for a fact there's a few manga with that premise, none that are scanlated very far and/or of exceptional quality though.


I've seen a romance manga like that recommanded a few times

I need this.

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Because they're worse than shit.
And traps are even worse

why do they get the ugliest actors for live actions

Because 3D is naturally ugly.

Reverse traps that want to be more girly are top tier gap moe.

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I'd watch the HELL out of that

Who was that one girl from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun? She was just a trap because she enjoyed it.

>draw reverse trap
>so girly that looks like a tomboy
>everyone praises him for being cute

>draw reverse trap
>is into cocks, not vaginas

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>tfw no overly androgynous tomboy girlfriend

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