ITT: Dumb girls

ITT: Dumb girls.

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every moeblob

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Aren't numbers pretty much very infinite?

Fuck you, it just werks!

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Why is that retard making the cute girl cry?

She isn't living her life correctly

only bullying can cure chuunibyou

He's committing a crime against humanity

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Honestly dekomoron is only cute when she cries. Rest of the time she's an annoying smug retard.

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I present you 3 morons

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You're an annoying dumb retard 100% of the time.

He's not in a show though

What's your point?

Chisawa is actually smart though.
I'm going to fuck MC with a rake

>a dumb girl with long blonde braids crying
How original.

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Your waifu

Way to miss the point
He's shitting on her by saying abstracta doesn't exist.

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Aqua is Smart!

Take that back, faggot!

Numbers being infinite has nothing to do with calculating an infinte sequence of numbers.

There's no answer to "what is infinity minus infinity"

An infinite sequence of digits can converge to a finite sum, you fucking retard. This is high school math.

∞/2 = ∞

Where is your god now?

Isn`t she canon the smartest character in the show?
Of course her competition are a bunch of chuunis and a girl that likes to nap a lot but still

>ninja runs away
God I love seeing idiot girls get bullied holy shit

See Stupid and dense girls are the best.

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