I just found out Konosuba was animated by DEEN

wtf? I thought they were shit, since the F/SN anime was shit. Why does Konosuba look good?

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>I thought they were shit, since the F/SN anime was shit
>Why does Konosuba look good?

>look good
yeah user about that

You now realize that anime staff, regardless of the anime, are vastly more important than studios in regards to the final product.
You are now slightly less new.

You fell for the anti-deen bandwagon meme

>he think Konosuba's adaptation was good

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I had the same thought with 2013 RM. It looked gorgeous

It's a triangle OP. When you get all 3 right you have a recipe for something good. A comedy isekai that doesn't take itself seriously with a perflat chuuni and super genki couldn't be more up DEEN's alley.

>look good

I love the show, but boy does it look jank.

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It fits the Memesuba style of storytelling: dynamic and full speed.

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I meant this webm xd

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DEEN got so good at its shit animation it made an anime look good by implementing shit animation as goofy animation

user I love konosuba but

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It looks like trash, that's why it's charming.

It has some great still shots, but its animation is, in general, horrendous. In fact, it's so horrendous that I saved only this webm.

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>I just found out Konosuba was animated by DEEN
Why do Facebook degenerates love Konosuba that much?

>Why does Konosuba look good?
it doesnt it has fucking awful animation

the animation is not horrendous but it's not consistent or solid
it has a lot of personality and bounciness.

>a lot of personality and bounciness
Literally how fat girls describe themselves.

I fapped to Aqua 2 hours ago

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What? You don't share your masturbation escapades to fellow anons? What are you, a woman?

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You know what else Deen made?

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How huge was your load bro

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I don't look at it.

Fate 2006 wasn't that bad desu.


Not speaking for the other user, but that announcement was out of the blue, considering the thread topic.

I assume you deleted your own image as a meme?

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That's an acceptable form of worship.

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The animation is so half-assed

The studio name doesn't mean shit, it's the staff that counts
Konosuba had plenty of QUALITY, but it also had good direction and a passionate team behind it

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it doesn't look good you cretin, but that's why it fits so well

>the F/SN anime was shit
It wasn't. It's a god-tier adaptation of a god-tier VN and infinitely better than the awful rhino turd that ufotable shat out.

I was shocked by how many anime I liked DEEN produced. I only associated them with low quality for the longest time because of Sup Forums posting about Fate.

Good animation for memes

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I learned this when I watched PriPri expecting FliFla tier visuals.

Absolutely halal

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>Cute not-Megumin Succubus only showed up one time in the anime
>Also shows up in a collab with a mobile game as a healer I think
Does this cute little cock sucker show up anymore in the series? Or was she a one-off thing?

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Vanir spin off

random design, but she must be protected at all costs

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>Why does Konosuba look good?
Except for the assplosions, not really. S2 was deliberately bad. Mad Smartphone look like a work of art. Read the mango instead.

>Why does Konosuba look good
u wot?

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konosuba and fsn are 10 years apart from each other

We can all agree that Konosuba was well directed, right? The comedic timing was on point.

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Season 1 I can understand perhaps not recognizing the Deen by but I refuse to believe anyone could possibly maintain that ignorance into season 2. It's like they deliberately upped the QUALITY.

Explain further.

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Hai, Kazuma desu.
Still my favorite gag. Shit was so perfect.

There's a huge difference between animation being effective, and good.
Konosuba used its shitty animation well, but it undeniably looked like shit.

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>being so new you weren't in Konosuba threads
Fuck off.

I liked the goofy animations

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Look at the sakuga they cram into every moment.

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Looks beautiful to me

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>Konosuba looks good
Hahaha good one user.

>look good

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>that kazuma

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It looks good, with the right animator on the shot....

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Wait until you find out about rakugo

Best DEEN animu coming through

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user thinks it looks good

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Boy have I got some news for you

holy fuck this can't be real

are we really reaching a point were we treat animation smears like they're a bad thing? that's fucking ridiculous, smears are one of the most useful tools for making animation seem lively.

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Ignore the retards who think good animation means being able to make a wallpaper out of any frame. Konosuba had good animation principles.

just newfags cherrypick in-between and think it's bad animation

The anime is objectively better than the LN

studio DEEN's style works surprisingly well with comedy

>cute loli succubus
>thick thighs
there needs to be MORE OF HER

>are we really reaching a point were
Have you not seen the Pain posting all these years?

When you have multiple straight seconds of "inbetweens" they're no longer "inbetweens."

Fateshitters love to shit on DEEN because their garbage series got the shaft it deserved, DEEN is a great studio when it has good material to animate.

retards don't know shit about animation, more news at 11.

>the workers are more important than the brand they work for
this should be basic fucking knowledge

Your cooldown is over, fill this out and go ahead with another session.

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I dont think you know what animation means user. The animation in Konosuba is, without a doubt, some of the best animation in recent years. However, if you look at the consistency of the character designs and solid drawing of the animation, I get what you mean. However, the animation is fucking glorious.


Just watch this and shut the fuck up forever.
People on Sup Forums talking as if they know shit about animation is the fucking worst ever.

The thing about Konosuba is that it's hard to discuss with you plebs because it has a combination of truly glorious expertise together with some very halfassed shit, sometimes a few shots apart. On top of that, it was made my animators who clearly knew the classic animation techniques most anime artists either don't master or don't use. They seem to have had limited time and budget (as per usual but probably a lot worse) but a ton of passion and were allowed to just do whatever, with low expectations.

When you give people freedom, you can get a whole lot of different results. The guy in charge also is a believer of the John K. school of thought where you let animators do what they want in their own style for the most part rather than sacrifice anything in favor of staying on-model. If it's funny or expresses a character's personality, fuck model sheets for 5 seconds. Aqua is a goddamn magnum opus of that in practice.

We can make this real simple by using the classic Aqua comparison pic. All of them are distinctly Aqua and sell her character and help the scene and simply make the show better. But a lot of it is exactly what dipshit are bitching about when they complain about QUALITY. As I said, there is plenty of rushed, low-budget and halfassed animation (especially in stills which reinforces all of the above points). But MAN so much gold.

If we went through these and made sure they were all beautiful, on-model, LN-illustration-accurate frames, it would be boring and shit and totally forgettable. Reminder: nobody said "Konosuba is an excellent LN with great designs, let's turn that carefully into animation". They said "hey this is fun, DEEN could go fucking nuts with this and if it sucks nobody cares but if it all comes together, we can turn it into something special wirth this cast, studio and sensibility".

Watch some perfect-screenshot Darkness beauty in 2,388,939 other fucking shows.

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What distinguishes it from DEEN/Stay night is, as cheesy as it sounds, love. Konosuba is a product of love. The director absolutely loved the LNs and wanted to do them justice. The animation staff working on it loved it and had free reign in how they wanted to express it. That mixture of love and freedom led to people giving it their best, resulting in a final product that looked retarded, but good.

It also helps they stuck with the LNs instead of going some anime original route bullshit.

There's a handy tool you can use to filter conversations about this.
Any time you see someone constantly using the word "sakuga", you know they're a pretentious asshole that has watched like 2 anime, and you can just disregard their post.

>it moves a lot so it's good!! even if everything looks shit!!
This is the Pokemon SM shit all over again.

t.Each Frame A Wallpaper

t. retarded contrarian.
Konosuba is one of the best adaptations made in the last decade and it sold like hot pancakes.

>not being Shaft master race and knowing when to change priorities between movement and aesthetic stills

>Serious series from over a decade ago adapted from a vn with multiple routes
>Versus a goofy comedy series adapted from a straightforward ln
Even aside from other differences like the improved artstyle, it's clear that those two have huge differences in what's neccessary to come out well.

but it doesn't?

The animation of Konosuba was great, the art was off every now and then, learn the difference.

Don't care about animation. Their voices soothe me. I listen to them singing when going to sleep

>Why does Konosuba look good?
>show full of QUALITY look good
The only reason nobody complaining about said QUALITY is that this is a comedy show and shitty inconsistent animation only adds to overall entertainment. I still wish it was done by someone else who can draw a straight line more than once in their lifetime.

>0.01 anime has been deposited on your sdd

I dropped S2 because it looked like shit so I don't know what you're on about

love darkness' character song and the shepherd song

Because DEEN are geniuses, just like Aqua.

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Stop Kazuma abuse

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DEEEEEN really took a liking of Axis Cult philosophy.

>Korean Zombie Desk Car
DEEN has made decent shows over the years it's just they also did things like Sea Cats, Log Horizon S2, UBW Movie and so on.

But where do I submit it?

I loved how saggy and heavy all the tits in Konosuba looked

>dozens of cancer threads allowed
>one (1) strike witches thread 404
Sasuga mods.