Renai Boukun

Why is regular Guri so shit compared to demon Guri?

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Funny, I feel the opposite.

I want to be gangbanged by the red girl and the pink girl

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Literally how? Guri is annoying, but demon Guri is perfect.

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I wish the translation for this wasn't so sporadic. I really enjoy this series.

Learn moon family
The mango seems simple enough

if fuck her butt in both transformations

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Say what? Demon Guri is adorable and great. Angel GUri is moe, but she isn't as fun compared to Demon Guri.

This desu.

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Guri is an annoying retard. Demon Guri is the ideal anime girl.

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Your opinion is wrong and you should feel wrong.

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Angel Guri:
>Helpful (rarely)
>Snazzy dresser
>Knows how to liven a dreary mood
Demon Guri:
>Bland personality
>By the books, no deviancy
>Bad costume, Beetlejuice horns

I like the idea of Guri being a demon, but her transformed state was bland.

>Your opinion is wrong
It certainly isn't. You just have awful taste.

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People unironically like Guri? She is worst girl by a mile.

You got your wires crossed, mate. But I do agree.

Yeah, Angel is a lot more fun and is cuter. It's intentional that she acts like a demon in angel form and as an angel in demon form.

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Nah. Akane is worst girl by miles.

>guritards actually believe this

What said. Akane is a shitty yandere who would hurt the MC. Also, cowtits are disgusting.

demon guri was muh

It's true though. And what's with the namecalling?

>cowtits are disgusting

Normalfag pls go.

I did until WoW shit took over, and the prospect of even more WoW shit in the future leaves a bad taste in my mouth

yuzu>demon guri>akane>akua>ameisha=suo>class rep>shikimi>cardia>coco>teriha>shit>>>>>>guri

>Angel Guri not best
Shit taste.

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The show turned shit right the moment she became a demon. Same shit happened with Yusibu, the moment they went full bullshit with the demon world and other nonsense. Trying to drive a show that's only enjoyable thanks to its silliness onto a serious one is the biggest mistake they can commit, and they keep making the same mistake time after time.

How so? It was a fun short arc.

>The show turned shit
The show was shit from the start.

Akua > Guri > Class Rep > Yuzu > Shikimi (harem) > Demon Guri > Akane > Shikimi (villain) > Isekai guard > Isekai princess

Angel Guri > Imouto > Yuzu > Yuzu's mom > Demon Guri > Princess > Cardia > Akane > Akane's mom > Shikimi > Ameisha

More like SFC lmao
Because they’re shit

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>Yuzu's mom
You have her twice.

My bad. I typed our her name, but decided to go with Yuzu's mom. I forgot to delete it when I was typing out the ranking.

I haven't seen enough of the princess and her attendant to add them into the main girl rankings.

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I think we've all seen enough of that princess. She's the worst girl by far.
>Appears out of nowhere after that isekai arc is finished
>Her story ends with a happy ending, so she'll never come ba-
>She's now a main character

The princess isn't really doing it for me either. Cardia can stay though.

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Unfortunately, they're a package deal.

As long as Coco stays quiet then it's fine.

didn't feel short to me waiting for it to come out, and we probably just disagree on what's fun but poor isekai really wasn't what I was looking for from this

Reminder that the manga is heading towards a harem end but Akua is getting shipped with the fucking cat.

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I have faith that Guri will add her to the harem before things get any weirder.

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>poor isekai
It was the best isekai in recent memory. The characters actually wanted to return home and did. It wasn't just dozens of chapters wanking off to japanese cooking. It was also only like 4 chapters so not that big a deal. I don't think this manga has had any arcs that were more than 5 or 6 chapters.

I'm afraid that ship sailed long ago. Since the hell arc she hasn't been needlessly making random couples and she has been listening to Seiji more. I doubt he would let her add Akua to the couple.

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As she learns more about love, she might decide for herself that Akua would be happy with Seiji. I mean, after the cat chapter, Akua was all over shota Seiji. I just don't want her to end up with the fucking cat. I would forgive any kind of shitty development as long as it doesn't happen.

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as I said we probably just have differing tastes on fun, I'm with you on the japanese cooking though. for me getting through it was a slog and I'm bummed that there will inevitably be more of it

I guess. It didn't feel much different from the school trip arc to me though. The only difference is we got a couple of new side characters that are sticking around.

Disgusting. The cat is the worst character in the manga. Shame to waste a good character on some random ass cat that's barely relevant and only gets screen time because of Akua.

I wish this was me.

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Class rep and sensei are cute.

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The cat is such a good person what's the problem?



If I've only watched the anime, which chapter is good to jump in at?

Chapter 1. The anime was a rushed mess that cramed 30 chapters into 12 episodes.

Because Akane is best girl

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Akane a shit.


cute as fuck
and now more of a balanced yandere then the beginning

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