Dragonball Super Movie 12/14/18


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>has power pole
>looks younger
could be fun

Not so fast Frieza...

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Honestly? I have no idea what to expect. I thought the movie was gonna be a prequel about the OG SSG in the style of the Bardock movie. Goku being involved means we might get present day stuff (hopefully involving a visit to planet sadal), but wtf does the power pole have to do with anything?

Feels good to know the u 6 thots are not coming back when Frieza wins the ToP and makes a villainous wish tying into the incoming movie.

>movie out
>have some shit details
>toyo draw manga about movie
>he know what is shit details
>toyo change some shit details
>toei shit
>toyo do it again
Fucking every time.

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Do you also realize it would also mean 17 wont come back either?

El Hermano

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>no Yamamuro

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That was a tv special though.. They were never going to have a theatrical movie (pay to watch) without the actual cast.

Didn't care about him before or during Super.

I don't get it... Toriyama literally said this movie is taking place after the ToP but Goku has his power pole and looks much younger in the key art? Lots of flashback scenes maybe?

I can't wait for more delusional fags going full retard


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Honestly I'm just happy the manga is continuing. That guarantees we'll get a new anime eventually

Vegeta should get MUI in this movie.

The first promotional art of Return of F had regular SS Goku but not a single blonde hair was seen in that movie aside from the flashback with Trunks and the 2 seconds Gohan transformed

Goku looking younger might just be due to a new character designer. He has his BoGs boots, which were slightly different from the older ones.

First of all, the first visual isn't really important, look at BoG's...

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... and look at RoF's first visual. Second, he clearly looks younger in that artstyle, and the Nyoi-Bo must be there just for marketing, like when he had it again in the last episode of GT.

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Why does the son family neglect the pole so much? I want it to make a come back in some way.

Loving it. Doesn't look as bulky and stiff as Yamamuro's designs.

Because it's a pole? It would break in a second with the levels they're fighting at now.

Post a more based moment.

You cant.

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I'm a lot less interest no that I know Goku is for sure in it. He brings down everything he's in.

>he doesn't know

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>implying the pole can break
It's indestructible just like the dragon balls.

Not really, Goku boots were originally supposed to be blue with white lines and a red strings in the manga but Toriyama retconned it (well, he just forgot and changed the design) for blue boots with red lines and yellow strings, the boots for BoG are the only different boots he ever had and those are blue with red lines AND red strings. That Goku's outfit is canonically the same one he had at Namek ("Go" kanji, belt, regular boots..)

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>My pride put the whole universe in danger better kill myself and accomplish nothing

They don't need it at all anymore.
Nimbus is at least a living creature so neglecting it is kinda mean, and it's useful for when you don't feel like flying like Gohan and Gotenks did sometimes I guess.

Do you even Dragonball? If it can extend magically then there's no way it is made out of ordinary wood.

I really liked how Toyo handled RF


You forgot that Yajirobe perfored the one star dragon ball to make a pendant with it? Or that Piccolo told Gotenks to stop damaging Earth at the battle with Boo because even if earthlings already died, the DBs can still be destroyed? Or when Earth was destroyed (twice, first at Boo arc, then at RoF) and they mentioned how the DBs were destroyed too?
Hell Toriyama even mentioned in an interview that the balls restore themselves after being used but only if there aren't too damaged

Lol nope

The stupid thoth single handedly made the entire middle third of the top unwatchable, meaning the only passable part or the arc was the final u11 vs u7 fight.

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Something tells me god-level strength could still snap it in a heartbeat.

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So we won't get this level of quality in the movie?

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I kind of wish pan wasn't a h4x broken babby or super powerful as a 5 year old.
her flying around on the nimbus or the nimbus being her sometimes baby sitter would be cute.

Ah well.
Goku giving it to Bra as a baby gift would be nice. Goku telling Vegeta what it is and that it only allows pure people on it(while joking about how bulma couldn't ride on it when she was young)would be nice.

After you stop posting trannies.

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This. Glad she isn't coming back thanks to Lord Frieza.

Just because you could never get a girl like her doesn't mean you have to call her a tranny.

The Dragon Ball Super movie this time will be the next story in the series currently airing on TV. It will be an episode after catching our breath from the climax of the Tournament of Power with the universe’s existence on the line; with content that will give a little better understanding about Freeza and the Saiyans, which I hadn’t properly depicted up till now; and leading to a mighty foe saved for the occasion, which I think has it shaping up to be a really enjoyable story.

As with 2013’s Battle of Gods and the last outing Resurrection ‘F’, I’ve written the story myself, and I’ve had the privilege of drawing lots of design illustrations as well.
The fact is, while I’m just as busy as ever, as long as I’m not doing a serial, I have plenty of free time to think about the animated version, which I was completely hands-off about before.
(laughs) So please look forward to it!

Now then, the animated version on TV will be ending for the time being, but the very popular Dragon Ball Super comic drawn by Toyotaro (on sale now up through volume 5!) will keep on going as-is. I think there will also be story developments different from the TV show and the movie, so please look forward to that as well. I will be, too!

–Akira Toriyama

We'll get better.
>MUI Goku and God Frieza vs El Grande Padre

user, Thot is used by everyone now.
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I'm not sure about Toriyama's colors, but in the anime, Goku's boots had yellow lines until the Cell Saga, then change to red lines afterwards, which is the color used by BoGs and that illustration. The red cord oddly only shows up when Goku goes SSJ God. Maybe a leftover from when SSJ God was supposed to give Goku a new outfit.

beep beep!

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>you could never get a girl like her
I don't think anyone can since she's erased

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So what do they mean by "miraculous conclusion" for episode 131?

Nah that's just toei being fucking retarded like future Trunks having blue hair and present Trunks having lavender hair. Goku boots are canonically like this except for BoG where he always had this boots.

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>caulicuck is racist

Toriyama's new designs really look different to the old ones. It's like a completely different person drew them.

Best DBZ movie?

>Dead Zone
>The World's Strongest
>Tree of Might
>Lord Slug
>Cooler's Revenge
>The Return of Cooler
>Super Android 13
>Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan
>Bojack Unbound
>Broly - Second Coming
>Broly - Bio-Broly
>The Rebirth of Fusion!! Goku and Vegeta
>Wrath of the Dragon

Based frogposter.

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If you follow his Dragonquest designs, you can kind of see his style changing through the years.

Why do they have to force jobku into everything?

Wrath of the Dragon

How will they make Frieza stronger than Jiren in the movie?

>saves his universe by cooking for zeno

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oh yeah

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I think Dead Zone/Tree/Wrath/Rebirth are the best

The others have too much lul random powers like doing spirit bomb punches in Cooler or transfering power to goku himself instead of a spirit bomb in broly.

Fuck the anime, seriously. Toei is too incompetent. They should just keep making new movies while Toyotaro continues the manga.

Because you skipped DB and don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

I liked Battle of Gods so hopefully this should be good.

What if Dragon Ball Super TV was never made and they continued making DBZ movies?

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Depends if the movies keep the same arcs, like U6 or Black. U6 could possibly fit a movie. Black too if you cut the going back and forth time traveling stuff.

I hope it flops hard and DBS is forced to end.
DBS has been a shitshow from beginning to end, this crap won't be any different.

Not a caulishiter but fuck off nigger!

He will get Whis training as thanks for saving u7 in the ToP.

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>gokufags still salty
kefla is truly perfect

>What are the filler episodes
Also to give credit to Super, they at least made "Evil Goku" work compared to "LOOK AT DIS SSJ3 WITH RED HAIR EVUL GOKU!!!!!!" even if the arc had a shit ending.

Or he could use the Super DBs as well.

>he unironically cares about filler
Filler episodes just meant episodes that you could skip.

>implying gokufriends would be salty over a total jobber that had no role other than getting pasted by Goku himself in the tournament

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This. I don't think Frieza will attempt anything too bad with the whole "Miraculous Conclusion. Until we meet again Goku" in 131. He'll likely just save U7 by beating Jiren and then bid his time to get stronger to accomplish his evil plans. Maybe using the Super DBs as a headstart assuming Whis doesn't train him.

Well this and Goku revives him to honor his promise then Frieza will come back stronger than ever in the movie.

yes user, gokuspics are that much of a losers

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I know what filler is, but I had waaay more fun with the filler at times.
>Dr. Slump episode
>Baseball episode
>Vegeta out with his family
>First episode
>Whis begins the training with the Saiyans

Hell, I had more fun with the build up to the ToP than the actual ToP itself for the characters alone, even if all of those episodes had their flaws.

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Maybe it will have time travel shenanigans. Might be fun

Tree of Might is my favourite.

>taking the Intial poster as anything

>very first visual of the new movie is revealed
>Toriyama just confirms the animated movie isn't really canon, the story is still part of the DBS manga series in which he and his successor will be working even after the ToP

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The movie antagonist could be that evil guy who killed Jirens teacher and friends.

Fuck off mate.

If frieza wins wouldn't he just wish for absolute domination?

>inb4 face turn

>getting closer to dragon ball style

Fuck yes. God I miss the dragon ball original style so much.

El Hermano De Jiren?!