Ryuuou no Oshigoto

Goodnight Sweet Princess!
This is a thread to pay respects to our deceased loli. Please refrain from shitposting.

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I can't believe Ai is fucking dead!

I can't believe the Ryuou fucking killed Ai!

You guys are being hyperbolic. She's just sleeping!

>MC killed loli


Excellent. Now it's time for the true best girl to take over and reign supreme.

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Wrong, that loli is deceased

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It's kinda of a shame the anime toned down her being a bother to Yaichi. And Yaichi's reactions should be more mean and annoyed. The make-up resolution will feel weaker as a result because it's not as serious and awkward as it should be.

Found it real strange they didn't do it more justice.

What did she do besides preparing a meal for him and asking to train a bit before an important match for her? It's his duty as his master to be there for her. If he knew he wouldn't be capable of taking care of a disciple then why the fuck he begged her mom to let her stay with him?

What? They didn't change anything and unless you want them to make him narrate his thoughts they couldn't have.

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Red Ai is Blue's slave

He's a fucking faggot with the biggest self confidence issues, and stupid shit like "That was a match befitting of a Ryuo."

>Oh no, much shogi style was completely dominated
>Oh wait, didn't I literally just do that my last official match?

I want to suck Yashajin's fang.

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I want Yashajin-san to suck my fang, if you catch my drift


She is dead Jim. All that is left is for Yaichi to commit sudoku after getting raped by a faceless meijin in the fourth match.

Nah, shit's gonna turn into shounenshit and he miraculously is going to recover from a 0-3 to win 4-3

I'm still surprised they turned him into an actual flaming homosexual.

Next week the title card will be this.

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On another note, there was no Mio today.

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No Char either :(
I'm still hoping for a drooly slobjob scene

The Meijin literally destroyed his entire tactic and strategy, using his own technique against him. It would absolutely be a crushing blow. Yeah, he's a fool for taking it out on Ai, but he's dedicated his entire life to this craft and he's just being absolutely torn apart.

This is a guy who plays Shogi in a private room in Disney Land. Someone who skipped high school to play Shogi. Someone who ranks needs as 1. Air, 2. Shogi, 3. Water.

Unless you can appreciate the depth of his passion and his suffering, yeah, he's going to look bad.

>miraculously is going to recover from a 0-3 to win 4-3

Reverse Sweeps happen all the time though, it's not a miracle as long as we know what changed to cause it. He could see himself getting closer just on that third game already.

I hope that one badass BGM plays either when he gets his shit together or when he starts winning.

I don't think people are overlooking his passion, but regardless of how he feels about shougi, his actions toward Ai are inexcusable.

Ok, miraculously wasn't the word, ass-pull is, though.

It's not an ass-pull if we know why it happens and makes sense. He was already within sight of victory in the previous game.

Goodnight sweet princess. Say hi to aniki for me.


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What a madman, he BTFO the hag and killed the loli

>kill hag
>kill Blue loli
>Best Ai inherits the earth
Feels good man.

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Red is going to avenge Blue, her gaze gave at the end of the episode gave her away

>wanted healing this week
>got the most drama yet

I can't take this level of ironing.

I want Blue Ai to go doggystyle on Red Ai's pussy!

He was about to kiss her, but stopped. That consideration and action counts for something.

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Fuck Yaichi, I hope he loses every match from now own.

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We need webm of Ginko closing her legs together and hiding her private area.

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Vagina bone.

>seeing the butt from the front
This is the shit I like.

What does Ginko butt smell like?

She was way too erotic this episode.

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But he won't, sadly. I just want to see him begging Ai to come back to his side.

Diarrhea, like her mouth.

>That consideration and action counts for something.
You have no power here, haglover.

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>being triggered already and doing that again
Go back to the other thread.

>low tone and soft "ecchi"
My heartpenis.

Everything was going smoothly until you started taking about gunko. Go make a thread for your girl and let this one die if needed.

We need more prime 14 JC hags like Ginko. They're perfect. I, for one, will welcome these JC Overlords.

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>blaming others for your own autism and shitposting
Go back.

Nobody stupid you from making another thread, why do you have to come here? As soon as the other thread was archived you came here and started talking about that girl. Before that, the few anons that were here none was taking about that girl and everything was fine. Get over it, not everyone likes her. Go have your circlejerk somewhere else and let the rest circlejerk around the lolis in peace.

>Loli will magically love him back despite the fact that this could cause some serious trauma

I hate this shit

>Nobody stupid you from making another thread


The way they put detail into her lips in every shot is so sexy.

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How could people not like Ginko after this episode.


Nobody's stopping you from making a thread about how much you hate Ginko either. So go ahead user, have fun shitting on her with all the people who also hate her! It's your big chance to make a popular thread! We both will benefit from it as well because you will be able to complain about Ginko in that thread and we'll be able to talk about both the Ryuuou no Oshigoto anime and LN in peace here!

Didn't that one LNfag say Ginko would be BTFO in volume 5? She only got calmly rejected while Ai died of stress.

They also said that Ginko would beat him up after he denied her kiss

This episode was a massacre. Ginko got BTFO and Ai literally died.

I've been here long before you entered the thread 15 mins ago, shitposter. And other anons have posted Ginko over an hour before the other thread fell off. But you just come in here to shitpost and spaghetti your autism all over again. You're like a child who won't learn a lesson.

Everything is fine except you who won't shut up and is trying to get people to stop talking about things you don't like. Nobody is even asking you anything and nobody cares about circlejerking Ai or Ginko. It's only just you who has a problem. Just fuck off.

The thing is this thread didn't have any ginkofag until the other thread was archived and you came here. Bringing that girl up derailed the thread once again. There's nothing wrong with having two threads at a time for an airing show. Gunko means shitposting. If you go to a thread that has no gingko, leave that thread alone.

Trusting a self-proclaimed spoilersfag is not a smart thing to do. Always take everything with a grain of salt unless the spoilers is provided by someone trustworthy.

>I've been here long before you entered the thread 15
That's imposible, I'm the one who made this thread. But keep deluding yourself.
Anyway, your girl always derails the threads. Have fun.

I'm a Ginkofag and my first post is among the first 10 replies in this thread. If anything, you came here after the other thread died. Many of us like Ais are perfectly adept at liking her and having fun with dying meme. You getting hurt because of for no reason shows you're the problem.

Go ahead and make a thread for Ginko already user. Have you ever been the OP for a popular thread? It feels great, not even all the (You)s in the world can compare. There are many people on Sup Forums who also hate Ginko so I'm sure your thread will thrive forever, and I bet this one will just die in sadness because everyone would rather shit on Ginko than talk about the anime. So go on user, it's your chance. I don't want to make it because stealing your thunder would be a dishonest thing to do, I'm giving you the best chance. Take it and don't let your dreams continue being dreams, I know you can do it. Don't be shy user!

>I'm the one who made this thread.
>when his first post is
>compared to OP: "Please refrain from shitposting" and hours of not being triggered and obsessed with Ginko in any way.
Fuck off, liar.

You aren't OP. If you were then you would have shitpost'd hours ago or at the first reply with "Ginkoshitter". Stop lying on the Internet and stop ruining this good thread.

and are perfectly *

The Ryuuou has already shown twice he'd pounce on Keika if given the chance and couldn't stop staring at that other commentator. He's a hag lover but also happened to be born with the blessing of lolimancer. It's a shame her puts it to waste.

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Drooljobs from Char!

>I'm a Ginkofag
Stopped reading right there.


Interesting form of argument. So, we'll take it you conceded then.

He likes them too young (u-10) or past their expiration date, there's no middle point here.

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That wasn't me, but i did asked you to have fun before.

How long until rigor mortis kicks in and Ai's body stops being soft? This is important.

A good time for me to get into necrophilia

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>In any other series the 14yr old girl is considered a Loli and generally one of thr favourite characters (eg. Megumin, Shinobu, etc)
>Here the 14yr old is considered middle aged dry goods

It amuses me

Sure. You just happened to be a random person responding to a couple of persons who replied in order to argue against your detrimental shitposting behavior and contradictory claim of being OP despite the actual OP's requesting people to refrain from shitposting.

Only LRD and THK seriously do that.

>Ai's birthday
>Had no present prepared for her, probably didn't have an idea it was her brithday
>Failed at winning = what Ai wished for her birthday
>Showed no dignity in front of his pupil after his loss. Whined like a little bitch instead.
>Next day Treats her like shit.
>Gives her PTSD
>Causes her to lose her match
Yaichi is a shitty master.


>Have you ever been the OP for a popular thread? It feels great, not even all the (You)s in the world can compare.
I'm just 3rd party here with no stake in you guy's little squabble, but that was really some advanced autism there and it gave me a hearty chuckle.

>Yaichi is a shitty master.
He's literally a child. Of course he's going to behave like one.

I was about to debate you, but I remembered him not showing any interest in this qt, despite being the same age. So you may be right.

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How can Yaichi possible make up for this?

>OP tells people to refrain from shitposting
>people shitpost anyway

Being OP is suffering

Lots of nakadashi.

What? He's 2 years away from adulthood.
I don't know what shithole you're from, but where I come from, you're treated like a man once you hit 15.

Sudoku is the only way to atone for this.

Consensual, hand-holding missionary position sex with Keika-san!

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You don't say the same when saying that Ai was being an annoyance to him, even though she was trying to cheer him up out of her good will

Take that shit to /d/ user.