How old is old in japan?

How old is old in japan?

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Around 30 you are already ancient.

Women are considered dried-up hags by the time they're 25, right? I don't think it's much different for men.

Men age like wine; women age like milk.

>he thinks wizards age like wine
Tough luck fag

meme old? anything over highschool is literally rotten

IRL old? even with the high social pressure to be a dad and mom in your 20s, some japanese get married after their 30s. It's not common but not extremely rare like internet wants you to think.

Literally the average age of marriage is around 30 in Japan. It's just a weeaboo delusion to think women there are suddenly unwanted outcasts when they hit 25.

15, and sometimes 14 depending on the girl, is already considered middle aged.

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In old Tuscany, back when that was still a country, a woman was considered to have passed marriageable age by 21.

I hear that arranged marriage/setups are common (they meet each other and it's approved by both parants) once they are over a certain age.
Mostly because they think there kids have no hope of finding a partner to marry.
And they want grandkids.

Japanese probably have a very weird definition of old considering their women look like they're 20-30 from ages 16-50 and then suddenly deflate into weird zombie-looking things.

Big tiddies.

Why is she so perfect?

Doesnt happen in Nippon anymore

I wonder how long ago it stopped. My wife's uncle had an arranged marriage because they thought he wouldn't be able to find a wife due to him being autistic. They found him a fujo. It works. I had never seen so much manga in my life, however. Literally filled half their guest house with read manga. I didn't even realize it was there until I stumbled into it instead of the bathroom one night.

Younger than your mom

Is that manga being translated?

Those truly were the days.

Anything passed 20 or 25. It's pretty fucked up.

2 digits is 2 much.

Also, there any more translations of this artist's twitter scribbles?

she feels like older hotaru from dagashi

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