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We need more of this in the manga.

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>We need more of this in the manga.
Shit filters?
No thank you

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We need more zamasu. He was the only good thing to come out of super you can't refute this

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El Hermano

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These two are literally the heart and soul of the franchise now, you are a fool if you believe they will not be coming back for the new movie.

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>there unironically are people out there that think this
There will be much fun to be had when episode 131 happens and they stay erased after everything is done. I can't wait for it.

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But Goku wasn't edgy at all during his fight with Frieza.

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El Primo

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where's El Vecino at?


Was there no episode on Saturday?

Toriyama commented on the film:

This Dragon Ball Super film is the next story after the currently airing television anime. The story takes place after the climax of the Tournament of Power, where the fate of the universe was at stake, and the short rest that follows. It will give a few previously unwritten details about the Saiyans and Frieza, as well as a long-awaited strong opponent to overcome, and I think it will be an enjoyable story!
From 2013's Battle of Gods and the last film Resurrection 'F' to the current film, I've been carefully writing, and I've had the pleasure of drawing lots of designs and the like. I'm actually as busy as ever, but while I don't have to serialize anything I have time to think about the anime, which used to be out of my hands. (laughs) So please look forward to it!

By the way, the television anime is over for now, but Toyotarō's popular manga (five volumes out now!) is continuing. I think it will have different developments from the television anime and film, so please look forward to it. I certainly will!

The teaser visual above reads, "'Super' movie version, begins."


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Nope. No ep.

>Yamoshit cucked out of his own movie

This is Godku's show baybeh

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Thanks. I had a real fucked up Saturday and Sunday so I had no time to hop in these threads.

Geekdom said that frieza isnt confirmed to live past ep. 131, eat shit lizard cucks

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>literally Resurrection F 2

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El Cuñado

didn't he get btfo on Halloween last year?

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El Germano

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post La Suegra

>Resurrection of J

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>no tadayucko yamafucko as with a big major role in the film
That sounds nice


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A qt!

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I want snu snu.

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La novia

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Resurrection of S

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Oh yeah, he got banned.

>Resurrection of H

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How in the hell did Gokek find a way to job with UI?

how much stronger is El Hermano than pic related

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Way strong. It's not even a contest

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A lot

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Shut the FUCK up

Probably the energy he took from Vegeta.

A lot stronger

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s-shut up...

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What could have happened to make yamamuro not involved in the film with a big role? The way it worked was that "He was here for decades in so let's keep it that way". Bringing in new people is not all that common due to the way japan works in that regard

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did it feel good?

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Did it feel good?

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Did it feel good?

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Where do these fucking Spic animations come from?

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Remember when your poop come back to your rectum?

Love this part so much. Goku never wanted to kill him. The anime never gave it justice I feel

wrongfully so. You'd be hard pressed to name a character that deserved to die more than Freeza at that particular time on Namek.

From Mexico?

Who makes them? The cartels?

That's not the worst Manga / Anime transition in my opinion, the fact the anime doesn't have Goku hugging Gohan after the Elder Supreme Kai training to unlock Gohan's potential, being legit proud of Gohan and apologising for not seeing him grow up was a great moment of parenthood, yet the Anime didn't have that for whatever reason.


Actually the anime just half-assed it, in the Anime Gohan is the one to hug Goku and he just taps the boy back, in the manga Goku gives Gohan a heartful hug.

Leg reveal when?

>tfw the cool Vegeta episode that Toshio tweeted about is gonna be some fujobait

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it was gohan's form, make of that what you will

both Jiren and frieza get the wish, frieza gets to go first because of zeno's bias towards u7, he wishes for absolute power and tries to rule over the multiverse

That was pretty neat.

gohan pitufo is not even galaxy buster?
also sasuke just walks off lole

What'd you expect? GODku owns this franchise

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Where's El Tata?


holy fuck that ending

Best DBZ movie?

>Dead Zone
>The World's Strongest
>Tree of Might
>Lord Slug
>Cooler's Revenge
>The Return of Cooler
>Super Android 13
>Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan
>Bojack Unbound
>Broly - Second Coming
>Broly - Bio-Broly
>The Rebirth of Fusion!! Goku and Vegeta
>Wrath of the Dragon

>power pole
Don't tease me like this.

Reminder that the power pole will NEVER EVER be relevant again. It will always be used in promotional art or for nostalgia.

Not really, he eggs Jiren on as part of his keikaku to protect him and help him surpass his limits.

... Just why is he bald on the top of his head?


Is cute!

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my sides

If tracy yardley knew how to draw the dragon ball z characters exact like toriyama would he be a better mangaka than toyotaro?

God damn, that's funny

Is Jiren popular with spics?

It's not like it's much of an achievement to beat Tracetaro at his one job.

Guys, in beanland they're gonna show the jiren-goku fight in stadiums, live. The mexicans truly are an advanced people- culturally and artistically.

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It does have the hug.

Ask 18.

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Autists should be punished

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>Guys, in beanland they're gonna show the jiren-goku fight in stadiums, live.
Yeah, about that

Next week the supervisors are Tate and Manabe. This is concerning for me as manabe did a sizable amount of work for the dyspo gohan ep and tate has done work sparsely throughout the last 10 or so eps so I think there may be a substantial amount of reused animation. And that would mean that the final fight of super will have been plagued and ruined by reused animation. These issues with the schedule go back all the way to 2015. If this final fight ends up how the previous episode was, I hope those at toei who caused this almost 3 years ago are happy with it

This has been known, Toei put out a statement earlier today saying that they don't like it one bit, and suggest people support official platforms to watch the show.


>the final fight of super
Is Frieza vs Jiren.

probably did for cell

will the show be aired an hour later or earlier? since there was a change of time zone

Good thing is that they will be cleaning house. They already got rid of Yamamuro as character designer, Kitano should be fired too.

Pure kek
Toei Animation vs Mexican Government
New Meme lads?

finally the hair flows like hair

Honestly at this point Toei should endorse these events. Being nips they would never consider it, but if they did, it could be like a big WWE event for autistic DB fans. Whole families would come to see Goku and Jiren ATATAATATATTAAT each other for 30 minutes.

It will just be freeza shoots a beam through Jiren and tortures him, since he will be on the ground unable to defend himself, for a little while and knocks him out

Toei are idiots not taking this chance, spics will buy tickets just to see it on stadiums