Best girl thread

Post them

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I see an error. Allow me to fix it.

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>not Kuuko
You had one job.

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Good taste, user.

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>Denki Kong
The very definition of shit taste.

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Misaki please.

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Eriri a shit

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Megumi and Eriri are validate. Utaha is the bad one, so she's shit.

Not so fast.

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Nice tastes

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Third best
Good but not best
Second best
Eu is second best and Haruna is fourth best


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Any list without [my waifu] is automatically shit.

A shit

>literally all fap bait

I wonder what it's like to be 13 these days

judge/analyze me

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shes dead user ;_;

I think you're normal.

from left to right top to bottom
nice but kobayashi is personal best

Cute, clumsy and wants the D
bonus for glasses and succubus

Seems independent but is the complete opposite nice choice tho

can't remember much of her but she's a kunder stil good

THICCCK eyebrows
haven't seen K-on!

Cute but meh

another phone that will never ring again
i think that was the quote

don't know her

Starts off as a bitch end up been sweet and nice

waifu choice: 3/5

you got some nice taste

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