Vigilantes Ch. 25

More family feud, more concert. Looks like it's about close to wrapping up.

If anyone asks for Vigilantes chapters just tell them to search for 'Vigilantes' subject in the archive, or link that handy imgur some user has graciously been putting together.

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Thank you!

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It's pretty whack that the rest of the team (I say 'team' but it's just Pop and Koichi) haven't been able to help him out. They're busy with the concert and all but damn. Then again I suppose KD doesn't want to get them involved with family affairs, even as strange as the situation is.

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Pop Step making selling out look good.

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Go on.

What is he tearing out of himself here? I assume it's what allowed him to not be dead.

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You're doing god's work user.

He seems more and more unstable.

He used his taser to restart his heart.

I want knuckleduster to be my daddy

These two posts work so well next to each other

KD is quirkless, but I wonder about his daughter. Guess it won't matter soon anyway.

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Why is this series so full of best dads?

so is someone controlling the bee that's controlling her?

>treated it well
>literally used her body to fuck faceless old men for money

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There are animals with quirks like Nezu or that cat who turned into a bus
Maybe the queen bee inside is the mastermind

We honestly still have no idea how the quirk really works.

Also that stare. Even non-evil she's still viciously hot.

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It's possible that the bee either has a quirk, or Kuin has a worm-that-walks situation going on, with that bee containing her mind.

Holy shit I hope he didn't get TOO through to her

That's it folks. I'll keep dumping every time the chapter gets onto Viz, unless someone else beats me to it.

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someone can link the imgur please


That is some top tier parenting

No kidding

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>Knuckleduster saying daddy and baby girl over and over while looking hot as fuck
I-I think I have a daddy kink now

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So glad that the dumb concert is finally ending Who am I kidding, I know the eel fanboy will go through one more rampage


Going by that phonecall a few chapter's back, KD's wife will die next chapter. Koichi and Pop will come out of the concert feeling high, but I wonder if they'll finally find out what KD's been up to. Their stories have been running parallel for quite a while now with no intersecting.


Good parents whoop their kids

this nigga is fucking badass
thanks for the dump

The bee queen is a parasite, probably an animal the developed a quirk, and seems she can use her bees to "suck" the quirk from other people and then use them with her host body by injecting it into her system

this guy is fucking incredible

>pride even when he's dying
Best dad

Friendship ended with All Might.

Now Knuckle Duster is my role model.

>Milk truck just arrive

welcome to the lowest sanctum of fetishes

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