Shonen series start with interesting powers and strategies and end up with power level bullshit

>shonen series start with interesting powers and strategies and end up with power level bullshit
Why is this always the case, even when I write stories in my head the characters always end up OP after a bunch of arcs

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Power Creep, plain and simple.

Also autism.

Because they're meant for kids and the kind of autistic fuckwits who read shounenshit as adults like powerlevels.

Yu Yu Hakusho did a pretty good job of staying grounded. Hell, the series even ENDED. Like, as in, concluded before anyone could get TOO powerful.

>Fundementally about being unseen and subtle

As much as I grew out of Naruto, it was still frustrating to see it just spiral out of it's own concept.

Still a healthier franchise than DB tho.

When you run out of personal stories to tell you can always have the bad guy threaten to blow up the world.

this can be the case

Because actual character arcs and growth are harder than adding more HP and MP.

I like that they set a limit for how powerful someone can be when the series is only like half-way over, and nobody ever gets significantly more powerful than that.

I bet you’d be the guy in the cave complaining and groaning as the elders try to tell a story 10,000 years ago

>Durr, why Supergrug not use spear and club anymore?
>Now he just use asspull shaman powers

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Did they? The three main characters all ended up being able to have pretty decent fights with the super mega KING demons or whatever and those weren't even introduced until like the very last arc.

I guess none of them actually won, at least.

How was any of that racist, sexist, or homophobic?

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You gotta love how shit used to just happen before. Whether it be under the guise of destiny, the whims of gods, or just shits and giggles fun.

Well, not a strict limit, but when they revealed that Toguro was an upper B-class demon, they mentioned that upper S-class was the highest - and there never ends up being an upper UPPER S-class, or a super S-class or whatever.

No but I've seen grugposting before. You don't need to be from Sup Forums to know they're frogfags either

There kind of is. I don't know if it was only in the anime, but the guy who brings Yusuke to the Demon world is said to be S-class, and he's definitely not as strong as the Kings.

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An then we have HxH, with a arc filled with nothing but strategies and power analysis that never culminate into actual fighting, instead we have whole pages of text explaining the thoughts of background characters.

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Just like most of RPG video games
>start like every average NPC
>end OP af

The whole thing was that the Spirit World, except for Koenma, didn't even know the ranking went past A. When it is revealed that Yusuke has become an S Ranked demon, Koenma basically says that S Rank means that the individual is too powerful to be handled by the spirit world.
Later on, it's explained that S Rank is a shitty descriptor because it describes anything about a certain strength; Yusuke freshly turned demon is in the same category as his demon king ancestor in his prime, and the demons dislike the fact that it sucks at describing their relative power.

>Yu Yu Hakusho did a pretty good job of staying grounded.

Are you sure we've read the same manga? Do I need to remind you the fucking disappointment when we came to know that Toguro was only B tier? Do I need to remind you the bullshit Sensui pulled out of nowhere with his sacred energy?

Yuyu Hakusho was good but it didn't escape the powerlevels autism. I remember that retarded part when Hiei, Kurama and Kuwabara were fighting against Sensui after Yusuke "died", with their levels raising for literally no reason other than "they are driven by their anger and grief that enhance their powers" or "seeing Yusuke alive made them regenerate and evolve even further"

I'm glad Togashi improved on that aspect in HxH

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You realize that our standards with storytelling evolve? Retard. I wonder why you forgot dumping your pepe with your post

It's far easier to give characters flashy, cool looking power ups than to manage and choreograph details such as positioning, tactics, and friendly fire.

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Fuck off, faggot
Evolution is not inherently good

Unironically Shingeki no Kyojin is pretty good in this aspect.

People dont have the autism to read the strategic inner monologue of characters all the time. Also once a character can nuke a city strategy is actually a stupid idea in a fight.

Yu Yu Hakusho wasn't even supposed to be a fighting manga it came to be. It orignally started as a gag manga with Yusuke being dead for awhile before coming back to life. The chapters were funny, comfy, and felt really unique. A part of me wishes to see how it would have been if it was just about Yusuke solving random cases and more grounded than the power level shit show it became. Even though I still love it as it is. Any word on the new special?

This. The slice of life moments at the beginning were actually the best parts of the show.

My favourite arc has and always will be the Sasuke Retrival arc for this very reason, and everything prior to it was just as excellent too. A perfect balance between interesting powers, and strategies. Even Gaara's fight with Kimimaro was exciting to watch. It made me wondered, if this is the best we can see out of Genins, imagine how Jonins and Kages. That anticipation eventually disappointed and died long before Madara even showed up. Although the flashes and explosive power is cool, the strategy side of things is gone. Then again, it's like asking to be strategic with nukes. The power level is already ridiculous so there isn't much point anymore beyond who has the strongest moves.

>An then we have HxH, with a arc filled with nothing but strategies and power analysis that never culminate into actual fighting.

Musse shot Cammy though. He took the risk knowing he would benefit in the end even if he died.

That's also how I feel about Bleach. Sometimes shounen seem to have this great setting and characters to make a good slice of life with somet fighting but of course that if you're writing for shounen jump you need to introduce a tournament arc or something.

Still better than one piece

Because it doesn't end early.


Not trying to defend the direction the story went but in his defense all the powers in naruto were taken from old japanese ninja mythology/legends. I wish the story would of stayed more focused on the political aspect of the shinobi world.
The war arc would of been a perfect opportunity to have the different villages band together to fight a threat from another continent.
sound village will always bee the best antagonists

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I agree. it's funny how after the time skip, politics got dumbed down by the second half when the fanbase got old enough to appreciate that sort of theme.

>Everyone posts grug
>Sup Forums

This series had, among other qualities, a perceptible character progression. At different points of the story, many characters feel like they would lose to the future versions of their opponents, no matter which side.
The final "onscreen" fight wasn't won through powerlevel*, and the next fight, even less.

* The current best player in all of Japan, /ourqueen/, loses to a common attack, the same the MC used in her first chapter. Power vs. variety, burden of defending fans' expectations vs. innovation..

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Keep deluding yourself.

Started out better, but then slowly lost its focus as it went on. Meanwhile, One Piece got better as it went on. At least until the Time Skip.