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Seems someone can't wait.

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I certainly can't wait till the next three filler episodes of Clear Card are over. One of them is a Meiling episode apparently.

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>ova about manga ending
>they use anime bedroom
They can't do anything right, can they?

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What's the difference between them? I never noticed they were different.

They were trying to make the anime connect to the manga. Which is the major flaw this whole reboot has as it's just a weak retelling of the manga. This is exactly why I was saying from the start that there shouldn't be a new anime season.

That being said, it's stil turning out better than I thought it would. Nowhere near as bad as Sailor Moon, Slayers or Dragon Ball reboots. But still not good enough to be compared to the previous CCS anime (or Angelic Layer).

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You know there's a new manga too right? And that the new anime is adapting it? Trying to write around manga only things isn't even the worst thing about it, the original content generally isn't very good and a lot of the things they change for the anime serve no purpose and are worse than how they happen in the manga.


bed and desktop switch places, the manga bedroom is also more modest, no plushes or tomoyo's doll, also the window is a normal one.

>You know there's a new manga too right? And that the new anime is adapting it?
Yeah. Hence why I said:

>Which is the major flaw this whole reboot has as it's just a weak retelling of the manga.

>the original content generally isn't very good and a lot of the things they change for the anime serve no purpose and are worse than how they happen in the manga.
This is why the previous anime was so good. Because they polished up the ideas the original manga had while also adding a lot more new stuff which was good on its own. You're kind of proving my point.

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They way you said reboot and retelling made me think you had some weird idea about what Clear Card is.

It's a reboot of the anime, quazi replacing the third season ending and second movie with the manga ending. Not to mention the change in design. Then just continuing on as if it's just a retelling of the manga.

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They didn't change the ending. They flashed back to the airport from episode 70. Parts of the second movie are still canon too. They just added the bear because it's apparently going to be important. It's worse than rebooting it to follow the manga, they're trying to keep both endings at the same time despite it not making any sense.

the continuity is a mess

But by going back to episode 70 and redoing the whole bear thing, they did change episode 70. And it makes movie 2 pointless. So from my view, it just overrides episode 70 and the second movie. I'm sure they're trying to make it so both are still valid, but like you said, it makes no sense.

Yeah, they did change episode 70. They replaced it with the two bears OVA, and it's not just Ep 70 that was affected by it, in the OVA the characters explicitly talk about how they just did battle with Eriol at Tokyo Tower. In the anime, they battled at Tsukimine Shrine.

The fact that Meiling is back and the second movie still happened is nice, but makes no sense at all when there's no hope card (or is there?!) and Akiho lives in Eriol's intact house.

The OVA isn't what they're using for the new anime (or at least entirely). They explicitly flash back to the airport scene from episode 70 in the first episode of the Clear Card anime. It's just a mishmash of both that doesn't make sense when you look too close. It was really clumsily done.

Yeah, what was the point of the OVA? Make Shaoran bring the bear when he moves back or something. Unless it's REALLY important plot-wise that the bear was made before all the Eriol stuff ended, it makes no sense to just haphazardly retcon and then de-retcon stuff every other episode.

Same deal with Eriol's house. It was so easy to change that in the anime, unless it's really important plot wise. But why would it be...?

The whole thing is a mess continuity-wise. Hopefully the story is actually going somewhere, the pacing of the new anime (and manga for that matter) is terrible, and after TRC I've lost all hope in CLAMP being able to write something decent, but I'm hoping they'll actually have something good in store with Clear Card since they obviously love CCS the most.

I think the bear might be the trigger of the cards turning clear. And more magic people moving into the previous magic person's house is interesting even if it's not any more important than that. Maybe it will be important for some reason later. I'm fine with the manga's pacing honestly. It's kind of slow but it's good enough to keep my interest every month.

The anime's pacing though is all over the place. Sometimes they rush and put two card captures in the same episode (even rewriting the capture circumstances to make it happen) while at other times having completely original episodes (some of which are basically remakes of original episodes). And the episodes themselves draw out the weirdest scenes.

Sakura is Cute!

The bear is obviously (maybe too obviously) linked to the cards turning clear; even if it's not the trigger, it's related to the event, no doubt.

I dislike Akiho living in Eriol's house because it's a retread. Unless it's key to the plot (say, Yuna moved there because Eriol left something important behind, The Nothing style), it's not interesting. They're already doing the "new person at school is key to the plot" bullshit for the fourth time in the show (Li, Mizuki, and Eriol), but at least each previous times the characters weren't a carbon copy of Sakura and didn't live in the same house as another character.

The anime's pacing is weird, yeah, but the manga's is glacial. It took like ten chapters to show one hint about Akiho's true situation, and about twenty to start dropping what, two more hints. It's exhausting.

I think the issue is that in the original story, you knew the motivation of the story right away: capture the cards or disaster will befall this world. In Clear Card, nobody knows why the fuck they're even collecting this new cards, and the two people that apparently do aren't telling the audience anything for ages. It's interesting at first, but it just gets exhausting and feels pointless.

When Li, Mizuki and Eriol showed up, we were shown very quickly who they were; in the case of Mizuki and Eriol, we got tons of red herrings, but we got SOMETHING, so we were able to feel something about the situation. Akiho has been bland for like a year and I don't give two shits about her. I mean, it took four episodes for Spinel Sun to literally go "ERIOL, YOU USED TO BE CALLED CLOW" etc, why can't they do that at a substantial level with Akiho already in either format?

I guess it's even more infuriating in the anime because there's a limited amount of episodes and you have to juggle between the weekly retcons and the schizophrenic pacing while watching it.

It's not BAD per se, but it is not nearly as good scenario-wise as the first series.

You take that back!

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The cutest.

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