So with "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime" getting an anime, it seems most notable isekai are getting adaptation

So with "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime" getting an anime, it seems most notable isekai are getting adaptation.
Place your bets; what's the next one to get an anime announcement?
Mushoku Tensei when?

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Paladin is the only one that matters the rest are all huge steaming piles.

You anons best be writing your own isekai right now.

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Mushoku is kind of hard as it delves too deep into the mind of a Neet and about someone struggling to break away from the past.

Shoo, Paladin shill, you hyped that garbage up so much that when I actually read it all I got was a huge pile of disappointment.

Moe spider next.

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Maou-sama retry would be fun animated too.

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Honestly I'd like it if Sword Tensei or Skeleton Knight would be next, but I don't know their popularity. Sono Mono is amazing and I'd love the shit out of an anime, hopefully with the manga changes. Meru a cute.

I heard Shield Hero is becoming one? Is that true?

And you heard riiiiiiight!

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I hope so. Should be fun.

Yes. The first PV was this cringy as fuck video they showed at an anime convention in America (in English, of all things)
So you know they're trying to get the Edgefags crowd.

Dear god, why


The only possible reason I can think that anyone would think that would be a good idea is if they thought english in the trailer would appeal to otakus somehow I DON'T KNOW IT'S BAD OKAY

Dunno, i liked it. But i can understand why would people not like it. The PV was unveiled at AX last year i believe, that's why it was in english. Be aware that it is not representative of my overall tastes though.

RE: monster is next

I mean don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the Manga quite a bit but the voiceover is just.... geh. Terrible. Fucking terrible.

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Ok, this looks fun already.

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Sono Mono is amazing, but sadly the artist got sick after four chapters and there hasn't been a release since late last year.


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>there hasn't been a release since late last year.
Damn it user.

I'm angry about it, but there's nothing I can do.

Problem is I'm a COMPLETE SUCKER for cute animals and Meru's cute as hell.

I get extremely angry with series like Death March when I see those cute beast people (The ones more beast than person) being abused.

Looks like there chapter 0-5 for 6 chapters total though.

I didn't count 0, but you're right there user. I missed chapter 5's release though, time to indulge! Hopefully 6 and later won't be too far away...

What about shieldbro and the filorials?

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Cute before they became naked children, creepy afterwards. When Filo is in bird form, super cute though.

Yeah i also though it was a bit too much. Definitely NOT something you should read in public.
Not take a look at this rafu~ looking motherfucker.

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fuck that noise, re:monster is only good when the MC starts dungeon diving and anything between that is horseshit about eating random crap

I was OK with re:Monster until the whole "I will enslave the elven women with my aphrodisiac and turn them into breeding women".

That's where I just decided it wasn't for me and dropped it like a rock.

>muh rape and morals only an issue in remonster
Fuck off.

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The funny thing is that I know it's complete trash but I just can't help myself