This is your Queen, now and forever. Please be nice to her, she's currently having a fight with her husband

This is your Queen, now and forever. Please be nice to her, she's currently having a fight with her husband.

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I'll be as mean to her as I need to be so that she'll end my existence.

Slut Queen

They really need to keep their spats contained, dragging the whole world into it is kind of over the top.

The world needs to stop throwing sluts in the mix so they can sit down and talk about it.

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Is this getting an anime?

>Literally killing millions because muh love for muh aniue but is actually just a pathetic excuse to do what she wants
No. Spare me your shit, fuck off and die

Sorry, but I live in the land of the FREE. My only queen is LIBERTY.

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A couple dozen at best, and most of them deserved it for trying to NTR. Everything else was Kyousuke's fault.

Wow she's cute as fuck.

Murrica just got BTFO by Kyosuke in the latest volume.


>an up to date TL'd LN series
What the actual fuck? Is this the power of Kamachi?

That's the power of js06.

Don't know why that is surprising just about all of them are fully TL'd barring a couple shorts and side stories.

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Old and busted. Colorless Girl is new and superior.

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Newer popular LNs get TL'd, user. Shit like Sword Art Online, Index, and Oregairu is all up to date.

Do not lewd Kyousuke's daughter, even if he is a fuck-up of a father



Leave White Queen to me

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But he already got the universe destroyed when he hit her with a sleeping dart last time.

>sleeping dart on Queen
Wait, what

>He didn't read the crossovers

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Read the crossovers.

Sorry, kiddy Queen.
Your brother is mine, now.

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>Kyousuke's endgame is a fucking cake
If Kamachi does this it'll be fucking glorious

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He already did the old hag route, Madame Professor is just being the marriage counselor they needed.

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White Queen is literal perfection.

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Anime when?

Small chances of it happening, if it does, it'll probably revealed along with Index III

>she's currently having a fight with her husband.

Psh, used goods.

>fight with her husband