Why did you tell me anime is harmless? I currently want to kill myself

Why did you tell me anime is harmless? I currently want to kill myself.

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Your mistake for watching this garbage blind and not spoiling yourself in advance.

>look at name of anime
>Kuroneko isn't sister
>be surprised when relationship isn't endgame
Kuroneko is tied for best girl, but wincest is wincest.

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Hang in there

Kirino is just so unsufferable.

Die Nekofag

>implying they did a good job developing a romantic relationship between the two until the last 4 or 5 episodes. I truly believed the end game was originally her getting over her childish attachments and think that it wasn't good writing to shift that quickly for whatever reason. I think even pic related is just being a good sibling and it showed really growth for them.

While I am a Kuroneko fag (mostly because there was better build up and chemistry between the two), I'm fine with him ending up with Kirino. Just wish they better developed that instead of the massive shift at the end. While it's clear she always had unresolved feelings for him, it never was apparent for him, the main character until the end and it felt a bit cheap. Yes I've seen the collage of all the hints along the way but I still don't feel that was enough.

Also the rejections were such shit since the show didn't develop most of them at all. A-1 and the writer really fucked up at making the ending as good as the rest of the show.

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Meant to cut off greentext after 1st sentence.

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My only real issue with the second season was that they didn't give Kirino her upgraded hairstyle.

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That is much better. Damn.

God it hurts

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Shine baka

Shine on you crazy diamond

It was intended to have a Kuroneko ending, but the publisher had another plans.

That's why the story and the characters' actions make no sense past episode 8 of S2 / Volume 8 of the LN.

I'll be honest. I wanted Kuroneko or even Ayase to win.

However, the ending only bothered me because they then state "lol it was just a test phase though"

It completely undermined the point of breaking up with everyone and rejecting everyone. It essentially ruined his social life. Then they just acted like it never happened. I find that is what drives me absolutely nuts.

Kuroneko could have even worked as his sister helping him get over a breakup, but it was used as a jumping off pad for a final relationship climax that didn't matter. Just disappointing.

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> However, the ending only bothered me because they then state "lol it was just a test phase though"
Apparently there was some executive meddling involved.

I'd believe that. I wish they wouldn't have. Going back on it corrupted the entire development of the characters.

I may not have had the pairings I wanted, but going for that ending cheapened the fact that my favorites lost in the first place.


Today I will remind them.

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