Face it, you couldn't handle this much elf

Face it, you couldn't handle this much elf.

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I would damn sure try; she ticks a number of boxes of mine.
>delicious brown
>curvy as fuck

Don't forget:

>magic user

Always handy to have around!

i would feel terrible being in a relationship with an elf. no matter how hard, or how healthy i live. She would be left alone with another scar left by the selfish man that loved her.

No thanks.

Why? Enjoy it while you can. Since you're mortal may as well. She'll replace you eventually and someone else will be hitting thst delicious elf ass.

Give me a chance

I would feel terrible for a different reason. Imagine her, a perfect, magical, brown elf waifu, dating a basic human like me with all my flaws. I'd feel horribly inadequate all the time, if she was a normal beautiful human it wouldn't be so weird but because shes a mythical magical being it'd be so uncomfortable.

What's stopping ya'll from ascending beyond human and becoming an immortal being?

What about half-elf?

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Post flabon

Well i guess if you keep cutting something it will eventually turn into minced meet and cutting it would not make a big difference
she mite have a thing for being corrupted by a filly subhuman
my week heart, my doc told me if i do not keep up my cardio it will give in. Not feeling anything yet but i am running 2 times a week. i even did a marathon back in spring


I have dated some pretty big girls. I would happily pound that pudding like a champion, and then brag about it for the rest of my life!

on a side note: you know how people of different races smell different? (it could be just diet, but they often do) I wonder if elves smell nice? like, would I have to wash her, daily, so she didn't develop some weird, elfy stink? it's not a problem, it just puts a crimp on spontaneous oral sex

Well good news, you can always become an undead like a lich or something of the sort where you don't need a functional heart.

If she doesn't kill herself over you then clearly outliving you wasn't that bad. If she does then it's pretty classically romantic. Win win.

Oh... o... okay

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That sit a witch!

Stop post here you witch

I'm no witch... I'm no witch... YOU'RE the witch!

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Whatever you say Satella

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>Face it, you couldn't handle this much elf.

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not really feeling being a magical undead with a chainsaw.
win win, huh more like a i lose. but is that not just life, just keep trying to lose the least

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>lurk more

There is a reason they get deleted.

Top left's voice is pure sex.

I rape that much for breakfast

Thst elf would rape you and you'd love it.

>couldnt handle
>tfw cuckold

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>fat elves
No thanks

Not fat. Thic