Watching a 1080 BD rip and it feels blurry as fuck...

watching a 1080 BD rip and it feels blurry as fuck. Is this the norm or is my eyes getting better at recognizing when anime companies are doing upscales?

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Dunno how much the standards have changed in the past couple years, but it was not too long ago when all anime was animated at 720p, tops. Sometimes even at 1024x576.

That + the typical trend of having "soft lines" really creates that washed up look. I think it's within acceptable limits, but those few rare 1080p series do hit your eye, in a positive manner.

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is it Violet Evergarden? I think they meant to do that.

protip: don't watch trash like IS

Why does IS get shit on more than franxx?

Franxx isn't over yet.

It's not HD. It's 480p.

Pretty much everything 2016 and earlier was made at 720p or lower, only just recently have we got shows that are 1080p, and even then they are few and far between.

Is season 2 worth watching? I stayed away from it since it introduces more girls, and more girls means less screentime for Laura, Char, and Rin.

Because its not DEEP

m8, S1 isn't even worth watching

You're almost guaranteed to be watching an upscale in every situation. Rare exceptions of course. In some instances your media player's upscaling will even be preferable.

Almost everything is an upscale.

Sounds like bad encodes.

are we talking TV or BD rips?

Man, even with Charlotte in it, I had to dropped it. I can feel my neurons dying.

The only thing that's DEEP in franxxx is 02's vagoo

Because FranXX doesn't have a retarded harem shit and a violent cunt as the main characters

watch S1, S2 hurt when it went all anime original versus sticking to the source material.

Just autisticly screech at BD encoders to do descales, the only ones left are autistic enough to do a decent job of it


I watched season 2 and kinda enjoyed it. If you're REALLY into IS, then watch season 2. Otherwise, just watch season 1 and read the light novels.