Gabriel Dropout was good but Gab was shit

Gabriel Dropout was good but Gab was shit

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No, YOU'RE shit

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What if both were shit?

We all know satan is the only reason people watched this show.

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At first I read that as "Gab was the shit" as in she was great.
So I was going to correct that and say that "Gab was shit," but reading it again I see that it isn't necessary.

Gabu's sister was hot, though.

This is true, the only good part of the show honestly.

Gab did nothing wrong.

Gabriel a cute

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Being a smelly neet is wrong in itself.

Man of taste.

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Gabriel Dropout was shit but Gab was good

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Why did they name the show after a background character?

I think someone at the studio must have gotten the names confused.

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Rate my cat

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God no, she was perfect.

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Which fansub group have the best release?

I have only found localized shitsubs

This is now an official Satanichia thread

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Gabriel Dropout was good but not lewd enough.

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>No good Gab doujins

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You a shit


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I only watched it for Gabu, Satania and all her obnoxious fans can go die in a fire for all I care.

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But there are