Waifu thread. pic related

Waifu thread. pic related

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What we do? We post our respective waifu and talk about them?

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I have far too many waifus for one thread

Kill yourself.

i love her

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I want to keep her warm

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Yui is best girl

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The only one for me

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A shit.

Who would your waifu pick in Smash Bros?

is it a meme, or is she actually autistic in the story?

if so I wanna give her a chromosome or 2 if you know what I mean.

Not technically from anime but it counts.

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I don't understand. Please explain in detail.

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the girl in Op's post, doe she have actual autism or is it just a joke because she acts retarded in the show?

just asking because I have a thing for anime girls with autism, it keeps me awake at night.

What class would you're waifu be on Lineage II?

>Gay Autism

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I'll tell you if you explain your meaning

Not that part, user. The other part of your post.

Irredeemable tast

why do you say that?

Literal shiteating autistic screaming cunt.

Yousing big words doesnt make you smarter.

Because it's bad and can't be good

it was a mediphoical pun for putting me penis inside her vagina based off the question of her being autistic i made earler in said comment,my dear watson.

Liking shit girls won't make you happy

Oh, that makes sense.
Yeah, she's a tard.

so shes canonically autistic?

fuck boys, another best girl to put all over my wall and find prostitutes to cosplay as.

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I want my waifu Tatsumaki to use her psychic skills to pin me down and give me a handy from across the room!

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Forever and ever.

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Worst girl in her series, kys.

Thank you for posting the far superior VN design