Reminder he did nothing wrong

reminder he did nothing wrong

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He's a piece of shit but not the worst piece of shit.

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>invested the very last of his money to some punk kid
>kid didn't even read the contract
>somehow he's a piece of shit

>Fuck over the guy who saved his life with another scam
>Apparent inability to stop scamming ever

He did a lot wrong.

He's scum.

Even Andou is small-time compared to the 49ers who betray Kaiji in part 3.

When is the spin-off?


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Comedy manga about Tonegawa's life as a manager.

They try to swindle Kaiji with their new boss but Kaiji realizes and it backfires on them.

Lawful evil incarnate.
Endou is Endou.

Probably this year

betrayal cannot be forgiven

Do you think Chang and Mario will do that to him too?


itt people who didn't read the manga

>You saved our lives, and we appreciate that, we really do, but...
>You're the one they want, Kaiji. Teiai doesn't care about us, just you. And if they'll find you, all that money will just go back to them.
>So, because of that, it's only sensible that we take it all, you know? I mean it's not like you'll be able to keep it
>Why would you deserve it anyway? If it wasn't for us you'd have lost, we bet our lives on this too!
And then Kaiji's left alone and penniless once again.

>you will never see pic related animated

feels bad man

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We could have a rare situation on our arms, one friend betraying and one friend growing extra loyal exactly because of the first one's betrayal. All the betrayers needed some time to be alone to reevaluate the situation. Usually it's how the Kaiji' trash charisma works, strong but no lasting effect at all. Usually. I'm not believing any of the two are going to.

>hope you’re not mad


Kaiji BDs someday.