You've died and are reincarnated as an onsen. Hot elf girl and beast-girl hilarity ensue

You've died and are reincarnated as an onsen. Hot elf girl and beast-girl hilarity ensue.

Is this heaven?

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Wait I'm the bath?

I cause a boiling hot geyser for kicks

Imagine being reincarnated as a women's toilet

But you aren't even an sentient being. How does that even work?

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Is there any episode in which the girls piss on him?

I guess like a Yōkai


Some kind of reverse vore?

no because it's a manga, not an anime. He levels up the more people use them and he can spend his mana to sort of translocate as a water spirit thing. As he levels up more facilities are added to the onsen. He basically helps adventurers and the village out. Dunno how much further it's gone. Oh and he can also appear as a dude in the onsen briefly but it costs mana.

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Has he fucked phat tiddied blond elf yet?

See he's basically a spirit of the onsen and gets powered up as people use him. He heals them and makes them stronger, them sitting in him restores his mana. He spends the mana to help out adventurers in killing stuff or to give himself a physical form. Typical Love-Ru type hilarity ensues! Plus there's two comedy relief buff dude brothers who visit. It's OK.

Onsens have levels?

Yeah. He starts off as just a spring. That girl gets in her to heal or some shit and he then levels up and gains a bamboo fence around him, she I think then shows a friend it and they both get in and he then gains a entrance and a changing room (or I guess undressing room). He then gains like a bucket and towels and ladles and shit.

I don't even know anymore man, what's next? I died and reincarnated as a chandelier?

But big tiddied elf won't climb into you.

>Plus there's two comedy relief buff dude brothers who visit
Does it mean at some point there're dudes going inside him?

I think so. I can't remember now. Or there might be a reason every time they don't. I'd have to re-read it.

There is an isekai of a dude being reincarnated as a girls skirt, I believe.

I died but got reincarnated and now I'm a smartphone!?

Just cut the middleman out and reincarnate someone as a rubber dick, we all know where this is going.

>reincarnated as dildo
>gay guy buys you and inserts you inside his ass

Guess I shouldn't have been a shit-posting shithead all my life. Karma's a bitch.

Are you telling me you don't want to be a spooky ghost in a chandelier?

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>began reading this ironically
>started to legitimately enjoy it for the nudes

just marathon read it, its cheeky and fun. you almost forget the fact that 1/2 the panels are nudes

chandelure's flame consume the soul of everyone it touchs, you won't do much with this.