Shitty Moebots

I'm probably late to the party, but can we talk about how absolutely fucking awful the mech designs are in Darling in the Franxx?

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No. Fuck off

13 year olds like them, and that's franxx audience.

No. Fuck off

Strelezia is the only excellent looking one. Delphinium is passable, but only because of Ichigo.

I miss the robot chicks from GaoGaiGar Final

They are some serious kiddy shit.


>implying all mecha aren't inherently kiddy shit
mechafags are the most delusional people around

ahaha what the fuck is this shit


I'll just leave this here.

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What do you expect, the show itself is shit.

I could get on board if they literally stopped one frame before.

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I thought the same when I saw the PV, but they work well in the show.

Especially eva retards. At least darling can be enjoyed ironically.

I'm in the same boat but when it turns into Liger Zero that shit is cash.
Otherwise it's insulting to call those cosplaying girls mechs.

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Are you saying you wouldn't fuck this?

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Me too

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Darling in the Flops

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>Enjoying trash.
Kek, brainlet.

pot calling the kettle black
>but muh FGO bux

Every season Sup Forums seems to pick one show that is absolutely irredeemable trash and latch onto it like a baby to a wet nurse's tit.
This is nothing new.


Where? All i see is Pokemons

They are quite good.
Robots are made after stamens and reflect their design choice. In ep6 it was clearly stated that this plantation's squad was unique - because their mechas were all different and made by personal likes, unlike some typical dull Mecha - like the other plantation squad had.
This works well for the show.
Klaxxsosaurs are quite good too.

This season that show is Yuru Camp

Now that you mention it.

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It's literally only Argentea (the pink one) that I don't really like. The Franxx were weird to me before, but I've grown to like them. Sans, as mentioned before, Argentea.

The giant mech dress is so stupid.

Moebots are great

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nah, they're terrible

they tried to find a method of making the mecha as infused full of the personality of the pilots like gurren lagann

they failed though

Yep. They are kind of dumb but pretty easy to look past once you get used to it. This is just Sup Forums being anal about everything, as usual.

The mechs are a CUTE!!!!

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You know, I was just thinking about how these mechs are like gigantic version of Medabots, but we just had a Medabots thread a few days ago and boy was I wrong. Medabots had way better designed and looked less fragile. Giant antropomorph robots will never be practical, but some of the choices with these designs are outright retarded. The robots could't even stand with feet (sustantation bases) that small, and several have forerams ridiculously bigger thant their arms, and overall they look like they xould brake ar any second while moving, let alone fighting.

Robots are made from the pistil girls and reflect their design choice.

Easily the worst part of the show. All the mecha stuff is kinda just 'there' in FRANXX. Only interesting part of the show is the character interactions and how the worldbuilding has potential

They clearly specify that Pistils simply act as a operating system for a computer, they provide the framework necessary and user interface for the Stamens, which in turn are responsible for actually utilizing the computer’s constituent hardware and handle all the controls of the robot. And in the case of 02, she also acts as a force amplifier giving her superhuman strength for the Mech.

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Brainlets hate the design because they can't comprehend that there's a reason why the mech designs have to be like that.

thread ended here

I want to handle all of Aargentea’s controls.

normalfags are the most retarded people around

ichigo is thiccer in the manga

best girl

They look like giant doll more than mech.

That's nice and all, but it has nothing to do with what I said (nevermind the awful grammar and typos, I'm half-sleeping right now). The problem is, the mechs are drawn incredibly thin and disproportionet in places where mere intuition and common sense would tell they'd be exposed to stress and torsion forces, and that makes suspension of disbelief a tad harder

It's like looking at a grade schooler's match box or carboard box robot, one of those with toothpicks arms and legs that can't remain upright.

Good thing the show's focus is teen NTR, not mechas.

Well, they were based on drawings of idols. What do you expect?

Fuckin amen.

I really don't think it's anal to call out bad design choices like that. They're a primary fixture of the show and are in every scene of action, kinda hard to look past.

Literally no one asked for this. I've never watched a mech anime and said "you know, this is good, but damn you know it would be better if the robots we're just a little sexier because my penis needs to be fully erect to enjoy anything in my miserable life"

Oh the irony.

Fuck off, idol mechs are great.

Ummm OP but they’re epic and trigger made them...

Nobody cares what you ask or don't ask for, sorry to disappoint you.
And the mechs are cute, fuck off.

Literally the worst opinion possible to have.

>He has never watched a mech anime and said "you know, this is good, but damn you know it would be better if the robots we're just a little sexier because my penis needs to be fully erect to enjoy anything in my miserable life"

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Dude there are enough gundam like mechs around
Why not try and enjoy something new

>they tried to find a method of making the mecha as infused full of the personality of the pilots like gurren lagann

Yeah, that's the vibe I was getting too. I feel like they would have been more successful if they even just gave them subtler facial features rather than fill on moe eyes and mouths that just make them look like girls cosplaying as robots.

Is there any chance that hiro will develop feelings for ichigo?
Why he see ichigo intrigued?

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>Dude there are enough gundam like mechs around
>Why not try and enjoy something new
This is like saying "every tank looks just like a tank, wouldn't you rather see a pony with a cannon strapped to it's back instead?"

I don´t even watch this stuff, but I like mecha that can make human faces. It´s something unique in a sea of expressionless robots of all shapes and sizes, and makes me think that there is more to them than just their fighting power (I absolutely hate the retarded "arms race" trope some mecha shows have where both sides try to one-up each other constantly with poorly explained or justified new mecha redesigns or weapons).

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The first impression I got from the show being teased was the main focus being the robots. Turns out its just for the little shits piloting them.

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And that reason is Trigger unable to make proper mecha designs and Aniples wantint to sell cheap toys to 8yos

Good for whom?

*1,864位 (***,825pt) [*,*16予約] 2018年04月25日 ダーリン・イン・ザ・フランキス 1(完全生産限定版) [Blu-ray]

I want Battletech mechs. Franx is the opposite direction from where i want designs to be headed.

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No offense intended, but that's a really stupid complaint to have in what is obviously not hard sci-fi in any sense of the word. If you're going to bitch about the robots being too thin, do you also bitch about the pilots not turning into red stains on the wall when they accelerate to mach 5 in


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Reminds you a bit of the Transformers movies, huh?

Franxx did nothing original, plainly copying Heroman approach to mecha design and facial visualization but downgraded since Heroman mecha catually HAD a personality, unlike the Franxx ones. He was a character. Sterlizia and others are not.

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Why aren't you posting the other one?

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Because its ranked high

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002 – Dodge Viper or Acura NSX, really difficult to control but has a lot of power and speed to back it up and damn if it is not beautiful to look at inside and outside. a dream for most boys to have but not many can afford the price and maintenance.

Ichigo – Toyota Camry, it is safe, luxurious, easy to handle with a lot of feature. you’ll be crazy not to choose this, but every boys always want to ride a sports car right?, as expensive as it is and as high maintenance and difficult to control as it is…

Miku – Mini Cooper, small, jaunty, with playful styling and spirited performance making it standing out from the crowd. it is a “love it” or “hate it”, at the beginning you will hate it for how small it is and then you’ll like it for having nice performance and features inside a such a small body and the uniqueness that making everyone look at least once your way.

Ikuno – Mercedes-Benz GLA, it have a good handling, nice performance with bunch of features, excelent interior and exterior but it have no stand out feature, a have it all but with no uniqueness of its own its fade away compared to other.

Kokoro – Toyota Alphard, big and roomy is the whole point to begin with. it can accept a lot of people, having nice performance and power to cater for anything with a lot of features to make everyone using it happy as well as luxurious interior and exterior. whether in front or the back there is something for everybody to enjoy.

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Can't do it alone, user.
Take a Miku

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Miku thread?

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I actually pity you if you actually think that is the reason. Which was fairly easy to understand if you actually paid attention to the show.

The real robots in A/Z were great

I am sorry, but your pathetic attempts are meaningless. Everything in every show is because creaters wanted it like that, and the explanation why Pokemons look like pokemons and what genetic mutations and enviromental circumstance led to them looking like that does not change anything it is simply Pokemons made to sell children toys.

Franxx "mecha" are sold in the line with Kamen Rider action figures for kids. Different target audience.

they're ok

Genista is the cutest

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the only mech design I've ever liked anyway was from zone of enders

KyoAni mecha > Trigger mecha

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Do you have your shitposts ready if the other Franxx one slips down the ranks too?

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no one cares about the mechs. people only like the shitty teen drama.


These things are so fucking ugly. Tiny, misshapen-looking torsos, stupidly disproportionate limbs, fucking insect-like shoulders, ugly accessories and colours. And the moe faces just add nothing but genericness to an otherwise clunky and unappealing design.

tfw a short made by few KyoAni employees for fun with zero budget looks better than Franxx

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CGI is shit by default

Franxx is a Shoujo anime about teenage relationships disguised as a gurren laggen-like mecha with fanservice. It's the anime equivalent of a shitpost and some people are very upset about it.
I really like watching it but I don't know why.

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Because Darling has as target audience Otaku losers and children. Also, 90% of show fanarts are being made by FGO fans and yurifags. If you check the other works of these artists, You will see that there are no other works related to any other Mecha show other than Darling.

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Yeah but some look cool and some look like shit, like FranXX

Watch Macross or Dougram then.

oh you know damn well why

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its a romcom with SoL

Macross Delta was shit