After watching Kizumonogatari...

After watching Kizumonogatari, I can't imagine anyone watching the movies first and not committing absolute suicide over Bake.

All of that sexual tension and buildup with Hanekawa only to do nothing with it and choose another girl. How do you not immediately make her the mother of you children when she so bluntly states she was ready to sex?

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Cuz she’s damaged goods and worst girl

Yes it's pretty well established that Hitagi is a trash girl and that Araragi is a moron for not choosing Hanekawa.

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Because there's a part of Araragi that actually dislikes her.

I am on episode 2 of Bakemonogatari. Does the stapler girl with the weird last name and cultist mom win the MCbowl?

What about you just keep watching?

The BDRip I downloaded won't play on my TV without freezing and I refuse to watch anime on my computer

Your loss.

She wins by episode 4

Exactly why i can't watch that movie.


This is true, but doesn't mean he should not dick her.

You meant crab

I'm not trying to necessarily justify it, but a big part that the LN's specify is that Hanekawa actually was taking her time to isolate and woo Araragi since she thought she'd literally have no competition.

She made him be VP with him specifically to get private meetings with him, and thought she could subtly work him over and manipulate him into loving her.

Senjo came completely out of left field for her which is why the cat abberation reappeared so quickly, Senjo fucked the only other half of her life she thought she controlled up

You don't stick your dick in the crazy.

Which by all rights means he shouldn't be with Senjougahara either, or any of the rest of them for that matter. But still, if I had to name a "most fucked up" girl in Monogatari, it's Hanekawa.

Crab sucks. Everything else about this series is fine, fun, and faptastic, but Crab shows up and reminds me Japanese authors can't make a good leading girl worth shit.

Araragi is not the most normal guy in the show either though.

Kizu Hanekawa is worst Hanekawa, literally for betafags.

She's pretty much the quintessential modern example of the worst girl winning

Absolutely. But he still recognises that pursuing things with Hanekawa would be a bad idea.

Who else, the dyke or fucking Sengoku? I don't give much of a fuck about Hitagi but she was the first to redeem herself, she deserves it.

Because then he would be stuck with fucking Hanekawa for basically the rest of his life. The queen of hypocritical passive-aggression. A stick the size of a skyscraper permanently fused into mud.

That's the thing that boggles me. I haven't read the novels, but at least for movie Hanekawa, her interest was anything but subtle. It's also not like Araragi wasn't interest either.

I hear people say the only reason Crab won is because she asked first, but considering how obvious Cat was, I don't blame her for thinking she didn't immediately need to.

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Several reasons OP

1) Most of the tension is probably just in Araragi's head and he's exaggerating things as he usually does.

2) As said, Hanekawa was being a total orbiter and Chadgahara took her by surprise.

3) Kizu is garbage

You have absolutely shit taste user. She don't deserve anything, literally worst girl, used goods.

I think the other thing is you see in the LN's and is hinted in the show (arguably the theme of Kizu) is that Araragi has extremely low self worth. He hides it behind good deeds and being humble, but he honestly thinks he's not worth very much and that the world isn't any different without him.

Thus he can't fathom the fact that a girl would actually like him and take an interest in him. It's also why he backs off "wooing her" in the gymnasium. He thinks he's taking advantage of her, but she totally wants it.

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Kizu is easily the best monogatari.

Said the retard that would prefer broken piece of shit girls instead. Like I said Hitagi isn't big shit but in the context of Bake she was much stronger than the rest, rrg liked that.

But what if your dick is also crazy.

All these plebs not getting why Hitagi is the best girl and Hanekawa didn't win. The meme that you need to be intelligent to watch Monogatari might be coming true.

C'mon, ironically Shinobu is best taste.

Not even memeing though, I legitimately find their relationship to be the most interesting in the series for me.

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remember to only dip penis into crazy then run for the hills

She's literally shit, even said to Arraragi that she's with him because she saved her, and would change him any moment someone else better will come, and would be jumping on Kaiki cock if he cured it instead, and she did anyway before. Do you like duck shit? Because that's what you said in post. Karen, Bat and Snail is only way.

Cuck *

This is absolutely the case. Senjougahara drops some not-terribly-subtle hints that she's interested in him, before resorting to just outright telling him, since he did absolutely nothing with said hints.

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if you're watching in airing order, she won in episode -5

Oh it's this thread again.

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>watching monogatari

how can you endure the shitty subs with faggot grammar and spelling issues

Bat and Snail would still be better choices in their adult forms. It's about who they are.

Snail is barely anything more than a support character, Shinobu is decent but not that good of a character considering her background, literally any human character is better than those.

Says Cuck
>much stronger than other grills
Sure, I imagine you would let yours wife did anything she wants, then take take of hers son as well. Because so empowering.

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Why does only the worst character get these?

Literally never happened, you insecure cuck.

The fuck you saying, I use commie and it is good and has the most accurate subs, unlike bloatgirls or CRRips

>in the context of Bake
Sure. In the context of the rest of the show, she's sub-par.

I actually agree on that, but it's hard to turn her down at that point.


>faggot grammar
faggot poster

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Hanekawa is doormat girl. Doormat girls are annoyingly shit.

Commie has this fucking weird issue with Kagenui's dialogue and if you're not bothered bgy it you're a . They also have grammar and spelling issues specially on SS.

>He uses CRRips

Highest level of faggotry.

Well not a long way before you then. Since you find roasties better than loving wholesome girls.

>>He uses CRRips
where did this reddit spacer get the impression that i do?

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trips speak true

Snail isn't broken so she doesn't have some grand story. But that only makes her an even better partner for Araragi. Shinobu is doing fucking fantastic considering the shit she's dealt with, puts in fucking work like crazy for Araragi, and keeps getting better all the time. Additionally, they're both the characters he can speak most openly to.

>the other girls on Bake
imagine being this retarded

>muh reddit bogeyman

You have to try to fit in in better ways than that

And they are also the most unrealistic ones so can't really take them seriously.

I don't have to imagine retarded person since I have you as example.

Yeah, they're unrealistically good people, while crab is a 3dpd simulation.

Jesus this thread is energetic. Did something good happen to you guys?

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>Commie has this fucking weird issue with Kagenui's dialogue
Have you read the LNs? That's how she actually speaks, it's accurate. If your problems are as simple as grammar and spelling then edit the subs yourself.

Since when Karen is broken in Bake?

Ah yes. It's well known that Kansai = Scotland.

If you are really bothered by that then you have no other choice but use Coal, which is very horrible for Monogatari.

Didn't remember she was on bake, well it's up to you to consider her a love interest for araragi

Araragi's Inferiority complex towards Hanekawa it's some severe shit, user.
Hell, it's basically confirmed he'll NEVER get rid of it.

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>t. irl loser


Hanekawa wasn't even his second choice. Both he and Kanbaru said they'd likely be going out if they didn't meet Senjougahara. Even with him being with Senjougahara, he seems to gush over Kanbaru more than any other girl.

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>unironically crabfags

Friendly reminder that Kaiki molded crab's pussy to fit his cock like a glove.

>greatest breast animation in anime history, with one of the stone-cold hottest women in animation history

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Without Senjougahara, how would they meet?

And even Senjougahara and Kanbaru aside, didn't he say something about wanting to marry Hachikuji?

As do I

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she won at episode one.

name one anime where best girl is main girl.

besides Spice and Wolf

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

>wants to watch another man grope a girl he desires
Unironically a cuck m8

Jinrui wa suitai shimashita

Okay if I've got this right, Muraragi is dating Senjougahara. He has Kanbaru as a rebound. He stated that he wants to marry Hachikuji. And he vowed to stay with Shinobu till they die. If I'm not mistaken, then maybe he'd go out with Hanekawa. But even then, he'd still probably takes his sister's before her. So she's 5th on the Arararagi list at best and possibly even lower than that

Pretty much. I'm not quite sure where Ononoki fits in with all of this, but I'm still pretty sure it's higher than Hanekawa.

>refusing to watch anime in your computer

How would you translate it then?

Pretty much this.

any anime where main girl is the only somewhat decent girl

god damn shaft and the monogatari series for being bizarrely afraid to show nipples despite showing literally every other centimeter of the girls skin

I highly doubt it's out of fear. They're just master teases.

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I think shaft just likes messing with their viewers.

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Don't they know they might get more money for that?

Why does he have one?

Senjougahara being his girlfriend is for plot reasons. Basically Senjougahara is a metaphor for a normal life. By choosing her Araragi is choosing to live a boring normal life. If he chose the super genius cow girl or the gay super athlete monkey or whatever that would completely invalidate the "moral lesson" the author was trying to write. That being the Japanese idea of giving up on your dreams and integrating into society.

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The catalyst for Hanekawa's character development is her losing. She would have been a much worse character has she won.

Araragi literally picked Crab because he hates himself.

Not that I hate crab, but she is the definition of damaged goods.

Because he's inferior?

Did Crabslut actually take the Kaiki dick or am I being memed on.

You are being memed on.

Inferiority complex aka Nisio is a Nasu-level hack.

>People taking dick
>At this current time in any given anime
>Outside of background characters.