Saiki Kusuo

Is this the funniest anime ever?

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Close enough, but Konosuba is.

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I like its fast pace, it remind me of Sakamoto.


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Konosuba is good but it's not really laugh out loud hilarious


He said funniest, not shittiest

What's the best list of anime like it.

Cromartie high

Saiki kusuo

Plus tic nee san is at the very top.

SYD is pretty much the pinnacle of japanese comedy.

absolute goat

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Watch it again.
Tried watching it with my gf. "wait there's funny parts soon I'm sure"

what is this called?

a rip-off of an unfunny anime who thinks parodying everything is the peak of comedy

i love saiki to death, but fuck if sket dance isn't very close behind. both series had great ends too

One of the funniest I've seen
Wish I could forget about season 1 and rewatch it for the first time again

Sabagebu! is consistently hilarious too and has the best female MC.

Where can i find subs? They aren't on horriblesubs anymore.

I didn't like Sket Dance's end. What was so so great about it?

D-Frag too.

No, it's not.
But it's very good.

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I'm considering playing it at half speed, because it feels like they doubled the speed to cram everything into the available time.

Is not the funniest for me, but sure i enjoy this and that Amazing guy too, he was the reason i started this.

yes it is

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>Saiki Kusuo
Try Nyaa: Kusuo

I think Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun is.

We've entered an endless recursion of time.

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Saiki is fantastic, but Nozaki was the only anime that delivered a scene that made me laugh so hard and so long that I had to pause the video. Season 2 never.

What's their endgame?

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Teruhashi dropping the spaghetti everytime Saiki doesn't fall into her tricks.

No, thats School Rumble

I'm curious, which scene? I liked it a lot too, but don't remember laughing that much.

Dude, come on

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It's up there for sure.

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Is it really that good? I avoided it since it looked like fujoshit and it's based on a old comic so the humor might be old fashioned.

Nendou died thousands of times during this segment. Must've been horrible to watch.

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